Gwannys and frisbies just don’t mix!

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here oh and Maggie too *rolls eyes*,







It feels like ages since I last did a blog. Though not complaining as I have had some fab guest bloggers of late. Howefur, sumfin happened de ofur day dat I just gotta share wiv yoo. So my gwanny wuvs me and my sisfur vewy much and she wuvs going out fur walks wiv me an Maggie and playing frisby wiv Maggie (me no like de frisby me a ball kind of dog). Now gwanny, by her own admission, is not de best throw in de world but she even worse wiv de frisby. Maggie nefur know which way it gonna come out of gwannys hand and eventually she no bwing back to gwanny anymore and walks off! De frisby has landed on roofs, in fields, smacked de boss in de face and lots more! Howefur, dis particular day gwanny excelled herself.

We wiv in de middle of nowhere and at the bottom of our garden on ofur side of fence past gwannies and down de lickle hill are three huge ponds. We is vewy vewy lucky. Here dey is…..

Three ponds on three levels.

Three ponds on three levels.

So der we was happy walking around me running all ofur de place jumping in de ponds like me does and gwanny walking wiv Maggie and gently throwing her frisby efurywhere but where she meant it to go. As we walked up de side of dis pond……

DSCF5411Gwanny through de frisby and shouted “Oh No” boss spun round to see Gwanny up de bank of de pond and Maggie staring down de bank at de frisby which was 3/4 way down and near de waters edge!Now our Maggie is not stooped and I could tell by her face dat she was not goin anywhere near where dat frisby was fur fear of take an unwanted bath. Me wasn’t gonna get it cos me not interested. Now me bet yoo finking to youself just go down de gently sloping bank and retrieve it…….. not wen de bank look like dis!

DSCF5407Yap it one steep bank fur sure. So, gwanny came up wiv a plan despite de pwotests fwom de boss. Appawently mum knows best is used in de hoomin world too! So gwanny gots a long stick and tried to move de frisby up de bank so we could get it. Well yoo know what happened don’t yoo? Oh yes de frisby was pushed further away down de bank and by dis point boss was roaring wiv laughter and I was woofing wiv excitement of de hoomin antics. Where was Maggie? Oh she was sat waiting patiently BOL BOL.

So what to do? Well boss came up wiv a plan! Der a big twee at de top of de bank and she had brought out our slip leads wiv her. So guess what she did? She made an abseiling rope and walked backwards down de slope and retrieved de frisby fwom de waters edge and pulled herself back up! PAWSOME OR WHAT! We was all stunned by de feat of ingenuity from de boss. So all was well and de frisby has lived to be thrown anofur day but……. NOT BY GWANNY!

So der yoo has it pals. Don’t fuget to check out de rest of the woofsite and me book “Help my dog’s on Twitter” too.

Wuv yoo

Hawwy xxxxxx



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