I has gone Cuckoo fur @CuckooLandcom

Hi Efuryone it me Harry

So how we all doing in dis heat? It certainly is a Scorcher and I bet all yoor walks is all up de spout! So, what better way to spend my time in dis heat dan doin sumfin speshul fur a company whose pwoducts I has managed to get me paws on. So let me introduce yoo to de fabulous wurld of www.cuckooland.com ………….

Whilst the sun has been makin it too hot to be outside I has been lucky enough to have two pawsome items from the shop www.cuckooland.com now can I just make dis clear dese are real honest reviews of de products whether gud or bad. I has lived wiv de pwoducts and got to know dem vewy well too.

So Furst pwoduct furst I has is an amazing clock. Well it is in fact a Spaniel Clock!


I has lived wiv spaniel clock fur about a week now. She is a quiet sort of spaniel. Vewy unassuming doesn’t say much unlike de real ones……….

107_0651 (Large)She did quickly become part of the family and de hoomins wuv de fact dat her tail wags all de time counting de seconds. Easy to clean will go in a modern or oldy wurldy kind of house. Not a cuddly kind of dog……

107_0652 (Large)

but a real family favorite of ours

107_0645 (Large)

Spaniel clock gets fours paws up fwom us and four thumbs up fwom de hoomins. Would make a great pwessie or addition to yoo home. It comes not only in spaniel breed but in Labrador and Daschund too oh and yoo can get cat clock! http://www.cuckooland.com/dnc/cuckooland/category/3143/wall-clocks

De next item we has is a bowl called an incredibowl. Now befur yoo all go silly and start giggling me knows it is pink but I not mind cos it is weally weally pawsome.

107_0658 (Large)

Made fwom a soft rubber and easy to carry which I did befur wealising it was a bowl! It is made wiv spanners in mind. De sloping sides means me ears did not gets in de water or food………

107_0657 (Large)


A firm fav wiv me and de hoomins and Maggie also had a dwink fwom it too. Once again eight paws up and four hoomin thumbs fur dis pwoduct. You can view it here and de difurent colours it comes in. http://www.cuckooland.com/dnc/cuckooland/products/search.aspx?st=incredibowl

So head on ovfur to www.cuckooland.com and check out de pawsome pwoducts above and all de ofur great stuff dey has on line. Well worth a visit fur sure.

Watch out fur more reviews gud, bad or indifferent yoo can always count on me to woof de twoof.

lots of wuv

Harry xxxxx

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  1. Love da revoos hawwy and love da pink bowl am off to haf a lickle look at wot uvfur pink bits they might haf.

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