Mighty Murray Mint

Hi Efuryone its me Harry

It is wiv de greatest sadness I find myself again writing a piece on anofur pal who has gone over the rainbow bridge. Some of you will know @Dog_Murray and some of yoo will not. But I felt I needed to paw sumfin about my pal. So Let me tell yoo a bit about my mate Murray……….

Murray and his mum Lucy

Murray lived wiv his Gwanny and Gwandad and his gawgus mum Lucy. Now I has known Murray a vewy vewy long time. Murray was de quiet one of de original Help my Dog’s on Twitter group.

Cuddly Murray

He was nefur one to make a fuss, he nefur moaned or grumbled even when he was weally weally pawly. He was kind in spirit and a solid fwend. He was always cheery and grateful and took efuryfing in his stride. Now Murray gained lots of nicknames since being on twitter. These nicknames show just how much he was wuved. He has been called Muzza and Murray Mint as terms of endearment. I called him Murray Mint cos he suited de name and I hoped it showed him just how much me wuved him.

Me and Murray having a muddy walk together

Murray was nefur one to push fur lots of followers. He sat quietly enjoying de fun and joined in wiv de games but was not pushy.Now and again of course he would post a picfur of himself doin sumfin stoopid. The fact he was so quiet made it all de more funny wen he did.

Murray dressed as bumble Bee

He was not always an angel though and sumtimes wud nick fings just fur de fun of it. He was also known as Sir Poopalot by his gwandad.

Murray Stealing his gwannies slippers.

Last weekend Murray became vewy vewy ill wiv his epilepsy and de medication just stopped wurking. He had fought a great fight for so long but it was his time to run free over the rainbow bridge free of pain free of medication free to be de dog we have all grown to wuv and cherish.

Murray in action

So I ask yoo all as fwends and despite whether yoo knew Murray or not peese pray or send positive thoughts to his family at dis incredibly hard time. Peese think of him and what he went through. Yoor messages of support and wuv are helping his family lots and dey is taking comfort knowing how much he was wuved.

I fur one will be holding Murray and his family in my prayers. I will fink of him often. He was de kind of pal efuryone wants but few was lucky to efur get. I was one of those lucky ones. I was pwoud to call him my fwend, my brofur, my family. I pwoud dat I knew him and will always wuv him until we meet again.

Fank yoo all and Murray Mint I wuv yoo buddy to infinity and beyond xxxxx

Harry xxx


Meet the Bootiful Bliss.

Hi Efuryone it me Harry Now a couple of weeks ago I intervood the amazing @Cassie_spaniel as part of my working dog series. I have also had the honour and privilege to intervoo @GuideDogBliss and her mum Barbara. Here’s the result of when I caught up with them earlier this month……………


Bliss behind tree


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All in a days work! Meet Cassie.

Hi Efuryone it me Harry,

Fur the last few weeks I has been wurking on some vewy speshul intervoos wiv sum amazing dogs. All have a vewy different story to tell and all has amazed, moved and astounded me. So wivout further delay I present to yoo my first installment of three on dese amazing pooches. Meet de amazing Cassie @Cassie_spaniel and her equally amazing mum Sylv………..

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Hot mamma

1001377_484103868338484_1123797435_nHi efuryone it us Harry and Bella

Now we know we are tweetin to da wrong people wif the dont leave your dogs in hot cars but if stops makes peeps fink we gonna keep doin it.

Really if you finks about it, if you is going out in da car and will be leaving dog in the car, you don’t need to take da doggy wif you.

Now we has read all sorts about it only takes 15 mins for us to due in da car but I fink it cud be less.

Last week Kanes @angelshair01 mammy Emma decided to try a lickle experiment to see what it would be like to be stuck in a hot car. Now we know she’s fur less but she still locked in da car in da hot hot hot dis is what she did.

“I did an experiment to try to put it out there from a humans perspective about leaving anipals in parked cars in this hot weather.
I’m sick of hearing about animals being killed in this awful way due to stupidity,selfishness and ignorance of people.
I wanted to know just how it must feel for those poor dogs. Of course I was able to remove myself from the situation when it became unbearable but unfortunately those poor dogs can not! My car was parked in sunlight for 4 hours I got in wearing a thick fleece to replicate dogs fur I kept the windows closed and sat in the front seat. I set my timer and waited after 30 seconds I started sweating profusely which as you know dogs cannot do. By 2 mins I was soaked choking for a drink and starting to panic all the time I had horrible images in my head of poor dogs suffering the same fate. By 5 mins I as starting to feel faint and could see my face turning red unable to take anymore at 6 mins n 7 secs i hot out. I felt shakey and had white spots in front of my eyes and my hair was soaking wet. I drank a litre of water and an hour later was still shaking. I was able to get out they aren’t my message is DO NOT LEAVE A DOG IN A PARKED CAR IN HOT WEATHER NO MATTER WHAT! EVER!”

So der you go Emma did dis to try and help us understand , although we know none of our fwends hoomins would leave them in cars there’s a few numpties out there who do and it’s them we need to get the message to.

It’s not just bein in da hot car its actually getting into a hot car that’s been left in da heat for hours tis like pre heating da oven,IMG_5818Fanks Emma for doin dis experiment for us doggies.

wuv Harry & Bella

P.S. fwom Harry

My fwends Bella and Squiggle did talk about bein hot and some of da products www.kind4k9.co.uk sell to help keep us cool on their blog last week http://bellaandsquiggle.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/bellisimobella1-and-squiggledog-discuss-being-hot-hot-hot/

@Dog_Murray Happy Birfday Buddy

Just wanted to wish my amazing buddy Murray a vewy happy birfday, hes had such a rough time lately so please all wish him a vwey happy birfday .PicCollage1

if you don’t know my mate Murray, heres where I last intervooed him http://wp.me/p3cjL0-fO since then hes been vewy poorly and we did haf a pawcircle for him and today is his 2nd birfday. We has been buddys for a long time and I wuvs him vewy much .

Haf a gweat day buddy xx

Happy furefur home day @summerhollet


Today is my wuv @summerhollett 2 year anniversary as a Hollett and to celebwate me vewy bestest fwend @bellisimobella1 has cweated dis post as a lickle twibute to her and fur me to show her how much I do wuv my gawgus Summer.

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Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now those of you who has read my book Help my Dog’s on Twitter will have read about my mate Murray @Dog_murray if yoo haven’t den why not? He is pawsome! Now lots of yoo know that Murray suffers fwom epilepsy which affects his life and dat of of hoomins on a daily basis. He is on all kinds of medication. I asked Murray and his mum Lucy if I cud intervoo Murray to raise awareness of this and they jumped at the chance. So here is what we chatted about last week……..

image 5

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Walk this way guest Blog by @angelthefurball

Hello pals, it’s me Angel hijacking Hawwys blog again.

So here I was lying on my sofa thinking about my next meal, I mean blog, and my thoughts once again turned to the humiliation we inflict on our hoomans.


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