Bella gets harry in the office for a chat about woofstockuk


*Bella hides behind the office door*

*As harry walks through the door Bella closes the door and locks it*


Hawwy I needs you to do intervoo wif me sum peeps been askin qweshuns and I fink we needs to get a few fings out there.

*Harry sits down he knows once Bella has a bee in her bonnet there’s no stopping her as she’s such a worrier*image

right, I’m here fire away wot dus you want to ask me gawgus


Bella searching her handbag

Bella gets pages and pages out of her bag

Errrr bells dis a quickie intervoo not a life history you know

Shhhh dis me banana & bacon shoppy list too

Right here goes

Fankyou fur doin dis intervoo wif me hawwy , and on behalf of twitter world fankyou fur organising dis years Woofstockuk, now I was worried about you doin it again because it cost da boss so much money last year so what made you decide to do it ?

Fanks Bells *blushes* well yap it cost lots of bones last year we had help fwom fwends too but boss funded a lot of de festival but was wurf it as was our furst year. Peoples was askin us fur dis years date and der seemed to be a lot of interest in anofur Woofstock UK dis year. Boss thought long and hard bout it and talked to close fwends n family as was a big decision given de amount of bones dat was spent last year. She decided, wiv my approval, dat wud be a shame to not has some kind of event to help support charities and allow people to meet wiv der pals fwom twitter, facebook and beyond in one venue. Yoo see last year’s Woofstock UK allowed peeps who had tweeted wiv eachofur fur years to actually meet up. It was pawsome to watch distant fwends come togefur hugging, laughing and crying. Was vewy moving day. So after few months of sleepless nights about 3 weeks ago de boss woke up one morning and announced “WE IS DOIN WOOFSTOCK UK 2015”


Woofstock UK information poster

I’m so glad tis a shorter day dis year cos I missed you bein busy fur such a long day but I fink 10 til 6 is just right , I know you & da fambily gonna be there earlier setting up can peeps come and help you wif setting up if they are in da area?

Yap de Woofstock UK crew will be on site fwom de  fursday  before  and will leave de following Tuesday. Yoo see we gets der Fursday becos we set up fencing fur de horsesFursday evenin  and den fwom about 6am Furiday morning we all go to de field to start building arenas, laying out where de stalls is goin, meeting contractors who is deliverin marquees, toilets bins and more. It is mighty hard work I can tell yoo.

Harry and the Boss having a rest on the grass

Harry and the Boss having a rest on the grass

From arenas to straw and bins and water bowls it takes about 30 hrs work to set up de Woofstock UK event and about 12 hours to break it all down. Break down (not as in tears n stuff) takes place fwom 7am on de Sunday right through to de Monday morning. We has to walk de full 9 ½ acres make sure de site is clear befur de horses can go back on de field.

We turn the field from this

Woofstock UK festival field empty

Woofstock UK festival field empty

To this

Woofstock UK 2014 crowd picture

Woofstock UK 2014 crowd picture

I knows sum pals comin fwom Fursday to help so if anymore can lend a hand even if to make de tea den dey is vewy  welcome . Dey need to let us know befur hand as dey will not be able to access de field wivout us knowing.

You haf reduced da ticket prices dis year dus dat mean there’s no fwee dog ticket dis year?

Becos of de shorter day de ticket pwice was reduced. Dogs still go fwee but der will be no dog ticket as we is twyin to keep costs to a minimum through postage etc. AmmysDelights provided us with the tickets last year but unfortunately not efuryone ticked the free dog ticket button wen booking so we lots left ofur. However, peeps can still buy de wonderful Ammys delights on de day as dey istwavelin ofur  fwom de Netherlands again fur dis year’s event.

Is da boss healf up to her doin Woofstock UK again?

Wellllllllllllll. Dis was anofur serious consideration dat took lots of thought. It took de boss some months to recover from last year’s event. It weally knocked de wind out of her sails. But dis year she has more support and also more peeps nagginher and makin sure she does not ofur do it. She also has a pawsome support team cos as yoo know de boss has memory issues fwom wen she was vewy ill nearly three years ago and dey fink she has some damage to her brain. Wicout support like yoo and yoo mumm and efuryone else boss wud not be able to cope. To be honest I fink if de boss did not do it she would be worse dan she is now. Helpin ofurs and doin fingslike dis is wot keeps her going. I fink she just needs to accept dat her brain is half dog.

I’m glad you haf set up a Go Fund Me campaign after a bit of nagging I know was vewy hard fur you to ask fur help but I don’t see how you could of put it on wifout boss hafin to sell all her possessions , what happens to da funds raised if a big sponsor comes along?

If a big sponsor comes along and it cofurs all de costs den de money fwom Go Fund Me will be split between the two Charites Animals Asia and Margaret Green Animal Rescue. If a big sponsor does not come along and der is money left ofur fwom de Go Fund Me campaign den dat will be split too. People can donate at

Why aren’t you donating to charity dis year?

Last year took so much money to cofur costs we did not want to be in de same position dis year. Both charities are delighted wiv us supportin dem as it boosts der presence. Dey has not asked fur money dey both just wanted to be part of the day. We is hopin date we can raise money for dem on de day. So in a way we are donating, we are donating our time and paying for publicity for them.


Charity Agility Run


Charity Agility Run

Charity agility run

Charity agility run

Bella starts munching on a bacon stick errrrrr emmmmmm I can’t find da rest of me qweshuns you got anyfink else you wanna say oh oh yeah I got qweshun why haf you locked da emergency sossige kit?

Me and de Boss just want to say a massiv fank yoo to everyone who is supporting us dis year. Peoples generosity wiv der time and those who has donated already never ceases to amaze us. I wud also like to say fank yoo to yoo and yoo mum Bells becos fur nearly three years yoo has been our rock, our fwends our family. We do a pawful lot of work togefur fur de good of anipals. From videos to tweets to intervoos to festivals. I cud not has done 95% of de stuff we do wivout yoor support. It has been unwaivering even though both our hoomins and us been through big changes in our lives. I wud also like to say fank yoo to de pawsome committee fur #woofstockuk2015 and the other people in the background once again fwends I now class as family has stepped forward wiv no doubt and said “we are here to help”. We have a Woofstock UK mini army who give up their time for free and do amazing things like promotion, sourcing prizes, checking out accommodation for visitors and more. Doing an event like this although so stwessful is humbling too. Right boss cwyin so gotta go byeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh Bells de sossige kit not locked yoo emptied it need order refills.

*sobs* bye hawwy you got me leaky eyed now so I gotta go too all I can say is evfurryone go to Woofstock UK 2015 if you can and meets sum gweat peeps and if you wants to donate da link is yoo can also find details and buy tickets at

*bella runs back in* please remember to add da UK on da end of Woofstock UK cos there’s uvfur woofstock out there and they nufink to do wif us fanks you I really am goin now tis byebye fur now from me & hawwy


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  1. That was a great interview. I’ve got leaky eyes too. Harrys right you and your mum have such generous spirits, always kind and supportive. Don’t know what we’d do without you. X

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