A devastating time – part 2

Hi Efuryone it me Harry,

Now last week I did tell you about the devastating affect the attack on Fergus the guide dog did haf on his humum Kay. I interviewed Kay and she talked openly about the impact such an attack has had on her and how it changed her life and has stopped her doing things she loves doing. Dis week I got to intervoo Fergus himself to find out what impact the dog attack has had on him.

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Hello tiffy  has a seat dus you wanna sit on da sofa or da floor ?

*bella starts sniffing tiffys bag*


I think it would be rather nice to sit on the floor, so that I can stroke and tickle you whilst we chat! I bet you love being pampered. Special hound!

Tiffy, you has a vewy pwetty name dus you like pink? Sum say I’m obsessed wif pink but I finks I has it under control I just want everyfink to be pink.

 Thank you Bella. My name is adopted from my Grandmother. She was very close to me and I used to live with her until I was seven. Sadly she passed away, but I have some very fond memories. Plus my middle name is Bella (a bit like your name.) So we have things in common. Plus. I love pink. Pinkness is a happy feeling that gives me goose bumps. But my very favourite colour is midnight blue. It is the darkest blue, almost black, and I I love it when it sparkles too. I often look at the sky when it is dark and see my favourite colour with lots of stars glistening on top of it. And I see you love pink, yes. Everything is very much ‘you’ around here, sweetheart. It really is your colour. I am loving your big pink hat too!



Harry rings Bella” has you started t wif Bella yet or is you rummaging fru tiffys bag?

Bella”sowwy hawwy can’t talk in da middle of t wif Bella , byeeeeee”


Was that Harry – I spoke with him last week. You really are very special best friends aren’t you? As you know I work with animals. I have some websites for humans to find thing for their pets. Special pets, just like you and Harry.

Yep it was, sowwy bout dat he wowwied cos I gets distracted sumtimes , right where was I oh yep queshuns




*clears froat*

Hello miss tiffy , wot exactly dus you do? I had read fru bits on ladyleeds which I luv by da way n you seems to be involved in lots of fings


It makes me very happy to see happy hounds, who are loved and cared for. Because dogs like you give so much back when you are treated kindly. This is why it is so important people who seek a pet in their life, realise how important it is to treat you like a member of the family.

And, yes I do get busy. I spend more time these days chatting with and supporting some very beautiful charities that inspire me enormously. One in particular is Wetnose Animal Aid and as I understand your best friend Harry is organised a concert for dogs and their humans, WoofstockUK, where Wetnose Animal Aid and other awesome charities are helping spread the woofstockuk word,Plus my websites too of course.

My pet websites are Pawlets, London Pet Guide and my newest venture PetBizUK where we will telling everybody about the great event happening in September of this year!

*bella starts rummaging fru bag*


Dus you want a bacon stick?

No thank you sweetheart. But you go ahead. Feel free to snack away. I had poached eggs this morning.

Oh lucky you I luvs eggs I gets scrammbly eggs sumtimes

 How’s your lively lady neighbour you wents n holiday wif? She sounds like big fun?

She is quite a character. We have been asked to go on a show by Radio 4 called The Listening Project. I hope Joan can find things to say as she tends to wander off in her thoughts. Plus she is a dreadful singer. I hear her rehearsing on her piano quite a lot. It is currently Jingle Bells and has been for some months. She goes to a Church and thinks their organist may pass away soon as he is 93. She is hoping to replace him. But sadly, I do not believe this is likely. But it is nice to see her try.

omb omb omb dat my favritist song in da whole wide world , I has got bells on my collar fur wen I in da fields n da woods mum can hear me if she cant see me.

Has you got any furbabies?

I have four pets. Foley who is now the wonderful age of 18. Angel who is 6 and two rescue cats who are brothers. Chief and Tiger. They are 3. Tiger was very poorly when I had him. He could fit into a mug and he is blind in one eye with a wobbly lip. He is very affectionate and wakes me up every morning with lots of snuggles. They are all equally special to me. But I suppose my oldest boy ‘Foley’ wins my heart the most.


You covfurs all sorts of topics on http://ladyleeds.co.uk/ , I dus #askbella I’m a agony aunt n I dus get asked all sorts sum fings I can’t publish but I still answers em if I can , tis good to help uvfurs has you got a speshulist area?

That is a good idea. Yes. So you could be a sort of dog agony aunt. I am into that very much. Let us do it!

