Ammy’s Delight takes over Angels Delights

Hello again pals, firstly I must apologise for the delay in bringing you new nommy recipes, I have 101 reasons but I won’t bore you with them.  Lets just say our cooker left this world with a bang and then a series of unfortunate events followed.  But you can wipe away your tears and all that drool thats gathering as I’m back now.

Now as you know I don’t only share recipes here but also like to give a little shout out to some pals whose hoomans don’t just bake for them but also sell their nommy treats and today I would like to introduce you to @Amadeusivan and his mum who sell delicious treats under the brand Ammy’s Delight.  Anyone who follows Ama on Twitter will know he is a gentle giant with a heart of gold, he lives in Holland with his 2 brofurs Ramses and Ozzy and loves to send big berenknuffles (hugs) to all his pals.  He was born with a disorder that causes weakness in his spine but doesn’t let this stop him having fun in and out of the kitchen.

imageAma and his mum have always loved to bake, his mum does all the hard work while Ama sits patiently waiting to test the products and clean the bowls.  Many of us were lucky enough to receive a homemade treat with our Christmas card last year and it was this that saw our big food fan @sammytheboxer encourage his mum to start selling these tasty nibbles.

Okay enough about Ama you cry, tell us about the yummy noms.  Okay, okay I am getting there.  Well Ammy’s Delight are made with only 100% natural ingredients and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every pal.  There is a variety of flavours, everything from cranberry to peanut butter with new and exciting flavours being added all the time.  A recent addition for Christmas is the gingerbread treat and these are available in individual packs or as part of a Christmas hamper.  Also available are large celebration bones that can be personalised for special occasions. All come beautifully packaged as you can see from the photos below.


Ammy’s Delight are of course happy to hear requests for new flavours as long as they can be made from natural ingredients that are available in Holland.  I personally think they should create little heart shape berenknuffles treats.


Now I loved the cranberry and cheese little paws I was sent, I found them nice and crunchy but a great size for fussy dogs like me who turn their nose up at big treats unless the hoomans break them into small pieces. I also found they didn’t upset my sensitive stomach and lasted well in an air tight container. But as usual you dont just need take my word for it as I set up a taste panel to give their opinions on Ammy’s Delight.  So now I give you my tasters ……..


Annie – @AnnieBBarks

Ammy’s Delight are the perfect treat! I does prefer the bigger ones (cause they are so good, one bite isn’t enuff!), but the little ones are great too for smaller dogs or if you want LOTS of treats! I get da big ones when Mom leaving for work, and little ones when I do something good like come inside after only being asked ten times! Best thing about them is dey soooper crunchy which makes them so fun to eat! Plus it means they good for my teefsies! So far my favorite is the cranberry because I never see treats that flavor in the stores so it a nice change. Mom ordered me the Chrissymas gingerbread ones to try next, and she says they sound good enough for her too eat! I also luff how Ama puts them in such cute packages with little decorations, and they always come in excellent condition, even shipped all da way here to Merryka!!


Winston – @WinstonWhippet

Winston loved the fact the treats were all natural and being American is partial to the peanut butter treats but also loved the cranberry.  He loves fact they are shaped like paws and that the big paw can be broken into 3 or 4 pieces to nom on.  He loved the beautiful packaging they came in and was happy to give feedback to Ammy’s Delight on packaging them up for sending long distance.  Winston said he would be happy to bark the praises of Ammy’s Delights not only in his own neighbourhood but to the whole of America.

image Sammy – @sammytheboxer

I first tried one of these cookies last Christmas and thought they came from a fancy doggie bakery, little did I know that Ama’s mummy was the fancy baker.  Since then Ammy’s Delight have become my favourite treat, I almost tackle the mailman when he drops off my attest order from Ama.  I often sit in front of the treat cabinet whimpering, just waiting and hoping some might fall out, I have even caught my sisfur Penny trying to open the cabinet, sadly she not mastered it yet though.


Shayna – @heffsvoice

Right well Murphy n me luff Ammy’s Delight even though I’m very fussy wen it comes to treats! Mummy tried lots of treats before she ordered de Ammy’s Delights n she wos losin hope of findin sum me liked all de time ( I sum times like sum once den not de second time BOL).  Mummy twied bof flavours (cranberry n cheese and Peanut Butter n Banana chips ) in de big paws sized treats but Ama’s mummy also sent a sample of de gingerbread in de middle paws.

We twied all three flavours to see which we liked best but we found we like all three the same because dey all so YUMMY! We also twied bof sizes but we like bof of dem de same too although mummy likes de big paw size cos one of dem each is enough.

We luff dese sooo much and mummy loves dat dey sooo gud n natural. We don’t get no problems with poos or smells and our mate Peanut who has a very dodgy tummy luffs dem too and doesn’t get tummy problems eiver.

Mummy says she likes de texture cos de hard biscuits help us clean our teefs. We like de hard texture cos we get gud crunches from dem. We just LUFF Ammy’s Delight n mummy has got sum birfday bones for Murphy’s birfday pawty next week. Mummy n Daddy bof sed awwww wen dey opened dem up cos they just fab!  We wish dat Ama’s mummy had a big worldwide operation so dat mummy cud buy these every week. She buys in bulk at de moment and dey keep really well.

So there you has it pals, a big paws up for the latest treats on the block.  For more information or to place an order you can contact Ama on Twitter @AmmysDelight or visit the website

And don’t forget to mention you heard about them here and Ama will send a little gift with your order.






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