Born Free…. Free as the wind blows

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now last week I had de pleasure of intervooin @moonbearjill CEO of @animalsasia which was pawsome and vewy educational about de bears and der plight.

Dis week I know yoo will be equally blown away as I got to intervoo @willtravers (Will Travers OBE) about the Born Free Foundation. So sit down relax and read on yoo will be inspired……….

Hi Will fanks fur agweein to do de intervoo. Oh I see yoo got me picfur by yoo dats cool.

Will Travers and meeee

Will Travers and me

Anyway if yoo is sitting comfortably we shall start………..

You are the CEO of the Born Free Foundation. How did all this start?

My parents were in the film ‘Born Free’.  I went to Africa with them in 1964, got bitten by the ‘Africa bug’ and have been in love with wildlife ever since.

Virginia McKenna Wills mum

Virginia McKenna Wills mum

How much did yoor mum and dad inspire yoo to follow in their footsteps and was there efur a time yoo wanted to go and do yoor own thing?

I made two private expeditions across the Sahara in my late teens, dabbled in acting, dabbled a bit more in documentary film making and distribution and then, age 24, ‘Zoo Check’, the precursor to the Born Free Foundation started and I was one of the Founding Directors.

 How many species are under threat in the world at present?

It is impossible to say since we don’t even know how many species there are on the planet – we are still discovering mammals!  However, as an indication, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which monitors and controls international trade in wild species, has over 30,000 listed on its Appendices.

How does it make yoo feel when yoo hear anofur species is on the endangered list?

It makes me mad!  All too often, the reason that species are endangered is because of some human activity – climate change, poaching, trade, over-fishing, timber extraction etc.  That’s why we have got to do everything we can to educate people and have them make environment and wildlife-friendly choices as well as pressure our governments to do more.


What was the Zoo Check Campaign and does it still exist?

Zoo Check is at the heart of Born Free because although a considerable amount of work is directed towards ‘keeping wildlife in the wild’ that is because we are so against the exploitation of wild animals in zoos, circuses and as wild ‘pets’.    Check out our website and look for Zoo Check.


What work does the Born Free Foundation do?

Too much for me to report in detail.  Everything from species conservation to tackling captive exploitation; rescuing and caring for wild animals in need; returning some lucky individuals to the wild; educating; campaigning; fund-raising – and taking action wherever we can.  Do have a look at our website


What celebrities support yoo and why do yoo think they have been drawn to The Born Free Foundation?

We are extremely lucky to have the support of some caring and well-known individuals such as Martin Clunes, Joanna Lumley, Helen Worth, Jenny Seagrove, Brian May, Anita Dobson, Bryan Adams, Graham Norton, Kerry Ellis, Amanda Holden, Rula Lenska, Brian Blessed and many, many others. I think they come to Born Free because they believe in what we do and they recognise that despite all the challenges, we will go to extraordinary lengths for animals that need our help and that, by lending us their support, they can give us a better chance of success.

What can people do to help?

Join Born Free!  All the details are on our website I cannot put it strongly enough.  Another 1,000 supporters would make a massive difference to our work, another 10,000 would be extraordinary and with 100,000 we could change the world.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Two things:

Don’t be silent.  Talk about issues with your friends, colleagues and family and on your social networks.  Make sure that you speak up for animals and if you want to sing along (and help lions) go to – Brian May and Virginia McKenna and Kerry Ellis are waiting.

Well der yoo has it. So go check out the Born Free Foundation and learn all about the amazing wurk dey do. Thank yoo to Will fur de intervoo and dis celebrity dog is now a big supporter of yoo too.

Bye fur now pals


Hawwy xxx