Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

This story is a little bit closer to home after our trips over the last few weeks that havetaken us to China, Africa and the USA! I introduce yoo to my gud pal @UK_Brownie



he lives in Spain but………..I won’t spoil anyfing read my intervoo wiv him………………..

Hi Brownie fanks fur doin de intervoo wiv me. So if yoo is sitting comfortably let’s begin…..

Yoo was found on de streets is dat right?

Yes, Harry, that’s right… I was a stray dog. I don’t remember well the reason, but I heard some of the volunteers at the dog shelter saying that I may have been abandoned by a hunter after the hunting season.


Wot happened wen yoo went to the shelter?

Oh… Not nice, really. I didn’t really fit in there. I was shy and a bit scared and some of the dogs there picked on me all the time. I had to defend myself but I am not a real fighter, so I was very uncomfortable getting into fights just because some of them didn’t like me to be there. I was always scared and nervous, and I was not happy for anyone (dogs or humans) to get close to me.

Yoo made fwends wiv one volunteer. How did yoo learn to twust her?

Yes, there was this girl who was always following me, calling me “chiquitín”, “perrín”, “guapo” and other funny Spanish names… She wanted to be my friend but I didn’t trust her: Why was she so keen on following me??? One day, I don’t know why, she started calling me “brownie”… I had never heard that name and I got curious so I got closer to her, also because she stopped following me; she just called me and waited, and I preferred it that way. When I got next to her, she stroke my cheek very gently and I liked that!


Yoo has a medical condition what is it?

I tested positive for Leishmaniasis. Unfortunately many Spanish dogs (especially stray dogs) get Leishmaniasis. It is an infection transmitted by a type of sandfly. If this sandfly bites you and your immune system is not great (which happens easily when you live on the streets, you are not well fed and you are homeless), you can get this disease. Leishmaniasis can affect just your skin (as it was in my case) but if you are not diagnosed early and you are not treated it could affect your liver, your kidney or other organs and become a very dangerous disease. I am lucky I was diagnosed very early and my Leish levels were very low. Phew!

Is it under control?

Yes, definitely. As soon as I was diagnosed they treated me with an initial “shock treatment” consisting of glucantime injections, and also with a daily tablet of allopurinol. I still take a tablet of allopurinol a day and I should take it for life to be on the safe side and not get symptoms again. The diagnosis was in January and now, in May, according to recent tests my Leishmaniasis in inactive, my protein levels are perfect and even my skin and my fur (which were slightly affected in January) look perfect now. So, basically, for 0.70€ per month they can buy something to avoid the risk of getting sick because of my Leishmaniasis. Also, they should take a test every 9 or 12 months to make sure all is fine, but I guess that’s pretty standard for anyone who cares about their dog’s health, or so I’ve heard!

Yoo is due to come to de UK on de 28th May. Does yoo have a home to go to?

Unfortunately no… I got a sponsorship to travel to UK and I thought I would get a home easily, but the reality is that there are only few days to go and I am still waiting for someone to say they want me!

Wot are yoo like buddy?


I am very, very, very calm… I do like running around and play in the garden sometimes, but I really enjoy resting afterwards, preferably in my comfy bed (I love a fluffy cushion!) I am quite submissive, more a follower than a leader, if you know what I mean. I am gentle and I take my time for everything: rushing is not my thing. I like learning new stuff, but again, at a reasonable pace. I know how to respond to commands like “Sit”, “Come”, “Stay”, “Wait”, “Give me your paw”, “Go to bed”… but I still don’t get why I should go and fetch a ball if a human throws it away!

Regarding my looks… Well, there are plenty of pics on my Facebook page, but in case you need to know more: my breed is Spanish Podenco (a hunting breed), my hair is short and I don’t leave hair on the floor, carpets, or anyone’s clothes… People say that’s a fantastic “feature” of mine! I have big ears and I hear everyone saying I am very handsome, which I love to hear!

Wot kind of home is yoo looking fur?

I am not very fussy about the type of home, really, but in my best dreams I see a family who loves me a lot, takes me to most places where they go and don’t leave me at home alone for many, many hours. A garden would be lovely too, but as long as they take me for a couple of walks a day and give me a comfy, fluffy bed, I think I will be happy. I would like to have a buddy (another dog who is not too hyperactive and teaches me a few things) and if there are cats I will stay away from them. I like children too, but I don’t mind if humans are big or little: I like them all now! (I can’t believe I was scared of them before!) My Spanish foster family, who will be with me until the 28th May and sadly they won’t be able to foster me from that date (when they will move to South West London from Spain) say it would be lovely if I find a home near them, but of course they will be over the moon if I get a family even if it is in Northern Scotland or the farthest place from London!!!


Does yoo woof English or Spanish?

I woof both I am biwoofable.

Where can people find out more info about yoo and adopting yoo and giving yoo your forever home?

I have a Facebook page (, a Twitter account ( and a blog ( where I publish photos and videos and tell you a bit about me. Also, you can contact Spanish Stray Dogs UK ( if you want to adopt me or get more information.

Is der anyfing yoo would like to add?

I’d like to thank you, Harry, for helping me with this interview to reach more people, which is essential for me to find a forever (or at least a foster) home. And thank you to all the people who visit my Facebook page and click on the “Like” button, who follow me on Twitter and read my blog. All those people who give me a minute of their time and attention to share my case with their friends and all the people they know.

So there yoo have my fwend Brownie desperately looking for a new home in the UK or at least a foster home to start wiv. Can yoo help? Can yoo offer Brownie a warm bed and wuv? Get in touch if yoo can. Brownie is waiting to hear fwom yoo.

Lots of wuv

Hawwy xx