Gwandpawents. De dusty hoomin of de wurld.

Gwandad Cuddles

Gwandad Cuddles

Kissing Nanny

Kissing Nanny

Hello efuryone Hawwy here

I has herd lots of anipals talkin about der families both de furry ones and hoomins. I also knows me pal @humfthecocker has a sooper welationship wiv his gwandpawents and  I thought I should explore dis in a bits more detail. Here is an intervoo I did wiv him earlier on today………….

Hi Humf pal. Fanks fur agweeing to do dis intervoo on dis vewy impawtant topic. How many dusty hoomin gwandpawents do yoo have?

Hey Hawwy pal. Me be havin two Gwandpawents. It do be a bit confoosin as dey be Mums ex inlaws but we luffs dem like family. Sadly mums pawents passed away so me didn’t gets de chance to meet dem.

Is yoo Gwandpawents weally weally old and dusty?

ROTFB!! (roll on the floor barking) Hawwy!!! Me opes dey don’ts wead dis blog! Dey do be vewwwwwwwwwwwwwy old. Gwandad is 68 and me finks nanny is 67 (sush I didn’t tell yoo dat okay) Gwandad is more dusty dan Nanny, but me don’ts mind de dust unless it makes me sneeze.

How often does yoo see dem?

Me do see dem at least once a week. Me and mum do go to der house efury Sunday fur a woast dinner!!!!! Nannys woast dinners are de bestest efur! Me ad beef, lamb, chicken, pork, turkey………… *drooling*. Me does spend de whole time der getting under Nannys feet in de kitchen. Yoo nefur know wot she might dwop! Once she dwopped a whole potato and me stole it and wan up de garden to nom it quick BOL.

Wot does dey do fur yoo?

Oh dey is fabtastic! Gwandad takes me outs on de long walks, he luffs to walk and so does I. Dey used to av a wuvly dog called Tess who he wakled but she went OTRB years ago. So me knows dey miss her lots. Me hopes havin me der is a little help. Even though I cause Twouble! Gwandad does de rough play wiv me and I bites him, but me knows to be gentle wiv Nanny. Nanny give gweat head massages and me falls asleep wiv er stroking me. She does say I is into everyfing!!!!! Me steals food, egg boxes, washing dat has fallen off de line……me fort I was elping but parrently not! Wude bol.  

Does dey spoil yoo?

Oh yes dey does spoil me loads! Me gets a bit of meat from evfuyones plate at de end of dinner, den Nanny sorts me own dins out. She mixes kibble wiv de woast meat, veg and woast tatties. She cuts dem all into little bits but she says me hoovers it down so fast me don’t taste it! Den me usually gets to lick de dessert bowls bol. Mum said if I lived der I would be a porker!!! Den I elp load de dishwasher and catch any bits of food left stuck to plates.

Does yoo fink it impawtant to mix wiv de older hoomins?

I do fink it be impawtent to mix wiv de older people. Dey tend to be less stressy dan pawents and let you get away wiv more!

How much do yoo wuv dem?

Oh me does wuv me Nanny and Gwandad vewwwy vewwwy much. Almost as much as sossiges, but not quite!

Anyfing else yoo likes to add?

Me just wants to say dat me luffs Mum too (she told me to put dat in!!!) And if you don’t have gwandpawents, go and befriend an old person in de park, as me bets you will gets a tweat! xxx

So der yoo has it one little cocker bwidgin de gap between de dog wurld and de dusty hoomin wurld bootiful. Wemember to looks after de dusty members of de pack cos dey de ones dat will sneak yoo tweats and dwop food on de floor!

Wuv yoo

Hawwy xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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