Dog save de Queen.

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now as yoo knows me has been intervooin lots of peeps and fur dis intervoo I needed sumfin special and some help. Si I has enlisted de services of de following amazing peeps………….






             HEAD OF SECURITY




Our mission was to gain access to Buckingham Palace and intervoo de Queen. Risky fur sure but well worth de effort. So on Thursday evening at around 20:00 we all met outside de gates of Buckingham Palace just befur de change of de guards.

At 20:01 Ama seized his hopportunity to sneak us in as he marched up shouting orders at efuryone. Dat was it stage one complete. De next pwoblem was de corgis. We had seen two of dem earlier go to play football wiv der servant…..


Wiv Bella at ourside we knew dat she had de expertise to woo de ofur corgis away and distract dem wiv her bwight pink outfit and daxxling looks. She did have Corgis on de bwain!

bella and corgis

Wiv de corgis out of de way me and Harv snuck into de palace wiv our questions racing through our heads excited and scared and wondering if we wud efur see our hoomins again and de………. der she was The Queen in her full highnessness!

“escuse me ma’am” I said and gave a lickle bow. “my name is Hawwy and dis me pal Harv. Wud yoo mind if we intervood yoo?” I gulped waiting fur her to shout GUARDS GUARD INTRUDERS…….Nothing! She smiled and said “Harry, I have been expecting you. Do come in” With that me and Harv went into her sitting room and dis is wot we asked……..


Does you sit on da toilet like us peasants or does yoo poo another way?

Excuse me young man? Of course one does not sit on a toilet. One has one to hold gold bucket for my poo.

Where duz yoo buy yer toilet wolls from? Or is dey made of gold?

One does not use toilet roll as to rough for ones bottom. I use cotton wool with diamonds in it.

Does Prince Phillip snore and if so duz yoo dig him in da wibs?

One does gag prince Phillip

Does yoo ever swear at dat tv or anyone at all?

One says golly gosh only

Which celebraty does yoo fancy?

One fancies Mr bean but please do not tell Mr Cameron that as he thinks one fancies him.



Does yoo bweak wind and blame on corgis?

What kind of question is that young man! However, in response to your impertinence yes one does occasionally break wind and blame it on the corgis but more often than not one blames it mainly on Phillip. OLOL (one laughs out loud)

Does yoo efur tease yoo staff and say “off wiv der heads”?

No. One has never played that trick but that has given one a good idea. One has pretended to be dead in bed. That always gets them going! OLOL

Has yoo efur pinched sumones bum during a photo session wiv ofur heads of state?

Well there was the incident with Ronald Regan when he was president but one will not go into that. I pinched Nicolas Sarkozy’s bottom once and blamed Angela Merkel that caused quite a stir OLOL

Does yoo brush yoo own teeth or does yoo giv dem to sumone else to do?

One never brushes ones own teeth. Do you?

Wot does yoo keep in yoo handbag?

Well just for you Harry have a look………



Ooooo my book, bacon stick, poo bags, pen, sunglasses, glasses case, alcohol hand wipes and lipstick.

With our intervoo complete we bid farewell to de Queen and went and gathered de ofurs up. Fank yoo ma’am fur bein so accommodating and as we left de gates we all turned and shouted DOG SAVE THE QUEEN.


Hawwy xxxx

p.s fank yoo to @1cutecorgi fur agreeing to us using his picfur and to @jessieSisSammy fur doing great pic fur Ama.