I sees you is lookin fur lady bloggers fur http://ladyleeds.co.uk/ wud you be lookin fur a lady doggy blogger I has got a blog wwww.bellisimobella.wordpress.com I not dun much last few munfs cos my kitty sisfur got killeded by nasty car then my grumpy bruvfur did go otrb then two weeks later my itchybruv went otrb so been bit of poopy time but I getting back on track now n gonna be back blogging soon, so if you has need of a lady doggy blogger gives me a call *passes tiffy pink card*

Definitely and absolutely!



I see sum ‘motivational ‘ quotes n fings on your website I likes fings like dat I has dun a few I gonna put on my blog they is good n you nevfur know which one could help change sum ones day.

That is so true. Somebody at that particular time could be feeling a little sad. See a few words and smile again. It is so important that we others feelings delicately. Life can be cruel at times. I like to think we should try to surround our self with positive words, happy colours, candles and magical moments. Plus nice places to walk and…plenty of tea and cake. And of course, gorgeous pets like you (especially ones that like pink so much.)

Whoops *pulls piece of paper out of pocket *

Oh tis note fwom hawwy he says I gotta do Twifbella wif you abouts woofstockuk *giggles* I wanted to find out more bout you n your blog cos I fink you is bit like me n Inspirasunal to uvfurs , oh well I leave sum of da uvfur bits in.


I is ready fur yoo pwoblems!

I is ready fur yoo pwoblems!

Bella ; right here goes tiffy has you heard about woofstockuk?  I cants go cos I was dumped on motorway as pup I gots issues wif cars*starts shaking * so I not goin but mum going so she can fill me in on evfurry fink, is you going?

I shall certainly be there. And very excited about it! Sorry to hear about your car fears. I am a nervous passenger too. I always like to drive. I have a big car for my dogs so that they are comfortable when we travel. We drive a lot. I love driving and seeing different places.


 how can we wurk togevfur to promote woofstockuk as an event and get peeps to  http://www.woofstockuk.co.uk/ , I luvs da idea of pwomoting fings wif you n getting to know you better

Well I help out with Wetnose Animal Aid’s twitter account and chat with Andrea too.  So we are going to set up some streams for WoofstockUK there. Plus I am going to add information to all of my sites and promote across my twitter accounts. I love this idea so very much and think it is wonderful that you are involving some marvellous causes alongside this amazing event!


dus you know any doggy clothing companies dat dus clothes fur da curvier doggy n not charge a fortune ?

That is a good question. By the way I love your curves. You remind a bit of Marilyn Monroe but hairier. You have similar taste. I bet she would love your hat collection too. I am curvy, as you can see. I love to have a shape. Although I cannot wear hipsters, they keep falling down. We are curvy girlies Bella. There are a lot of doggy product suppliers that make clothes to order. If you look for the name bespoke, you should find them. Plus the lovely Heather Pugh of Cutie Dog makes some very special woolly jumpers and dresses.


*giggles* don’t wear hippy hipsters to woofstockuk then.

fanks I will go haf a looky I tweeted wif da Heather lady once after you tolds me about her she got sum gweat fings , I haf to haf anuvfur looky.

dus you know how I can get sum product review wurk


I can help you with that. Perhaps I should add you to PetBizUK as a guest reviewer. You will probably be in undated with fan mail too.

oh fankyooo I liks da sound of dat . I is mad about pink but  I has been hafin ferapy so I dus haffings in uvfur colours too if no pink available n my babybruv wud be my assistant hes only just startin to be on twitty

oh sowwy I got distracted again, what is your proudest moment?


Giving birth to my children. Without a doubt. They are grown up now. I won’t be having anymore. My babies are the animals.

has you got sumfink you wants to achieve in 2014?


That is a good question. I would like to see people achieve greater things collectively, by doing more for nature, animals and cruelty in general, globally.

Oh I likes dat answer *gives Tiffy big hug*

okeydokey I gots to go fur walkies before it gets dark I no like da dark I feel like da fox is watching me, is there anyfink else you wants to menshun before I types dis up?

DSCN5852 (2)

I likes you can you reach da kettle n makes me a cup of tea , hawwy makes boss puts it up high so I not twy n make myself tea .


Thank you for having me in your office and heart sweet hound.

