I’ll get by with a little help from my friends

Hi pals it’s me Angel blogging from my sick bed, well my sick sofa to be exact. The hoomans tell me I was out of it there for a while so I thought I had better check in to make sure they’ve not been telling you any tall tails about me, (such as I like to dress as a cat in my spare time), when I wasn’t here to defend myself. Whatever they have said I deny everything

So you all know I have been pretty ill, if I were a cat I’m told I’d be down to 8 lives, but I’m Angel the magnificent and therefore I’m slowly getting back to my silly self. It wouldn’t be safe to let my hoomans try to fend for themselves much longer, they is a disaster waiting to happen as you know from my blog.

I’m still a bit baffled and confused by everything that happened but I blame the hoomans not the medication for this, I believe they were attempting a coup to take over command of my sofa. They failed and I believe I have all the pawsitive energy you sent me to thank for that. However as I am now out of danger and slowly working on my recovery I feel it’s time for you all to leave #Angelsporch, but before you do I want to give thanks to you all.

I’d like to start by thanking Penne for telling the keeper of the rainbow bridge he was not to let me pass and my dear departed pals Jessie, Simba, Murray, Mollie, Pantie, Summer & Pulce who made sure I knew it was not my time to meet them again. Jeff, thank you for making all my pals comfy on #AngelsPorch and for the #FrenchFryFriday delivery, that definitely got my tail wagging again. Sammy and Penny, thank you for the uplifting photos and for rallying the troops to come to my rescue when the rainbow bridge came calling. Bean, you taught me what it is to be tiny but tough and you were wonderful picking typists brain for us when we needed reassurance. Tiggy thank you for sending me all your poodle power and Plano & Louis for all the feckin love. Young Louie I lost count of the number of hugs you sent me, so many that I now decree you shall be known as The Huggy Monster. Bella thanks for bringing some pink sunshine into the dark days and Harry for telling my hoomans everything would be okay, even although you’ve probably forgotten what okay is. Cheryl & Dougal your healing water was truly a miracle in a bottle, and your kindness in having a healing prayer said for me greatly appreciated. Ama for your big berenknuffles, I felt safe in your paws and Benjy for always being there, no matter how distracting pesky Porridge is.

I need to thank Stan for sharing the story of his brave sisfur Karla who fought back from a similar illness, it continues to give my hoomans hope and comfort. Sandi whom although dealing with her own cone of shame sent me some sassiness, you can never have enough of that. Thanks to Humf, whose mum shed so many tears over me she has probably solved England’s annual water shortage and Ruger & Izzy, I now know why you are called a blue heeler, you saw I was blue and you helped heal me. Lucy who took the time to worry about me whilst still grieving for our dear Murray. Murphy for the jam butties, mmm, but how do you get the jam out your fur? Ella & Izzy for their big slobbery dogue kisses, I won’t need a bath now, result. Jack, Molly, Scrappy, Piper & Winnie who brought the power of the #BTPosse to my recovery. Leo & Annie who got wed, nothing like waking up to good news but you do know you now need to renew your vows so I can be there.

Thank you to the Abington hammies, you brought lots of squeak into my life when my toys couldn’t. Wanda our Spanish seƱorita for inspiring me with your recent bravery. Annabellaboo, for all the pawsitive energy you sent, I hope you have some left for yourself. Sheila for the beautiful quilts that have become my security blankets and kept me safe and warm. Diba & Banu for cheering every improvement and believing in me, Bonnie for abandoning zombie patrol to watch over me and Bella Baby Girl and Tuxie’s Mom for all the paw prayers. Mitsy, Anakin, Ripley, Marian & Marie for being cats who hoped I would be feline fine quickly.

Toby who although very busy always sends me love from Holland, Coco, who along with Penne, wrapped me in his wings. Riley for always having a pawsitive tweet for the hoomans, day & night. Shayna who took the time to send me love whilst recovering herself, I hope your feeling better. Cam for his uplifting outlook that shone bright in the darkness, guess your dad will be carving a Furball pumpkin this year after all. Tarquinius my baby bun pal who thumped his feet and demanded I get better, your brofur Simba would be proud of you pal. Alana & Gigi for being fellow snorters, so much scarier than a bark isn’t it. Winston for splitting yourself in two supporting two sick pals and Ashley for keeping Sammy in check whilst I’ve been laid up.

As well as these there were messages from so many whom I only chat to occasionally or who are now new pals, once I’m better I look forward getting to know you all better. So thanks to Lou Lou, Sgt Chip, Maisis & Maude, Squiggle, Duchess, Marie, Fresh Otis, Mickey, Jenny, Sarah & Boo, Toby & Fursibs, Ms Molly & Judy, Alisa, Helen & Jasper, Hubble & Norty Ed, Millie & Mum, Emmett, Stanley, Cat, Rebecca, Julie, Ruby, Kim, Caz, Joan, Imp, Tracy & Tobie, Carole, Elizabeth, Kingsley, Sir Jeffy, Christina, Teresa, Ninna, Jane, Grantly, Clair, Helen, Caroline, Harold, Peter, Rachel, Sara, Alfie, Albert, Diana, Millie, Bella, Sharon, Alan, Rosie, Gillibean, Popeye, Andi, M Creedon, Bella De Hond, TK, Keith, Paddy, AuntBea53, Richard, Gelert, Whiskr, Lorraine, Viper Villian, Steph, TracyB, Deborah, Neddy, Dana, Joan, Bruno, Jo, Kirstiey, Sparkle, Choccy Angus, Benson, Trinka, Peggy, Tina, Maggs, Cloudy, Casey, AngelPhi, Barbara, Alba, Bliss, Miss Kabuki, Lizzie, Sassy, Texan, Max, Heather, Thor, Harv, RuffTalk, Ruby, Carolyn and anyone else I haven’t mentioned because Twitter has deleted your message from my favourites, some things never change.

Oops that turned into a bit of an Oscar acceptance didnt it, but suffice to say we has all been overwhelmed by the good wishes that came my way, and although I knows my hoomans and vet had a hand in my recovery your love is the drug that got me through.



7 thoughts on “I’ll get by with a little help from my friends

  1. Hi a lovely message .Angel so glad your are recovering well sending you love hope hugs always .Teresaxx

  2. Oh this is the most wonderful thing I’ve ever read. I can’t believe you even remembered that I was in fact splitting myself in half after SHAYNA was attacked. That was quite a day for us to be confronted with both of these terrible tragedies happening to out friends. It was a sad day for all. But now … Look at you. On the way to a real recovery. I’m honored to have spent some time on your porch as is Surfer. We love you. I want you back at the pond enjoying the swans & being a happy girl.

    Thank you again for this without a doubt der letter,
    Winston & Surfer (from the USA)

  3. I love you so very much Angel. M & I prayed to the poodle gods for a quick recovery. I know they were listening.

  4. This is so beautiful. Thank you Harry for sharing this message of courage and might on your blog. Angel, you mean the world to so many & are truly an inspiration.
    Love you,
    Sammy & Penny

  5. Fank dog you is recovering well Angel looking forward to your next blog hugs from Louie and Aunty Kay xox

  6. Pleased to see bright eyes and hear of wagging tail. Continue to get stronger,and be loved always.x

  7. Oh that’s so sweet. Such a lovely answer to all our messages. Your a warm big hearted doggie. You’re gonna get well, it’s unthinkable otherwise !

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