De incident wiv de poo bag!

It wasn't me!

It wasn’t me!

Hello all, Hawwy here,

I had an incident wiv a poo bag dis mawnin no fwogs involved dis time though! Just to gives yoo a bit of backgwound, I has written me book and one of de chapters is called “it wasn’t me!” That me pwactisin me innocent face above!

Today I was in a bit of a norty mood. Boss mum was doin a bit of work and second in command was waitin to go out. Now I was in de garden wunnin awound all ofur de place. Second in command was callin me to come in and Maggie was bein a goody two paws and doin as she was told!

Now I can ignore second in command easily . I can pwetend she no der which drives her mad! So der I was quite appy in me own world Bol Bol.  Suddenly  I spied a black bag lyin on de floor and I knew instantly it held a wather large poo  I had done earlier dat 2nd in command had picked up! I looked at her and she looked at me and I could sea in dat fleeting second de fear in her eyes! Well I ran like de clappers and so did she. Who would reach de poo bag first me or her? Well she slipped on de muddy gwass and victory was mine! Oh joy oh bliss I ran around de garden poo bag slapping de sides of me chops as I ran. 2nd in command was furious she was shouting and hollering but not wanting to get too close in case of unexpected explosions of de bag! What fun I was aving pure bliss. 2nd in command went off and I dwopped de poo bag no fun if she not chasing! Suddenly boss mum appeared laughing and told me to come in! Phew glad she was not cwoss!

So if yoo want to be chased but not let your hoomin get too close use de poo bag technique it weally works!

wuv yoo,

hawwy xxxx

2 thoughts on “De incident wiv de poo bag!

  1. Harry. Uncle Sandy here. You is a Norty Spaniel. Poor second-in-command gettin her all worked up like dat. Take this as a yellow card (warning in football speak). Though it was funny, don’t tell her I said that. You behave young man, well at least 99% of the time….lol. Love to You and Maggie (and the humans).

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