De Pwoblem wiv Patio Doors












Hi All Hawwy here!

So yoo will see fwom de title dat I is gonna Dog aboot patio doors and de pwoblem wiv dem! Well I has jus moved to a house wiv de dweaded patio doors so I is welatively new with de interwaction wiv dem. Today I felt der full force BOL BOL BOL.

Der I was today quite appily sittin in de sittin woom (which is why I was sittin though sometimes I does lie down too) wen I saw a wascally squizzel in de garden as bolds as yoo like sat der lookin in through de patio doors at me. I tell yoo dis squizzel was challengin me! At furst I sat der lookin al cool like twyin not to lets him know I ad spotted him. I den started to move slowly in de belly cwal position so dat i was closer to de patio doors. And den…………. crash bang and a sound that goes a bit like dis squeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk

I had gots so carried away I furgot dat de patio door was an actual object and solid and not jus air. Well ia was most embawassed as I lay in a heap on de floor. I had not hurt meself ofur dan me pwide. De squizzel still sat der lookin at me cheeky little squizzer! I vow i will get him when der is no glass to stop me!

Boss mum was laffin at me soo much not fur but de good fing is dat I let a spectacular amount of slobber and nose marks stweak all done de glass so she gots to clean dem again bol bol bol.

Watch out fur patio doors de does be a pwoblem and can gets in de way!

Wuv Hawwy xxxx

p.s. Hoomins always ask why we press our noses up against windows…. it is simple we likes it and it annoys yoo BOL BOL BOL



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