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Hi pals, well as you know here at Angels Delights I love to share wonderful nommy recipes with you all but recently I got to thinking about my pals whose hoomans can’t cook or worse won’t cook. Anyway I sat scratching my head for a solution for you hungry hounds and decided what if every now and then I feature a hooman who not only makes treats for their own doggy but who sells them to raise a bit of pawket money. Then there can be no excuses for any pal missing out on homemade treats that are yummy for your tummy.

Now since this is a little different from me sharing the recipes I love, I decided to enlist some pals who will be my official taste panel for this little trip into woofy wonderland. So please welcome Bella, Lucy, Misty and last but not least Fenrir.

Now you have met the panel i guess it is time to meet Charlie and Derek, 2 gorgeous English Toy Terriers who convinced their hooman to add some luxury homemade dog treats to the hooman fair they sold at their local farmers markets. These homemade treats were soon so popular their mum had to drop the hooman products to concentrate solely on dog treats, and Charlie & Derek’s Dog Treats was officially born.

At the moment their are 13 flavours available, some of which I thought were only available in dreams, there is everything from cheesy woofs to barking beef, carrot and banana flapjacks to nutty nibbles. Now as if their current wonderful range isn’t enough what makes Charlie & Derek’s Dog Treats extra special is their belief in high quality ingredients and that variety is the spice of life. They are therefore happy to create new flavours at our request. Who knows maybe there will be an Angels Delight Dunker available one day. Not that I am hinting or anything. Before you all get carried away please note there are limits to flavours so please don’t be requesting a cat flavour biscuit.

Anyhows back to the noms as it’s time to reveal the results of the taste panel who have tried a variety of flavours.

Bella (@BellissmoBella1)

Help yourself

Help yourself

Bella was honoured when Charlie & Derek’s Dog Treats created a new flavour inspired by her love of bacon, eggs and cheese, this new nom has Bella feeling tickled pink but would it pass the taste test? Well we needn’t have worried Bella loved it and is delighted to have something so delicious made in her honour. And even Bellas bruv Grumpy who is a notoriously fussy eater stole himself a bag from Bella’s secret store, he started with a nibble on the label then got into the treats and loved them. Bella says they always think that if Grumpy likes something it must be nice, but for him to go to the effort to pinch them that makes them amazing.

Lucy (@lucyLabrador)

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in Bed

Lucy’s favourite flavour from the range was mackerel oaties due to her love of all things fishy, she found them very tasty and loved the added bonus that they are good for her coat. They are also one of very few treats that her baby sisfur can eat due to her allergies. Her mum also said they are great to carry in her pocket as a training treat as they don’t smell. Lucy also tried the sweet potato and apple treats, and the fact she tore the bag open to get at them tells you all you need to know about how good they are. She also liked that they were sweet but healthy and were fun sizes and shapes and let us into a little secret which she is happy for me to share with you, her mum also liked these, yes they are safe for hoomans to eat but I am not sure we should be sharing with them.

Misty (@MistyTheCollie)

Please mum can I have some more?

Please mum can I have some more?

Well Misty is proud to say she has tried every flavour and has yet to turn her nose up at one so they all passed her taste test, and like Bella she is proud that when asked Charlie & Derek’s Dog Treats created a treat containing her beloved green beans and Mint and Bean Chompers are now her favourite in the range.

Fenrir (@FenrirFarsight)

Feed me now

Feed me now

Fenrir absolutely loved Charlie & Derek’s treats, his favourites, so far, are the Liver & Bean Lipsmackers and the Mint & Bean Chompers however they may have a challenger in the Banana & Carrot Flapjacks. But he happily hoovered up every variety put in front of him.

Fenrir’s mum is happy knowing that all the treats are made from healthy everyday ingredients and also wanted to praise the great customer service that is provided. Fenrirs opinion and taste testing skills are now going to be put to good use as he will be testing new flavours for Charlie & Derek, he’s one lucky dog. Fenrir is delighted with his new job and would whuffle through a whole bag at once if given the chance.

Well there it is a woof through Charlie & Derek’s Dog Treats, I hope you enjoyed this first special feature and of course that you hound your hoomans into going straight to www.charlieandderekdogtreats.co.uk and placing an order. And if you use the code blog1 at the checkout you will receive a 5% discount on your order. You can also find Charlie and Derek on Twitter @Charlie__Derek

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  1. I was sent some samples by Charlie and Derek’s mum, Boo LOVES them, we have placed our first order and Boo can’t wait for them to arrive, his favourite is the liver lip smackers, but, he said he wants to try them all eventually !!!

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