I wuvs to Sleep!

Hi Pals, Hawwy here!

I was havin a fink last night when I was dwiftin orf to sleep about how lucky we is as dogs dat we can sleep almost efurywhere! Now I say almost efurywhere untils we get caught by some gwumpy hoomin who pushes us orf de sofa or de bed or anywhere else dey fink we shoulds not be.

My hoomins say I coulds stand up (stoopid sayin) and dat I sleep lots. I fink dey is jus jealous dat dey has chosen maybe only two or three places to sleep which I find weally strange. Why does dey confine demselves to sleepin in a bed or on de sofa? Der are lots of places to crash after a long day or even durin a long day!

So I has decided to share some of de places I has bin known to sleep wiv permission or ofurwise! I would love to hear all about your favourite sleepin places too and see some photos jus to pwove to de hoomins dat I is not weird but pawfectly normal BOL BOL BOL.

Wuv, Hawwy xxxxxxx

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