A devastating time – part 2

Hi Efuryone it me Harry,

Now last week I did tell you about the devastating affect the attack on Fergus the guide dog did haf on his humum Kay. I interviewed Kay and she talked openly about the impact such an attack has had on her and how it changed her life and has stopped her doing things she loves doing. Dis week I got to intervoo Fergus himself to find out what impact the dog attack has had on him.




Hello buddy how you doin?

Hi Hawwy, fanks fur givin me chance to tell my story about when I was attacked by nasty dog and had my whole life turned upside down.

Take yoor time there’s no rush……….

It was a bootiful sunny day back in May and humum and hudad decided we would walk to Asda instead of going in da car, I was bouncing around all over da place cos I loves walking and working. Humum put my harness and lead on and we left de house. Now I was a schools ambassador for guide dogs at de time and two small girl humans who knewd me fwom school visits stopped to rub my head, humum stopped to let them cos she kind like dat.

Tis gud to teach humins about dogs n how to approach espeshully working dogs like you, mind yoo sum hoomuns could do wiv refresher course on it too! What happened next? 

As we set off again a door opened and de next fing I knew was dis dog was trying to kill me, biting at my throat. I was so scared Hawwy I scweamed and cwied it hurt so much. Humum was scared it was going to kill me so she kicked out and it let go but den it gwabbed my ankle  and shook it which weally hurt and made me cwy more so mum kicked out again, she tried so hard to protect me and so did hudad he was hitting da dog too but it wouldn’t let go. Den when it did let go it grabbed my thigh, ouch Hawwy dis weally weally weally hurted me I was crying and scweaming and scweaming and cwying. Humum kicked at da dog again and it must have been just as it was trying to get a bigger mouthful of me cos humum kicked it away. At dis point hudad was vewy bwave and picked up da nasty dog even dough it was trying to bite him, and wiv de help of da nasty dogs owner, who’d done absolutely nuffin until this point, dey put it back in its house and shut it in.

What were yoo injuries? 

I weally weally thought dat dog was gonna kill me Hawwy I weally did, humum is supposed to let go of harness and lead so I could wun off but if she had it would have chased me and killed me. Humum saved my life. I couldn’t walk on my leg it was so sore and it was bleeding so I had to go to the V E T. The V E T gave me an injection of stuff called painkiller den she cleaned my sore bits and gave me some noms, dis was actually medicine but looked like noms,and we had medicine to take home and humum had to feed dem to me all week. My bad leg sore bled for 10 hours and i just lay in my bed feeling all sad. Humum slept on de sofa with my bed beside her dat night and all that week just to make sure I was ok, her sofa is quite low so she was able to put her arm awound me all night.


Fergus and his injuries

Fergus and his injuries

Was that the end of yoo VET trips?

I had to go back to de V E T da next day for a check up and she put a thermometer up my you know where, I was so embawwassed. But den when I had to go back again on de Fwiday I knew what dat little stick fing was for and where de V E T wanted to put it but I wouldn’t let her, she had hold of my tail and we was spinning wound and wound and wound then she gave up BOL.

Well dun buddy we don’t wanna let em get it in dat easily, I has been told they don’t stick it there on themselves! How is yoo mum coping wiv de impact of de attack?

It was decided dat it was best if I went to my boarders for some r&r and have an assessment after a couple of months west. Even if I passed my assessment I couldn’t go back to work wiv humum because dey all fought I’d be too scared to work in dat awea. So before I left for my boarders I got to have one last weekend wiv humum, hudad and boy to have lots of cuddles and say goodbye. It was such a sad weekend they all kept leaking water fwom deir eyes and we had lots and lots  and lots of cuddles. On Tuesday 28th May de lady fwom guide dogs came to take me to my boarders and humum put me in da car, I couldn’t work out why she didn’t get in da car too and why her eyes was leaking again and den we left for my boarders in Bwistol and I was so sad cos humum wasn’t in de car coming wiv me.


Fergus and Kay say goodbye.

How did they decide you needed to retire?

After a couple of months west da lady fwom guide dogs came to do my assessment. Sadly de outcome was dat I wouldn’t be able to work again, I was too scared and nervous of ofer dogs. It was decided that I should be wetired, which is weally sad because I had only worked for 10 months and most guide dogs work for 7-8 years before wetirwing. I am now living back wiv my puppy walkers, dese are de people’s that looked after me for the first year of my life. They loves me vewy much and has said humum can still have contact wiv me and will get to see me when they meet up in da future.

I hope you get to meet up soon, I hope you can stay in touch n let us know how you is doin.

Humum is now waiting for a new guide dog and when she gets him or her my twitter account will become deirs, I hope all my fwiends will be kind to dem and stay and be deir fweinds humum will still put updates about me on dere too. Humum is lovely and the guide dog that gets put to work for her will be very much loved and cared for by all da family but especially by humum If I evfur gets a new twitter account I will be sure to let you know.

Fankyoo fur sharin wif us Fergus, we did haf sum picshures of Fergus’ terrible injuries but @Bellismobella1 gots so upset seein dem she didn’t want dem to put people off reading Fergus and Kay’s story. We look forward to Kay getting her new dog and getting to know him or her. We promise Fergus that we keep n eye on em fur him.

Bells is you ok *passes tissues*

Oh hawwy dat so sad I so upset fur them all n vewy cwoss wif da nasty dog dat did it I dus know Kay fwom Facebook she’s such an ahmazing lady n fur her n Fergus to go fru dis on everyfink else is so wrong. I cant wait fur part 3 fur evfurryone to read more about kay n get to know her a bit more .

Thats it for now pals. Remeber think. If your dog is likely to attack another dog near their home then keep it under control at all times. These attacks are often still having a hooge impact on peoples and dogs lives long after the injuries have healed. Be responsible pet owners.

Wuv Harry xxx



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