Tiffy hugs Bella very hard.


fankyooo fur comin in, tis awkward me not getting out but tis nice get so many visitors to da office. sowwy hawwy wasn’t here to meet you but he meetin a band about performin at woofstockuk


heres a few links to sum of da webbysites


Pawlets The Site for Pet Owners website:  http://www.pawlets.co.uk twitter:  https://twitter.com/PawLetsUK
twitter hashtag: #PetBizUK #PetBiz
I gotta go walkies now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee





BeauBowBelles to Headline at Woofstock UK

Hi All

As you know we have been busy busy busy with sourcing THE very best entertainment for you at Woofstock UK. So it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our 2014 Headline Act who will be performing on 13 September 2014 at the Woofstock UK festival. Introducing the amazing, unbelievably talented, beautiful mesmerizing THE BEAUBOWBELLES………………


The BeauBowBelles are a London based Swing Folk band. Their distinctive sound combines the swing, wit and class of a vintage vocal harmony group with the depth, heart and energy of a contemporary English folk band. Their close-part harmonies, driving rhythms and soulful melodies have attracted a dedicated fan-base across the UK and beyond.

The three girls, Bertie, Emma & Ros first came up with The BeauBowBelles whilst playing in a classical instrumental group several years ago. They were busking one cold winters morning in Covent Garden and decided to jazz up their set by adding some close harmony songs. It was such a success that they started singing their own songs finally bringing in Marcus on guitar. Originally inspired by groups like The Andrew Sisters, they focused their sound on vintage swing and cabaret. However, over the years their music has developed, drawing more influences from folk, gypsy and country. They have come to describe their music as “Swing Folk.”

Their live shows are  virtuosic, glamorous and thoroughly entertaining. Audiences are taken on a spell binding journey with enthralling story telling, bewitching vocals and foot stomping jigs. Clever, often humorous lyrics and joyous stage banter makes for an uplifting and spellbinding show.

Their debut EP ‘To The Moon’ was released in September 2013 to critical acclaim. The BeauBowBelles have managed to create a record which is both eclectic and cohesive, uniting distinctive musical worlds in a new and exciting sound. You can listen to them here www.thebeaubowbelles.com

Reviews & clients praise:

“Their harmonies were perfect. The originals were perfect. The band was perfect.”
-Blood Sugar Sex Musik

“They opened the show for me at my fundraiser at the Mill at Sonning and were a sensation. A huge ovation for their set. A hugely multi talented group. They are just great!”
-Peter Egan

“The BeauBowBelles combine their funny lyrics and burlesque decadence with their incredible singing talents, making for a charismatic live performance”
KCRW Music Blog

“To The Moon is a real treat of thoughtful craft and rampant imagination wrapped in an expansive and varied energy fuelled melodic boogie.”
– The RingMaster Review

“A four-piece, multi-instrumental, nostalgia-bedecked harmony machine… 
fiendishly catchy examples of the finest songwriting you will ever hear.” 
– The Phono Vault

“An ejaculation of celestial music… loved it!” 
– Russell Kane, comedian

“Enormous THANK YOU for your brilliant performances. Fantastic music and harmonies.  It was absolutely lovely working with you, and I really hope we can work together again.” 
Harriet Martin, Adult Events at The London Museum.

So come to Woofstock UK and hear this most amazing band live. We promise you will not be disappointed. Tickets are on sale now and we are taking stall bookings too. Visit www.woofstockuk.co.uk  for now stay groovy.

Harry x

A devastating time – part 1

Hi efuryone it’s me Harry,

Now time and time again I hear on Twitter and Facebook about pals that has been attacked by other dogs whilst out minding their own business. This can have devastating consequences for not only the dog attacked but its owner too. But what if the dog attacked was a working dog? A guide dog, a hearing dog a support dog for the disabled? Well in this three part series I will explore with a hoomin and a guide dog who have been through that experience and the utter devastation the incident has left behind.



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#askbella quickie fur @bellisimobella1 @Evagreyhound

  Hello evfurryone, Been long time since dun #askbella after kitty sisfur n itchy n grumpy bruvs went otrb then cwismas but I is getting back on track now n rummaging fru my inbox so get dem queshuns comin.




Bella Me is all of a fluster, mom said sunninck about daycare tomorrow, what is it n should I be worried? #concernedpointyface


Fanks you Eva xxxxx



Wow Eva you lucky lucky fing fwom what I hear doggy daycare is ahmazin. You gets to meet lots of new fwends , haf yummy tweats n you get to play ALL day, I do t fink you should be worried about going just wowwied dat it’s only fur one day.

