All in a days work! Meet Cassie.

Hi Efuryone it me Harry,

Fur the last few weeks I has been wurking on some vewy speshul intervoos wiv sum amazing dogs. All have a vewy different story to tell and all has amazed, moved and astounded me. So wivout further delay I present to yoo my first installment of three on dese amazing pooches. Meet de amazing Cassie @Cassie_spaniel and her equally amazing mum Sylv………..

Hi Cassie yoo lukin as gawgus as efur. Fank yoo so much fur doing this intervoo wiv me. I fink lots of peeps will be vewy interested to read all about yoor job as a disability assistance dog. So lets get started……….

Bootiful Cassie

Bootiful Cassie

How long has yoo been an assistance dog and how long was yoo training?

I have been mommies assistance doggy for four years. My training was 6 months I went away for one month & stayed with foster cares (mommy found that bit real hard:0( ) I went to Sheffield for my training mommy came to stay with me for the last two weeks of my training so she could learn how to work with me. My trainers at support dogs where amazing they train us with play & games ( & little treats here & there ;0)

What is a typical day like?

A typical day for me would be getting up with mommy & going into the shower with her, I fetch the post, get the phone when it rings or if mommy needs it, Open the doors so mommy can get through then close them after us. I never ever leave my mommy’s side!

Waiting for my share of cake!

Waiting for my share of cake!

What kind of places does you get to go to dat I would not be allowed in?

Well as me said I never ever leave mommy’s side so I go everywhere with her hospital, dentist (them love me in the dentist :0) shopping, meals out, when mommy has a’s eye test well really everywhere. One of my fav are the cinema me like having a cheeky sleep when the lights go down!

Has yoo efur nicked anyfing from de soopermarket?

Mmmmmm chicken!

Mmmmmm chicken!

BOL BOL no Harry me have never nicked anything from the supermarket I’s a good girl I am!

Wot is yoo bond wiv yoo mummy like?

Mine & mommy’s bond is amazing you see I was mommy pet dog even before I was her asst dog supports dogs are the only charity that if your pet dog is suitable they can train as a disability asst dog! Mommy puts all her trust in me & she knows if anything happens I will be there for her!! & I put all my trust in my mommy the minute she re-homed me.

Fanks Cassie Bella @bellisimobella1 has pawed down some questions fur me to ask yoo. Is dat ok?

Me would love to answer any questions lovely Bella has.

Ok fanks. She would like to know……..

Do you have a retirement age?

Usual retirement age do be 10 as long as the doggy is fit to work :0)

Do you get to ride in the soopermarket trolly and o yoo get to put fings in de trrolly?

BOL :0) that’s a good one Bella but again sadly no I’s no get to ride in the soopermarker trolleys. Afraid not Bella my little golden legs are a little too short to reach the trolley to put things in.

How does yoo load de washin machine and does yoo put de clothes on de line? Does yoo efur mix yoo whites wiv colours?

Cassie choosing her new washing machine.

Cassie choosing her new washing machine.

The washing in my fav job ever!!!! I get on my back legs & pop my poochy head in there & put the washing in from the basket & when done do the same again! Must say I’m not that hot on my colours & white mixing boy have we got lots of pink clothes! BOL ;0)

Fanks Bella. Right last couple of questions from me……

What advice would yoo give people who see yoo in de street?

Advice I would give people that meet me in the street would be poochy please please don’t distract me as it says on my jacket, if you see me in the park please come on over & have a cuddle but when my work jacket is on I’s work & looking after mommy & she needs me.

Is der anyfing yoo wuds like to add?

Can I say hello to all my pals and to my one twue wuv Alfie @AlfieluvsCassie

Fanks Cassie yoo is truly amazing! Right so now on to yoo sooper mum…….

Hi Sylv fank yoo so much fur agreeing to do de intervoo. It is a pleasure to be fwends wiv yoo both and I so happy dat we can bwing awareness to peeps about what an assistance dog does.

Yoo had a terrible accident but before then you was vewy fit wiv de running and cycling and yoo even competed in races. How hard was it fur yoo to accept dis massive change in yoor life?

