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Hello evfurryone,
Been long time since dun #askbella after kitty sisfur n itchy n grumpy bruvs went otrb then cwismas but I is getting back on track now n rummaging fru my inbox so get dem queshuns comin.


Me is all of a fluster, mom said sunninck about daycare tomorrow, what
is it n should I be worried?

Fanks yoo
Eva xxx
Oh Eva you lucky lucky fing fwom what I hear doggy daycare is ahmazin.
You gets to meet lots of new fwends , haf yummy tweats n you get to play ALL day, I do t fink you should be worried about going just wowwied dat it’s only fur one day.
Let us know how you get on and if there any cute boys there.



New fings comin vewy vewy soon not only am I answering queshuns I gonna be asking them too .



Don’t forget I’ve got an email; address now so if you want to email me its


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