A devastating time – part 3

Hi All it’s me Harry

Now you will have over the last couple of weeks seen my interview with Kay and Fergus the guide dog and the terrible events that tore their lives apart. This is de final part of this series and I want to fank Kay and Fergus pawsonally fur sharing der story wiv me. If yoo has not read part 1 & 2 peese do so furst.

For this final part to de interviews I has handed ofur to Bella as she has been so moved, as we all have, by the story. So over to yoo Bella………

Oh hawwy dat so sad I so upset fur them all n vewy cwoss wif da nasty dog dat did it I dus know Kay fwom Facebook she’s such an ahmazing lady n fur her to go fru dis on everyfink else is so wrong.

Bella ready for interview with her IPad

Kay did send me a bootiful cwismas card n it so bootiful n then I see on da back tis made by Kay and profits go to guide dogs so then I fort hold on how dus she make da cards cos I know her sight really really bad so I plucked up courage n I asked her and she’s shared a bit wif us about herself and why she needs a guide dog and how she makes these beautiful cards and something else she has done to raise money for the guide dogs .

Hello Kay can you tell us bit more about you wen you is ready………

Hello Bella *passes bacon stick*

Oh fanks , bella sits back n listens……….

I have a rare eye disease that has left me with patchy vision which basically means I have permanent dark, grey, foggy and colour blind spots in my vision, I don’t see straight lines at all. I have floaters that are always floating around. I also have something that makes it seem like I’m looking through a cobweb. I also have fizzy/sparkly vision (not sure how to describe it other than watching the bubbles pop At the top of a glass of fizzy drink). At night I can’t see very well at  all  and when I close my eyes it’s like a disco with flashing lights and bright glowing light almost like green glow sticks, I was told these are hallucinations. If it’s dull weather I see all the debris and spots more than if it is a nice bright sunny day but I suffer with pain in the backs of my eyes from light so I always have to wear sunglasses when outside (I’m supposed to wear them in the house as well but never do).

OMB (oh my bacon), dus it hurt all da time?

I have constant pain in my eyes and in the pain scale of 1-10 it usually sits at around level 2 every day 365 days a year, occasionally it suddenly spikes and there is no number on the pain scale to equate the pain to but when I have these sudden spike it causes me to stop stop dead in my track and I hold my eye crying in so much pain that I wish they would remove my eyes. Then the pain goes back to its usual level 2, these sudden pains last up to  2-3 minutes which doesn’t sound long but imagine the worst pain ever in your eyes that takes your breath and stops you doing anything. Sometimes I know the pains are coming in advance as I can feel them brewing like a thunderstorm and it can rumble on all day. My eye disease is degenerative but the consultant says things are stable at the moment but if I notice any change to let them know. I’ve let them know of changes before but they can’t see them and I was told this was because things happen on a microscopic scale that I would see affect my vision but they wouldn’t be able to detect it till the change was much bigger. There is no treatment or cure.

How dus you manage?
I was give a social worker from the  sensory loss team of my local authority. We were talking about my hobbies  and I got quite upset as I had told her about my card making hobby and how I hadn’t be able to make card so or three years. She said she would see if there was anything to help me continue with my hobby. A few weeks later I have this big illuminated magnifier delivered to my house. It clamps to my kitchen table. I invested in a bigshot machine which is mechanical embosser and die cutter as I couldn’t see to emboss or cut by hand anymore. I bought lots of embossing folders and started making cards  again (some cards take me two days to do whereas a fully sighted person could probably make it in an hour or two). My little boy helps me with decorating them, he especially likes to sprinkler he glitter on and pick up the gems with my magic sticky pencil.
I loves da card you sent me dus you make them to sell?
I sell my cards to family and friends  and the money I make 50% is donated to guide dogs and the other 50% buys more card making things. Once I’ve replenished my items then all the money is donated to guide dogs. I currently have £50 to send to Guide dogs in the new year from selling cards at the school xmas fair.

Bella looking at the cards Kay makes

How dus you manage awound da house n make a cup of tea?
Well, other things I have in the home to help me are, talking kitchen scales, a talking jug, liquid level indicator so I don’t overfill cups, a talking watch, a talking alarm clock and a pen friend labeling system and a kitchen timer that is larger that  a dinner plate.
My biggest aid I have though is my husband, he helps me with so much and at the minute because I am without a guide dog I couldn’t leave the house if it wasn’t for him.

Kay and Fergus

Earlier in the year when I still had Fergus I  became a schools ambassador for guide dogs and give talks to the children and try to encourage schools to fund raise, one school was so inspired by my visit with another guide dog owner that the school raised enough money to name a guide dog puppy. I’m not visiting any schools at  the moment whilst I am dog less.

I heard you did some fing quite ahmazing to raise money fur da guide dogs earlier wif your hair…………


Kay getting ready for haircut

When I was training with Fergus I said to our mobility instructor Lucy that I wanted to raise some money for Guide Dogs as a thank you for giving me my life, freedom and independence back. I told her I was considering having my head shaved as I knew these events are quite successful fundraisers.

Even though I no longer have Fergus due to the attack and his retirement I decided I would have my hair shaved off during Guide Dogs Week. The event was a success and I’ve raised over £600 for the charity which I am so very very pleased with.

Kay headshave 5

Kay with shaved head

Kay headshave 4

Kay mid shave


Well we finks Kay is ahmazin lady n we hopes she gets anuvfur guide dog soon, here’s a few pics of da bootiful cards dat Kay dus make and sells to raise funds fur Guide Dogs. Contact Kay via facebook https://www.facebook.com/kay.kitto.3?ref=ts&fref=ts  to see what cards she has available as it changes all the time. These cards were a £1 each plus postage .

Bella looking at Kays cards


Bella with Cards



Birthday cards





DSCN6864 DSCN6863 DSCN6862 DSCN6861
Thank you card

Thank you card

Thank you Bella for such a pawtastic finale to our three part interview with Kay and Fergus. So there you have it folks I hope you enjoyed the intervoos and that it moved yoo as much as it did us and remember when you see a working dog take extra care if you have a dog that maybe is not as social as others.
Harry xxxxxxx

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