Please let me know how you get on I xcited fur you.


New fings comin vewy vewy soon not only am I answering queshuns I gonna be asking them too . 

Don’t forget I’ve got an email; address now so if you want to email me its


Mighty Murray Mint

Hi Efuryone its me Harry

It is wiv de greatest sadness I find myself again writing a piece on anofur pal who has gone over the rainbow bridge. Some of you will know @Dog_Murray and some of yoo will not. But I felt I needed to paw sumfin about my pal. So Let me tell yoo a bit about my mate Murray……….

Murray and his mum Lucy

Murray lived wiv his Gwanny and Gwandad and his gawgus mum Lucy. Now I has known Murray a vewy vewy long time. Murray was de quiet one of de original Help my Dog’s on Twitter group.

Cuddly Murray

He was nefur one to make a fuss, he nefur moaned or grumbled even when he was weally weally pawly. He was kind in spirit and a solid fwend. He was always cheery and grateful and took efuryfing in his stride. Now Murray gained lots of nicknames since being on twitter. These nicknames show just how much he was wuved. He has been called Muzza and Murray Mint as terms of endearment. I called him Murray Mint cos he suited de name and I hoped it showed him just how much me wuved him.

Me and Murray having a muddy walk together

Murray was nefur one to push fur lots of followers. He sat quietly enjoying de fun and joined in wiv de games but was not pushy.Now and again of course he would post a picfur of himself doin sumfin stoopid. The fact he was so quiet made it all de more funny wen he did.

Murray dressed as bumble Bee

He was not always an angel though and sumtimes wud nick fings just fur de fun of it. He was also known as Sir Poopalot by his gwandad.

Murray Stealing his gwannies slippers.

Last weekend Murray became vewy vewy ill wiv his epilepsy and de medication just stopped wurking. He had fought a great fight for so long but it was his time to run free over the rainbow bridge free of pain free of medication free to be de dog we have all grown to wuv and cherish.

Murray in action

So I ask yoo all as fwends and despite whether yoo knew Murray or not peese pray or send positive thoughts to his family at dis incredibly hard time. Peese think of him and what he went through. Yoor messages of support and wuv are helping his family lots and dey is taking comfort knowing how much he was wuved.

I fur one will be holding Murray and his family in my prayers. I will fink of him often. He was de kind of pal efuryone wants but few was lucky to efur get. I was one of those lucky ones. I was pwoud to call him my fwend, my brofur, my family. I pwoud dat I knew him and will always wuv him until we meet again.

Fank yoo all and Murray Mint I wuv yoo buddy to infinity and beyond xxxxx

Harry xxx


When Harry Met Debbie

Hi Efuryone

Its me Harry. Well Christmas is nearly upon us and the race is on fur de number one slot! Well dis brings me on to a pawsome lady me met recently and her single, which is out today, which has loads of celebs in it and is about animals for animals! I is woofing about de one and only Debbie Curtis of the Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band! I caught up wiv Debbie to find out about the single and a bit more……………….

Talk to the animals

Cover of single. Lots of animals there even a crab oh and a rhino!

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Ammy’s Delight takes over Angels Delights

Hello again pals, firstly I must apologise for the delay in bringing you new nommy recipes, I have 101 reasons but I won’t bore you with them.  Lets just say our cooker left this world with a bang and then a series of unfortunate events followed.  But you can wipe away your tears and all that drool thats gathering as I’m back now.

Now as you know I don’t only share recipes here but also like to give a little shout out to some pals whose hoomans don’t just bake for them but also sell their nommy treats and today I would like to introduce you to @Amadeusivan and his mum who sell delicious treats under the brand Ammy’s Delight.  Anyone who follows Ama on Twitter will know he is a gentle giant with a heart of gold, he lives in Holland with his 2 brofurs Ramses and Ozzy and loves to send big berenknuffles (hugs) to all his pals.  He was born with a disorder that causes weakness in his spine but doesn’t let this stop him having fun in and out of the kitchen.

imageAma and his mum have always loved to bake, his mum does all the hard work while Ama sits patiently waiting to test the products and clean the bowls.  Many of us were lucky enough to receive a homemade treat with our Christmas card last year and it was this that saw our big food fan @sammytheboxer encourage his mum to start selling these tasty nibbles.

