Welcome to my world

Hi efuryone!

My name is Harry and I am an English Springer Spaniel who lives in Devonia. Welcome to my world! I am pwoud to say dat I has published a book. It is called “Help my Dog’s on Twitter” and it is a dogs guide to Twitter and life in general. I shall be pwomoting de book through my blog but fear not…..I shall also be pawing about my day to day fings which happen to me on twitter and at home.

I shall also be intwoducing you to some of me pals dat are also in da book. You will see we got our own kind of dog language goin on. Fear not, der is a twanslator dictionary in de back of de book but you gots to buy it first BOL BOL BOL (Bark out loud)

De book is out to buy and I do special sales of de book dat have been signed by me! To order it please email spanielharry@aol.com or yoo can but an unpawtographed one fwom Amazon.

Fur now I is orf to do a pee pee and go fur a walk and I shall blog later wiv some updates on me day today.

Wuv you all Hawwy @SpanielHarry xxxxx

De incident wiv de fwog

So bein in Devonia lately is like bein in some kind of water world! Bol. Our garden is like a swamp wiv all kinds of cweatures hangin awound like midgies, spiders, worms comin out of de gwound and………… Fwogs lots and lots and LOTS of fwogs. So, earlier today I was in de garden wiv me boss hooman aka mum and me sisfur Maggie @Madmaggiemoo we was sploshin awound and generally gettin dirty when me mum came acwoss a fwog lying on its back all four legs in de air not movin a muscle at all!!! Now I is only interested in de kind of fwog dat moves, dey is no fun at all if dey jus lie der all still like! So I ignored it and carried on gettin as dirty as I possibly could. Mum took pity on de dead fwog fing and decided to do de decent fing and put it in a poo bag she jus happened to av in her coat pocket. Wot is decent bout dat!  I made a mental note to myself not to lie on de floor wiv all four legs in de air pawfectly still just I case she gots poo bag big enuff fur me! As we walked back to house she was swingin de poo bag containing one fwog. She put it by de back door and went to go in when all of a sudden de poo bag started hoppin acwoss de patio Bol Bol Bol Bol. It jus happened dat de paw fwog was not dead just pwetendin and he was hoppin fur his life! So mum scooped de bag up and weleased de paw fing by de pond. He stayed der fur ages but last I looked he had hopped orf! So in future I is gonna check out de frogs a bit more closely cos dat one lucky escape!

lots of wuv SpanielHarry xxxx