Humf & Harrys Pawsome polls results.

I take my job vewy seriously.

I take my job vewy seriously.

Hewwow pals,

It’s Humf here ( @humfthecocker ) weporting fur dooty! I as been given de task of blogging on de wesults of de polls, on Hawwy’s woofsite (not to be confoosed wiv poles who live in Poland… land of de poles)

Fank you all so much fur voting, we had some vewwy funny answers and de funniest I will be wevealing here. We was going to do a graph but we got our woofs cwossed and Hawwy ended up sending me dis!



BOL BOL so I has done one of me top five answers which yoo will see at bottom of de weport.

H’ok, we start wiv de first poll:

Stealing Fings – wot is yoo favourite fings to steal?

  1. Food39
  2. Clothes like socks and knickers25
  3. Anyfing shiny2
  4. Anyfing I can get me paws on19
  5. Other 12

We also ad ovfur answers, a few being: stones, cute spanners (me perchance???), nuffink (I suspect a white lie here!), TV remotes and ‘cat biscuits and socks’! Me presuming dis wasn’t a dog voting!!! So de overwhelming majority of you likes to steal food, well dere’s a surprise!!! Bol

Does you look like yoo hoomin?

  1. Yap, we gets dat all de time5
  2. NO I is a dog! – 31
  3. We has sum similarities but I more gawjus – 39
  4. We complete opposites – 4
  5. Other – 10

Some vewwy funny answers on dis one. I just pic a few fur you to laff at: Don’t insult me, pfffft. Is you trying to make me sick, I has sexy furry chest, Mum does not. No, dey has no tail and walks funny. Bol some great answers dere tweeps. So de most popular is dat we is far more gorgeous dan de hoomins. Again, like we needed a poll to tell us dat!! J

Bad Habits – Wot is yoor hoomins worsed habit?

  1. Chewing wiv der mouth open – 0
  2. Telling me to get off de sofa/bed – 15
  3. Farting in public and blaming me – 21
  4. Talking bout me as if I not dere – 26
  5. Other – 27

It seems our hoomins have a vast array of bad habits, proving dat we are superior! I ad loads of answers on dis one so will again name and shame a few: Taking me iBone. Telling me to do wee wees when it’s obvious dis is wot I is about to do (Bol me Mum does dis allllll de time too!). Going to work. Trying to cuddle me when I is busy chewing me toy!. Giving me hugs and kisses in front of me fwiends. Stealing da compooter.

My Pet is Sooper – This year I am fankful because my pet…

  1. Has helped me through tough times – 15
  2. Continues to wuv me unconditionally, despite my faults – 34
  3. Is my best friend ever – 20
  4. Understands me more than other humans – 10
  5. Other – 11
 Me suspects some anipals have filled dis one in instead of dere hoomins (Jasper!), but here we go: Makes me lol. All of the above, Charlee is my bff xx. I can blame my blow offs on my dog (wude!). Is the best doggie in the world – well I’m sure that’s what my human would say anyway! Jasper x

It seems our hoomins luff us vewwy vewwy much, we is lucky anipals and me wishes all anipals could have such good homes like we’ve got.

So here is my top five answers dat people came up wiv in no particular order:

  • I has sexy furry chest, Mum does not
  • I is the best doggie in the world – well I’m sure that’s what     my human would say anyway! Jasper xx
  • Giving me hugs and kisses in front of me fwiends
  • Telling me to do wee wees when it’s obvious dis is wot I is about to do
  • Cute spanners


So dere you have it! We will be changing de polls later today so please visit to place your votes. Don’t furget youo can only get a pawtographed book direct from Hawwy and a patographed picfur too. Yoo can order on de woofsite too.

Fanks fur weading me furst eva blog!

Wuv u

Humf xxx

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  2. Brilliant job, Humf! I both learned something and laughed out loud. Can’t wait for the results if the next poll. Maybe my Gracie will contribute next time, if it doesn’t interfere with her napping.

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