Gor Blimey!

Hi Pals its me Harry

Well what a week it has been so far! But de most exciting part of it is I finally gets to announce my partnership wurking wiv Gor Pets! One reaction to dis amazin news was”Gor Blimey” fwom me pal @angelshairr01 kind of sums it all up weally!

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So as yoo all know sooooo much about me I thought it only fair dat yoo shud also kknow about Gor Pets so me has intervood dem dis week and here is de result………

Who started Gor Pets and what inspired dem to do so?

Gor Pets is a family business run by the “Gora brothers” that started way back in 1968. Originally manufacturing clothing for some of the largest stores in the country, 31 years later in 1999 the pet business began. We were given a cat bed and dog bed and asked if we could make something similar, so the original big boss man sat at a sewing machine in the factory and had a go at making one. A few split seams and pricked fingers later, he had the perfect place for a dog to rest its sleepy head, the first ever Gor Pets bed was born.

After using yards of left over material from the clothing side of the business and locally sourcing foam to fill the beds, the first batch was ready to give countless pooches and moggies a purrrfect night’s sleep.

Is der a dog in charge?

Lucky the Spaniel (you may know him Harry!) is in charge of making sure all of our dog products are up to scratch by giving everything a good going over and ensuring everything has a high level of pawesome-ness for you and your fellow pooches! 

Where is yoo based?

We are based in the heart of the country in the West Midlands. 

How do yoo decide what designs of dog toys to sell?

We build on what is tried and tested, what we know dogs and cats love! A poochy pal once told us that when the squeak stops in a toy, its as good as “dead”! Doggies do not like playing with a silent opponent, so we solved the problem by adding more squeaks (8 in total = 8 lives). This way the animal lives to fight another day. And that is how we came up with the Gor Wild Multi-Squeak animals, or as Paul affectionately calls them “road kill”. 










Is I yoo furst dog client?

You certainly are the first who doesn’t need a hooman to translate for you! You are the first of your kind to supply to other pooches and moggies, however we have been at the beck and call of plenty of other pampered pets previously.

What is impawtant to yoo as a company?

The happiness of yourself and your friends is of the utmost importance to us. We do our best to keep improving our service and products to keep you entertained at a price your hooman won’t be howling at! 

Does yoo all play wiv de toys wen no-one lukin?

Paul would play with them all the while, but Amy has to take them off him so he gets his work done! 

We has formed a partnership to do competitions leading up to Christmas fur cats and dogs. Do yoo fink dis is a furst?

It is definitely a first for us and hopefully the first of many to come! We want to do something fun and get in touch with pets and their hoomans who actually use our products too. Working with a furry friend such as yourself is a pawesome way of spreading the word!

Anyfing yoo wud likes to add?

Our customers ideas and opinions are very important to us. We love hearing back from pooches, moggies and their hoomans about our products or any pawsome new ideas they may be howling about! They can always visit our Facebook and Twitter @GorPets pages and your Harry Spaniel blog to keep up to date with any news on competitions and products. 

Fanks Amy fur de intervoo. So Pals der yoo has it two pawsome companies joining forces to bring great competishuns to yoo all. So check out me woofsite www.spanielharry.co.uk fur some great toys all of which come wiv treats fur hoomins, cats and of course pawsome treats from @charlie__Derek charlieandderekdogtreats.co.uk

Visit Gorpets.co.uk and if you see anything there that is not in my shop that yoo wud like then let me know and I will make sure it becomes available . Fur now watch dis space fur amazing competitions being launched on 11 November 2013. Oh and fanks fur buying fwom me www.spanielharry.co.uk

Hmmmm wish dat tortoise wud stop hitching a lift on me back!

Hmmmm wish dat tortoise wud stop hitching a lift on me back!








Lots of wuv

Harry xxxxxxx


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