How do yoo do!

Hi efuryone

It me Harry. I has had moonbears runnin through me head fur such a long time now. So much so a poem started to pop into my head yesterday so I put pen to paper to get it down quick.

So here it is wiv sum pawsome picfurs of me pals too. I hopes yoo enjoy it as much as I enjoyed pawing it.

How do yoo do.

By Spaniel Harry

I has a fwend who livs far away
But she is in my thoughts most efury day
Now it not just her but de wurk dat she does
De lives dat she saves and de healing through wuv.

So this is my intro fwom me to yoo
Peese meet moonbear Jill And say
“How do yoo do”



Now my intros continue
to some more speshal fwends
Who has pawsome big paws
And whose spirits Jill mends

Now I can’t name dem all
Cos wud take a long time
And me fink me wud not see
To de end of de line

So dis is my intro fwom me to yoo
Please meet Jasper, Banjo and Peter bear too
And giv dem a welcome by saying
“How do yoo do”



Banjo IMG_3332 (2)b





Now my pals does look happy and loving their lives
But de start of their journey was wiv trouble and strife
For they has been saved fwom a life of pure pain
Wer dey was used and abused fur a hoomin beings gain

In cages so small, restrictive and cramped
Dat sum of my fwends bear de torture device stamp
As de bars have caused scars and dents dat won’t heal
Some never knew de joy of a good hearty meal



Pipes and tubes Inserted in der tummies
Sum ripped away from de safety of der mummies
Dey was silent in their pain in de dark on der own
Fur dey had given up hope of being able to roam

No more did they fink they feel sun on their fur
Or de wind on their face and to walk wivout care
Fur der lives were now ruled by a hoomins greed
Wot did dey care for dis moonbears need.

But one day a woman wiv a face oh so kind
Visited my pals but would not leave dem behind
She said “let me make my intro to you
My name is moonbear Jill and how do you do.

You are coming with me to a place far away
From the torture and pain you are feeling today
You will be protected and loved and meet more of your kind
And Banjo can show of his awesome behind! “

Banjo June 2008

So my pals went wiv Jill to a place called Chengdu
Where dey met lots more pals and said “how do yoo do”
Dey liv in a paradise surrounded by hope
But still suffer from scars but with wuv they can cope.

So why not come forward and join our campaign too
And help save de moonbears by saying “how do yoo do”



Moon Bear Jill, Jasper, Peter Bear and Peter Egan

Yoo can find out more about de moonbears and de pawsome work Animals Asia do to help dem here and watch der Christmas video here too and follow on twitter @animalsasia or @moonbearjill

Fur now I wuv yoo all to de moon and back.

Harry xxxx

3 thoughts on “How do yoo do!

  1. Oh my Harry, that is just totally fabulous, and it will really make more people aware of these gorgeous moonbears and what they have suffered, well done, pawtastic, as usuall :0) xxxxxxxxxxx love Sarah and Boo xxxxxxxxxxx

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