Bella answers some queshuns #askbella and now she is askin em too #bellaasks

I is ready fur yoo pwoblems!

I is ready fur yoo pwoblems!

Bella is making a racket in the office

Harry; Bells its 6am wot are you doin?

Bella ; I am rearranging office I wants my desk over there so I got more room for my visitors



Harry; well you haf to get your Mookie and Kane to help you shif that cos of healf n Safety

Bella; Ok hawwy I do that

Harry goes back into his office and Bella continues to move desk until its just right as today she has VID coming her very goodfriend and work colleague Angel and it smells like she is bringing some of her homebaked angel delights with her.


Hi angel ,Thank you so much for being da first persun to be on T wif bella wif me.

photo 3

Angel: Well there’s a first time for everything Bella and you probably won’t believe this but this is me very first cup of tea.  Oh noes bare with me readers I think Bella has fainted. *throws tea over Bella*

well that was a shock in more ways than one , bella wakes up happy and starts cleaning the tea off her fur , im glad you didn’t haf sugar in it Angel .

UncleJim comes in with a towel to dry bella off


Bella; you has been a gweat fwend to sum of us on twitter and I jus wanna give you a big hug and say fankyou fur dat, losing our pal mollie made me realise we need to tell our anipals how much they mean to us more

Angel: That’s very kind of you Bella, I try to be there for any pal who need me and to make pals smile. Recently the hoomans has been restricting my Twitter time but I sneaks on when they isn’t looking.  I believes an act of kindness or a smile costs nothing and to many pals it means more than all the tea in China.

photo 1

Harry ; hello Angel I didn’t realise you were coming in da office today has uncle Jim fixed your lickle problem for you now ?


Angel: oh Hawwy I think Uncle Jimbo might be pulling his fur out trying to fix the problem, but I was thinking about it earlier and I think I knows the problem and it probably can’t be fixed. But don’t worry, Angels Delights will go on and bellies will continue to be filled with nommy treats. I was just sitting think I should do a little cat recipe. Don’t get too excited Hawwy I mean a nommy treat for cats not what you is thinking.

Bella; excuse me hawwy but angel here for T wif Bella not catchup wif hawwy , I fort you had meeting wif printer man about new fings for Hawwys hemporium .

Harry; whoops you us right I shud of been there 5 mins ago can you dingaling him n tell him I on my way

photo 4

Angel: bye Hawwy, remember if you kiss me you won’t miss me *giggles*

Bella ;he doin so many fings at once I do worry about him.

I fell in honest!

I fell in honest!

Angel: Bella it makes me head spin when I think of all the tennis balls Hawwy juggling at once, I don’t know how he does it and hope he knows how much we appreciate him. As you said earlier sometimes we thinks things but doesn’t say them out loud enough. Like you with bacon Bella, you always thinking about it but never talks about it. *cough*

Bella; sowwy angel I get so distracted,*offers Angel a bacon stick* I recently got my pink bike and became a  #pinkangel and joined up for #tributerides but I not understand much about it ,I twied to look at past #tributerides but could you tell me bit more about it , how it started who started it etc

Angel: Well Bella the #TributeRide dates back to before I joined Twitter but I became aware of it when my bestest pal and Twitter mentor @JessietheBoxer passed away suddenly.  I had previously witnessed tribute rides in my Timeline but not taken part and decided to find out more in order to ask if they would agree to doing a #TributeRide for Jessie.  I discovered that when our pals leave us they go to a beautiful place known as The Rainbow Bridge and the tribute ride forms a guard of honour to help them cross over whilst bringing comfort to their family. I therefore spoke to my wise friend Penne @killerparrot and he kindly requested the #Ride4Jessie. At this time I didn’t know Otis, @FreshOtis or Mickey, @MickeyShortTail who organise the rides but they could not have been kinder and organised a tribute I will never forget.  What followed was one of most touching events I had seen on Twitter as pals from all over the world joined the #TributeRide timeline to not only say their goodbyes but also celebrate Jessie’s life.  Her mom joined us and it comforted her to know Jessie was so loved, in fact so big was the turnout the only thing trending higher that night than the #Ride4Jessie was Christmas.


