Introducing my wuv @Summerhollett

wuv of my life

Wuv of my life

Hi Pals, Hawwy here

Now not many of yoo may know dis but a few months ago I started singing and got nicknamed de #crooningcanine shortly after dat I met de wuv of my life @summerhollett and den I started to sing fur her to wooooooo her (sniffing bums is not always de best way to get de girls) Now Summer is a speshul lady, she was a wescue dog until she was adopted by her mum and dad and found her furefur home. She has a step-brofur too called @stanleyhollett he one of my bestest pals.

Yoo can wead all about both of dm in me book “Help my dog’s on Twitter” which is out on Amazon now as well as a whole chapter dedicated to finding wuv on twitter. In de meantime here is an eggsample of one of de songs I has song to Summer on Twitter;

I wuv u jus de way u are

Don’t go changing to twy & please me

U nefur lets me down befur

Don’t imagine u too familiar &

I don’ts see u anymore

I wouldn’t weave u in times of twouble

We nefur coulds has come dis fur

I tooks de good times I takes de bad times

I takes u jus de way ur are.

Don’t go tryin some new fahion

Don’t change de colour of ur fur

U always has my unspoken passion

Although I might not seem to care

I don’ts want clever confursation

I nefur wants to work dat hard

I jus want someone dat I can talk to

I want u jus de way u are

I needs to know dat u will always be

De same old someone dat I knew

What will it take fur u to believe in me

De way dat I believe in you

I woofed I wuv u and dats forever

& dis I pwomise fwom de heart

I could not wuv u any betfur

I wuv you jus de way u are.

wuv yoo all,

Hawwy xxxxx

One thought on “Introducing my wuv @Summerhollett

  1. Harry. You and Summer was meant for each other. You are a kind, compassionate and romantic Spaniel. You deserve the name “Crooning Canine” you sing the most beautiful songs. Humans should learn from your example. Love…Uncle Sandy

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