Barking Blondes!

Hi efuryone it me Harry

A bit of a change dis week fwom wurking dogs to celebrity dogs and der hoomins. Now a lot of yoo has seen de Barking Blondes on dat Alan Titchmarsh show dis week. Well I had de pleasure of intervooin dem befur him! Oh yes me did. So let me introduce yoo to Anna Web Anna Jo Good and der owners Molly and Matilda.

Fanks fur agreeing to do de intervoo ladies it is a pleasure to be intervooin yoo all. I see yoo got me picfur. Boy dey is de funniest poses wiv me photo EFUR! Wuv it.

jo_anna_pawsinthepark 002a jo_anna_pawsinthepark 003

Right if you are ready lets get started………

Now I has read yoor pawsome book “The Barking Blondes” out now which is inciteful BOL BOL so why did yoo both decide to write a book and fur those who not bought it yet what is it about?

harry reading book

We were invited to write the book after the massive success of the radio show Barking at the Moon, the Sky1TV series A Different Breed, but more than that we felt we had a story to tell that would resonate.

Yoo use de term “Barking Blondes” is dat because it is dog related or because yoo both are in fact barking and blonde? To clarify I mean barking as in mad not as in vocalising a bark sound.

We became known as the Barking Blondes because we have blonde hair and we’re quite happy to admit we’re barking (Mad?!). We are considered to be a little unconventional amongst our friends, most of which are busy on school runs and changing nappies. We feel more comfortable with a poo bag.

The minute yoo two met yoo hit it off straight away. Was like it was meant to be….well dat de vibe I gets fwom de book. Is der anytimes at all dat yoo has had a dog fight and if so what was it ofur?

We had a slight disagreement about letting Molly off the lead on Jo’s roof when filming A Different Breed (the infamous skateboarding scene). Molly will always check out the farthest perimeter of any space we’re in ….she cases the joint! But this behaviour on a flat roof with no barriers was an accident waiting to happen. Fortunately it didn’t. but Molly got dangerously close to the edge!

Yoo were slightly nervous abouts introducing Molly and Matilda to eachofur. What would yoo have done if they had not got on?

If they’d not liked each other, we wouldn’t have become friends- the ‘girls’ have led the way through the past five years. Molly is the boss as you’d expect being older and wiser. Matilda was only 4 x months old when they first met. Molly was six. Now Molly is 111/2 and Matilda is five – Matilda behaves better with Molly her mentor around!


Yoo has a radio show called “Barking at the moon” what is it about and where can people tune in?

Barking at the Moon ran for 3 x years as part of The Late Show every Thursday from 10PM – Midnight. We used to be in the studio every week. Molly opened the show with her clever barking on command. Last November when Jo took over from Danny Baker, we were moved to the daytime. We’re now called The Barking hour and air every Thursday from 3PM-4PM.

Can people pawticipate on it? Fur example can I be on it BOL BOL BOL?

Matilda and Molly are not allowed in the studio anymore – the BBC banned them…….so sadly Harry you won’t get past security. It is such a shame. The show is not quite the same without them in the studio.

Will de be a second book coming soon?

Watch this space!

Fanks hoomin ladies now I is goin to ask Molly and Matilda a few questions……

Hi Molly & Matilda yoo two are weally gawgus I must woof. So what is it like working alongside two barking hoomins?


It is a lot of woofing fun! They is quite full on but give us the good life. We is always so busy and they say its good for da brain to be stimulated. Woof!

Are dey high maintenance?

Being very adaptable we have learnt to pre-empt their behaviours….we never have a dull moment in our lives.

Yoo both seem to take efurything in your stride. Molly, is there efur a time when de hoomins ask yoo to do somefing and yoo just flatly refuse?

Matilda normally follows my lead as I am older there are times when me the Bull terrier will plainly say not today and that is my prerogative. Like the skateboarding on the roof episode. I can skateboard but didn’t want to that day. But I also knew it would be funnier if I didn’t do it- see I am so smart.

Who is more hyper active Jo or Anna?

They are both pretty hyper but it means we get so much done. They have to juggle so much so its no their fault

Does yoo have any handy tips fur ofur anipals out der who have equally hyperactive hoomins to deal wiv?

Ignore their bad behaviour and reward the good.

So, what is it like now you are both famouse?

We’re not famous!!! Maybe infamous! We believe in trying to live in the moment and not to sweat the small stuff. Though we does turn more heads more than our mums.

Does yoo get any extra speshul treatments like massage, dressing room wiv top of de range dog treats in it?

No we don’t but our mums had a great moment when they were having make up done for Gabby Logan’s show on Channel 5 with the Osmonds – they were both massive fans in their youth, so sitting next to Jimmy Osmond was quite surreal for them……you can read more about that TV airing in the book!

Now we all knows yoo are de brains behind de radio show. How much input does yoo allow de hoomins to have?

The hoomins decide who will be the guests on the show and the stories we will cover. We like to be quite edgy and not cover the same stories as everyone else, unless of course we feel they are editorially significant for the show.

I is a famouse pawthor as yoo know and just pawing my next book. Is der any plans in yoo bringing out your own book?

We might well bring out our own book! We have some ideas…..but its super secret. Best advice is to be organised and plan the book ahead so the writing follows the original plan

Fanks fur de intervoo ladies. Paw crossed I get to come meet yoo all soon!

So der yoo has it pals. Two barking blondes and der gawgus owners Molly and Matilda. As always de anipals is de senisble ones in de welationship.. Seriously though dey is great fun and der book is a must buy. Want to know more bout dem visit

Lots of wuv as always

Harry x

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