I am not ashamed to admit when Jessie passed I almost left Twitter but the #Ride4Jessie and some dear pals were the reason I changed my mind.  I knew then that it was only right to support every ride whether I knew the anipal or not.  I therefore joined the Pink Angels. The Pink Angels #PA along with the Bad Boyz of Twitter #BBOT are the guard of honour riders who carry pals on the final journey, you will probably have seen their special avis in your timeline and Otis and Mickey supply personalised avis to any pal who asks.  In the early days every pal got their own #TributeRide but as our Twitter community grew sadly so did our losses and it became impossible for Mickey and Otis to continue this so they made the tough decision to have one large ride every month to honour every pal who had passed over that period. Each pal is mentioned by name and given their own flag and remembrance photo, so the personal touch remains. At the end of each ride a few words are said and comforting thoughts sent to the family.  No one should underestimate how much time and work Otis and Mickey put into this in arranging rides, avis and photos.



Also special mention should be given to @mariethetabby who constantly does shoutouts so we all know when the next ride is.  These pals do this for no personal gain, they give their time because they care.

Bella; what are 5 things to remember for #tributeride

Angel: Firstly please remember tribute rides are there to help us when a pal passes over, they are an outlet not only for our grief but also a celebration of the life and times of our Twitter friends, so don’t be afraid to tweet a funny memory of your pal.

Secondly taking part is optional and you can be involved by simply requesting and wearing a #BBOT or #PA avi during the ride.  Otis and Mickey welcome any pal and can be contacted for avis but please remember the days before the tribute are very busy for them so put your request in in plenty of time. You can find the #TributeRide schedule here

Thirdly any pal can request an anipal be included in the ride, again just contact Otis at either @FreshOtis or



Fourthly unless you have taken part I guarantee you won’t realise just how touching the tribute rides are, so many families have said they found comfort in knowing how loved they are.  So please take a few minutes to look at the timeline for the last ride and consider joining in, it really does show our anipal community at its best.

Last but not least as mentioned previously many pals put a lot of work into the #TributeRide and they ask for nothing in return.  It has therefore been very disappointing to recently read negative and uncalled for tweets during rides. I understand every anipal is allowed their own opinion but I would request they also show respect. If you don’t want to take part, that is fine but please don’t tweet mean as this is hurtful to all involved, but especially so to the families who find the strength to come on Twitter to take part in the #TributeRide. If you can’t saying anything nice I plead with you to say nothing at all.

Bella; can I give people rides on my bike


Angel: Of course you can, you would be amazed at how many pals can ride pillion on these mean machines, whether its legal or not well I couldn’t possibly say.

Bella; fanks fur dis Angel and fanks fur all da gweat recipes you share wif us on Angels delights and for sharing your adventures wif us on your blog, I didn’t want your holiday to end.

photo 2photo 3

Angel:  it’s my pleasure Bella, I just want the world to know that adopting a special doggy like me needn’t be frightening, I is as cheeky and silly as any able bodied dog, perhaps I even cheekier.  And thank you and Hawwy for all your support in encouraging me into the blogging world, it sure is fun.

You can read more about Angel on her bwilliant blog   and keep an eye out for Jessie Jr with her on her adventures


dis munfs tribute ride ATTENTION ALL #BBOT #PA MEMBERS: This months #tributeride will be on Tuesday September 24, 2013 at 4EST, 9UK time..

Hope you enjoyed the first T wif bella as much as I did


Since I did dis wif Angel my kitty sisfur was killed by a nasty car, and peeps wonder why Im scared of em.


Sisfur pebbles was included in da tribute ride and it was ahmazing we watched fru tears on what shud of been my first ride wif my pwetty pink bike and I just wanna say fankyou so much to everyone who takes da time to organise them.

if you wud like somebody included this is the way to contact them


B x


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