De incident of de pond de pot and de boss

Hi efuryone it’s me Harry

Well as yoo all know by now I has a pond. A wuvly pond a big pond. A pond dat I can swim in to me hearts content. I wuv my pond. I call it my pond cos well it is my pond. I not care if de hoomins fink it ders cos I know dat dey know deep down in side dat it is weally Harry’s pond.

So, here is my pond wiv me floating in it………..

Harry's Pond

Harry’s Pond

Now my pond is quite big. I is spoilt to be honest. I can swim in me pond it is about 5 foot deep in de middle wiv a ledge goin round it dat is about 3 foot gradually slopin down to de darkest depths. Der is fishes in me pond and newts and pond weed and frogs and tadpoles. Der also sum snails too and pond skaters. Der may be ofur critters too but de ones me mention is de ones dat not seem to mind too much bout me bein in der wiv dem. We also has solar lights around de pond and a solar fountain in de middle. Tis a bootiful pond wiv pawsome pots and bootiful plants dat humum Carol has nurtured through de summer.

So yesterday, 25 September 2015, me humum Carol had been to dentist in de morning. I was surprised to see her home early but peesed all de same. It was a wuvly sunny day de skies was blue de birds was singing. Life was gud. Humum Carol cud not speak pwoperly but me not take much notice of her anyway so it did not weally matter if me not understand her. De day got even better cos me hubruv Simon came to visit too. Me not see him vewy much cos he away at sea a lot. So dis day, dis bootiful day was amazin and I was so excited. De boss was at work so me just had de two ofur hoomins here to entertain.

We all went fur a long walk through de woods up on de field it was great. I had been running lots so was quite hot. When we got back we all went in de garden which is unusual as I normally head straight fur de pond to cool down so de hoomins tend to put us all in de kitchen after a long walk. Well dis day, dis pawsome day just got better cos I was given access to de garden and to de pond.

I did not head in straight away but played wiv Jerry n Maggie n hubruv Simon a bit. Den I got carried away. I know I got carried away but I did not care. I was like a dog in a bone shop der was no stopping me! De hoomins was talkin, well as much as humum Carol cud! She sounded bit tipsy to be honest. So, anyway, I saw an opportunity I leapt in de pond and grabbed de fountain in me gob and swam fur my life. Now wot me did not wealise was dis. De solar fountain has a lead which goes under de water and to de solar panel which is placed in humum Carols prize fuscia pot. Also in dis pot is a solar light. Humum Carol tried to shout “no Harry” but it came out a bit like “blah blah blah” Hubruv Simon ran to de pond but SPLASH. In de pot went solar panel solar light and prized fuscia plant n all.

Hubruv Simon desperately tried to reach in as de pot and its contents sank to its watery grave. Did I stop? Did I heck. Prized possession of de fountain still held tightly in me gob I climbed out de pond and ran round like a loony. I was so happy I had got wot me wanted who cares bout de pot n fuscia fing n solar panel and expensive light. De hoomins was shoutin and using norty wurds dey was hopin mad.

Well my euphoria was short lived as I was rounded up fountain, it’s wire n all and was frog marched into de house and into de kitchen wiv de wurds “wait until de boss gets home” I had also managed to chew de fountain base as I had run around de garden so had left me mark der too. Pawsome!

Anyway, de boss got home late dat nite so humum Carol had calmed a bit. Se told de boss wot me had done and de boss tried to hold back de laughter. We was both in de dog house now. So, wot to do? Well today has been anofur bright bootiful sunny day. De hoomins been pottering (parden de pun) around and den de boss announced “we must get de pot, fuscia solar panel and solar light out of de pond. But how?

So about an hour ago much to me amazement de boss did sumfin unbelievable. I got locked inside and de boss went outside looking like dis………

Boss in Wet suit

Boss in Wet suit

Not one of her better luks I fink yoo will agree! Now, de boss look like dis wen we go beach sumtimes and I go swimming wiv her in de sea so I was confoosed. Den de boss did sumfin astounding sumfin me nefur efur efur seen her do befur…………


boss in pond

boss in pond

She got in de pond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After a few choice wurds about how cold it was and lots of “urghhhhhh what’s that brushing passed me” de boss was in and balancing on de ledge. Jerry helped by licking her face a lot bol bol bol.

So de boss felt around a bit wiv her feet to see if she cud locate de pot she cud not see anyfing in de water so dis was all she cud do. Den down she went wiv Jerry looking at her as if she was nuts…………..


After a little while of us all bein gob smacked and de boss shivering and fumbling she managed to grab sumfin…………….


Boss had done it she had saved de pot de solar light de plant fing and my bacon too……….

20150926_161405_resized 20150926_161401_resized

She was relieved wiv de wurds of humum Carol ringing in her ears “you nutter I can’t believe you did that” Efuryone was peesed de pot was saved…….


Dis has to be de naughtiest fing me has efur done well apart fwom all de digging of late but dat anofur story……………..

wuv Hawwy xxxxx










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