Okay enough about Ama you cry, tell us about the yummy noms.  Okay, okay I am getting there.  Well Ammy’s Delight are made with only 100% natural ingredients and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every pal.  There is a variety of flavours, everything from cranberry to peanut butter with new and exciting flavours being added all the time.  A recent addition for Christmas is the gingerbread treat and these are available in individual packs or as part of a Christmas hamper.  Also available are large celebration bones that can be personalised for special occasions. All come beautifully packaged as you can see from the photos below.


Ammy’s Delight are of course happy to hear requests for new flavours as long as they can be made from natural ingredients that are available in Holland.  I personally think they should create little heart shape berenknuffles treats.


Now I loved the cranberry and cheese little paws I was sent, I found them nice and crunchy but a great size for fussy dogs like me who turn their nose up at big treats unless the hoomans break them into small pieces. I also found they didn’t upset my sensitive stomach and lasted well in an air tight container. But as usual you dont just need take my word for it as I set up a taste panel to give their opinions on Ammy’s Delight.  So now I give you my tasters ……..


Annie – @AnnieBBarks

Ammy’s Delight are the perfect treat! I does prefer the bigger ones (cause they are so good, one bite isn’t enuff!), but the little ones are great too for smaller dogs or if you want LOTS of treats! I get da big ones when Mom leaving for work, and little ones when I do something good like come inside after only being asked ten times! Best thing about them is dey soooper crunchy which makes them so fun to eat! Plus it means they good for my teefsies! So far my favorite is the cranberry because I never see treats that flavor in the stores so it a nice change. Mom ordered me the Chrissymas gingerbread ones to try next, and she says they sound good enough for her too eat! I also luff how Ama puts them in such cute packages with little decorations, and they always come in excellent condition, even shipped all da way here to Merryka!!


Winston – @WinstonWhippet

Winston loved the fact the treats were all natural and being American is partial to the peanut butter treats but also loved the cranberry.  He loves fact they are shaped like paws and that the big paw can be broken into 3 or 4 pieces to nom on.  He loved the beautiful packaging they came in and was happy to give feedback to Ammy’s Delight on packaging them up for sending long distance.  Winston said he would be happy to bark the praises of Ammy’s Delights not only in his own neighbourhood but to the whole of America.

image Sammy – @sammytheboxer

I first tried one of these cookies last Christmas and thought they came from a fancy doggie bakery, little did I know that Ama’s mummy was the fancy baker.  Since then Ammy’s Delight have become my favourite treat, I almost tackle the mailman when he drops off my attest order from Ama.  I often sit in front of the treat cabinet whimpering, just waiting and hoping some might fall out, I have even caught my sisfur Penny trying to open the cabinet, sadly she not mastered it yet though.


Shayna – @heffsvoice

Right well Murphy n me luff Ammy’s Delight even though I’m very fussy wen it comes to treats! Mummy tried lots of treats before she ordered de Ammy’s Delights n she wos losin hope of findin sum me liked all de time ( I sum times like sum once den not de second time BOL).  Mummy twied bof flavours (cranberry n cheese and Peanut Butter n Banana chips ) in de big paws sized treats but Ama’s mummy also sent a sample of de gingerbread in de middle paws.

We twied all three flavours to see which we liked best but we found we like all three the same because dey all so YUMMY! We also twied bof sizes but we like bof of dem de same too although mummy likes de big paw size cos one of dem each is enough.

We luff dese sooo much and mummy loves dat dey sooo gud n natural. We don’t get no problems with poos or smells and our mate Peanut who has a very dodgy tummy luffs dem too and doesn’t get tummy problems eiver.

Mummy says she likes de texture cos de hard biscuits help us clean our teefs. We like de hard texture cos we get gud crunches from dem. We just LUFF Ammy’s Delight n mummy has got sum birfday bones for Murphy’s birfday pawty next week. Mummy n Daddy bof sed awwww wen dey opened dem up cos they just fab!  We wish dat Ama’s mummy had a big worldwide operation so dat mummy cud buy these every week. She buys in bulk at de moment and dey keep really well.

So there you has it pals, a big paws up for the latest treats on the block.  For more information or to place an order you can contact Ama on Twitter @AmmysDelight or visit the website www.ammysdelight.com

And don’t forget to mention you heard about them here and Ama will send a little gift with your order.