Hello Harry & Boss thank you so much for asking me to be interview by you & helping more people be aware of these wonderful assistance dogs. I did indeed have a horrible accident before it as you know I ran (Cassie had been known to jog with me too) but my passion was bikes mountain bikes mostly but I did complete the Birmingham to Oxford road race. That all changed it a way that I would never had thought possible even in my worst nightmares.

There is only one word I can use I was devastated just devastated, I went from walking in Andorra to not being able to get out my chair. I walk with two sticks & use a power wheelchair the change to my life was massive & the impact too.

All my friends & family where amazing & still are for that I’m blessed but like everything people have to go on with there life work etc but Cassie my sweet Cassie was always there by my side even before she was my asst dog. I’m not ashamed to say when everyone had gone home I sat & cried into her fur…..

Did yoo know anyfing about disability assistance dogs befur yoo accident? How long did it take yoo to bond wiv Cassie?

I knew about assistance dogs because Cassie was in fact a fund raiser for the charity since see was 12 months old. Mine & Cassie bond was strong to start with but now Cassie is like the other half of me without her I would be loss.

Cassie and mum

Does Cassie efur has off days? I do all de time BOL BOL

Oh yes Harry Cassie has her me time & she always rain or shine goes to her fav park for a sniff & a run around :0) she knows some lovely doggies friends at that park.

dirty cassie

Is der a time when Cassie will be too old to work and will yoo get anofur assistance dog befur den?

Yes assistant dogs retire around 10 yrs Cassie is 8 so paws crossed a few years to go but when that time comes I will have another asst doggy that I’m sure Cassie will show around :0) it will be a very bitter sweet time Cassie will put her paws up & still be here with us which is wonderful!

Do people efur look at yoo stwange wen yoo and Cassie is in de soopermarket?

There has been times when people have given us funny looks but must people we meet are lovely & stop to ask about Cassie & what she does, it take me twice as long to do my shopping now a days but I don’t mind I love telling people how wonderful assistant dogs are.

What advice wud yoo giv people wen dey see a working dog?

Advice for people, our dogs are lovely & Cassie loves a good snuggles with the best of them but please please don’t distract them one time when I was in the supermarket with Cassie a lady got on the floor with her :0/ think Cassie was as shocked as anyone!

Wot prompted yoo to put Cassie on Twitter?

We had heard so much about twitter & Cassie said one day she would like to try it :0) & it is a wonderful way to chat to people & help get the word out there about what wonders asst dogs really are but also Cassie has made some amazing friends & we have meet some of them at crufts which was so lovely!

Is der anyfing yoo wuds like to add?

I don’t know if you know this Harry but I nearly lost my sweet Cassie 2 yrs ago Cassie ruptured a disc in her back she became paralysed in her back legs she was rushed to the specialist vets where they operated straight away but I was told it may not work.

But thankfully the operation worked & after months of rehabilitation not only did Cassie walk again but she worked again!

There are no words in the world that I can say to thank my golden girl for being there by my side. 

cassie heart nose


Oh Cassie yoo has a bootiful heart and a nose in de shape of a heart too! A massive fank yoo to Cassie and Sylv fur such an open and moving intervoo. If yoo would likes to know more about assistance dogs or donate to the charity visit where yoo will find a wealth of infurmation on what a blessing dese amazing dogs are. I fur one am proud to have Cassie as my fwend and of course her pawsome mum too.

Lots of wuv

Hawwy xxxxx

5 thoughts on “All in a days work! Meet Cassie.

  1. Cassie you do a truly wonderful job. You are a super special dog.

    Harry, Cassie and Cassie’s mum thank you for raising awareness on the role of assistance dogs, particularly when they are working. I never knew in the past if its okay to say hello or not. Now I know to look out for the coat!

  2. This is a wonderful story, I talk to Cassie on twitter, she is always bright & happy even if her mummy is not feeling so good. Assistance dogs are amazing! Never let anyone say dogs are stupid. Assistance dogs had a small display at the Chatsworth Show a couple of weeks ago, it’s a shame as they we tucked away in a corner. We should make more people aware of the fantastic work these people do in training dogs to help less fortunate than ourselves. I tried to meet Cassie at the show but just couldn’t find her. Cassie you are a fantastic,gawjess & clever little girl we wuv you lots xx

  3. I am so proud of the wonderful work my golden girl does. Cassie is fantastic, Sylv is such an amazing brave lady. They are both awe inspiring.

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