Introducing THE pure dog listener Caroline Spencer

Hi Efuryone it’s me Harry,

Wow what a busy year dis has been! Me been on de radio, ITV AND if dat not enuff me also organised and held a festival for Dogs Woofstock UK! Now through organising such a barking mad day I had the unbleievable pleasure of becoming grrrrreat fwends wiv a pawsome hoomin called Caroline Spencer. She stepped in at de last minute and ended up being de main ring chatterbox fur de dog shows. She did the most pawsome job and we is so grateful to her fur steppin in. Caroline runs a company called Pure Dog Listeners  I can say wiv paw on heart dat dis lady weally weally gets us dogs. I has even made de boss read her book “Why does my dog do that?” and all me been hearing de boss say ever since is “wow that makes so much sense”. Now even a pawfect pooch like me is benefiting fwom the advice fwom Caroline! So I was delighted when Caroline agreed to be intervood by me so I could put some probing questions to her about what she does. So sit back and make sure yoo hoomin reads dis…………….

Caroline Spencer

Caroline Spencer

Hi Caroline fanks fur takin de time to lets me intervoo yoo if yoo sittin comfortably we will begin……..

Me and Caroline

Me and Caroline

Now yoo owns a company called Pure Dog Listeners which is about creating a bond built on fwendship and twust wiv dogs. Can yoo tell me how yoo became involved in dis?

Well Harry, I watched and worked with many professionals in the dog world. They all do a lot of sit stay and heel…which I say, is human forms of control / tricks thought up by humans to make dogs behave and fit into our world. Dogs don’t ask any of this from other dogs, they just get along if left to their own devises. No one was reading what the dogs were saying; it was “sit” this “No” that and so on. I read books by Turid Rugaas and Brenda Aloff and then with this knowledge I started to watch dogs and see and understand. Having empathy for another living being takes listening and watching, to then understand. Meet dogs half way and stop micromanaging them, then you get a great two way communication and the dog starts to use self control and fits in seamlessly to our lives.

Now us dogs knows dat hoomins is easy to manipulate! Is it twue dat if de hoomins is not consistent den we dogs will do…… mmmmm how shud me puts dis *scratches head* well we will do wotefur we like weally regardless of all de shoutin and ofur cwazy fings de hoomins do?

Absolutely Harry, it’s just like with children… if humans were consistent then you wouldn’t get so confused and do the wrong thing. One time it’s right and the next time it’s not!! Us Humans talk too much, if we just stopped talking and put you right gently and gave you the same answer every time you’d get it. Us humans must remember we have 2 ears and 1 mouth and so should listen twice as much as we talk… I know you are an extremely intelligent dog, and you can type. But still Harry you can’t talk and your human is now learning to get the best from you when you’re not on your best behaviour (which I may add isn’t often) by just gently guiding you to the correct behaviour every time…no stress, no shouting…no losing it, ( coz when we humans loose it we lose you and you get upset coz we are upset) you understand without having to get out your dictionary to translate.

Is it twue dat wen us dogs (de superior beings I might add) gets it wrong it actually not our fault?

You’re good at this Harry and again you are absolutely right. You are all born good little puppies. It’s the confusion caused by us humans that gets you all in a pickle.

Wot kind of fings can yoo and yoor pawsome team help hoomins wiv?

We teach your humans to understand what you are trying to communicate. So whatever problem you have we can bridge the communication gap and help them to show you what they would like from you. Many of you suffer from anxiety about one thing or another. If you’re anxious your adrenaline is up and this means that you react to things that you don’t understand or that concern you. We help humans understand how to solve problems like separation anxiety, lead pulling, aggression, jumping up and so on…. I would like to say Harry also that there is rarely only one problem, all behaviour problems that we see are a symptom of the biggest problem…. and that being, you don’t feel supported or understood. All you need is for the human to do the right thing at the right time when all in your world is confusing, without using great long sentences.

I understand, like me, yoo is a radio and tv celebrity. Dat pawsome can I has yoo pawtograph? What kind of fings does yoo do in de media?

I’ll give you mine if you give me yours. Celebrity is stretching it big time though, I’ve been on TV when my book “Why Does My Dog Do That?” came out, and I have been regular on Solent Radio and Talk Radio Europe and write for vital pet health with TV vet Paul Manktelow. ………………………..

I also know yoo is a pawthor, I mean author and yoo has anofur book coming out soon. Wots it all about and wer can hoomins buy yoor current book, “Why does my dog do that?” fwom?

My first book can be bought on Amazon and Kindle and through many bookshops. It’s gone really well since release last year and was also translated in to German and two Spanish version!! My new book is coming out in 2016 co written with Lesley Harris who is awesome.  About puppies with a twist…I will say no more about that at the moment but it is hugely exciting and have a few very well known doggy people reviewing it for us.

I is currently pawing a book called “why does my hoomin do dat?” maybe yoo could do a section of dat as yoo knows hoomins is bit weird n all dat. Wot ya fink?

I’m game for anything…you know me; if there is a gap I fill it. Which reminds me of the awesome time I had all day on the end of the microphone at Woofstockuk 2014 with you and Mark Walden this year. So can’t wait for the next one.

As yoo said earlier, yoo wecently came to me dog festival Woofstock UK 2014 and yoo was so pawsome peeps been woofin about it and yoo efur since. Yoo and de boss commented on how calm de dogs der wer. Why was dat?

Caroline pushing the boss under a jump in the charity race.

Caroline pushing the boss under a jump in the charity race.

If everyone is having fun and relaxed then that passes down the lead to you guys. It also work the other way round.

Is it twue dat I is allowed to share de big bed and de sofa cos de hoomins say no but I has a sneaky feelin dey not tellin de truth?

You can share a bed a sofa…whatever, just as long as your human calls you to them or some of you guys get a bit grumpy and territorial and learn to push us about and that’s when it all goes pear shaped in your world. You love boundaries and direction, it makes you feel safe. You need someone who guides you, then you don’t get it wrong and can live happy and relaxed…..

Is it twue dat dogs n bitches will hump *sniggers* eachofur as it to dominate?

Last time you felt the urge to hump, yes and Girlies do it too, I bet it was because either you were not getting attention of something happened to upset you. Maybe a stranger came in or someone went out or there was a sound on the TV you didn’t like?

If you try to hump a strange dog then it is a way to assert yourself, but humping the cushions or family members is usually a reaction to stress.

Is der anyfing else yoo wud like to adds?

I’d also like to tell you about the dog harness I designed. It is called “The Ultimate Happy at Heel” and is in shops all over the UK. It’s very soon going to be in Japan too!!  It’s a side attachment harness and aids connection training on the lead and also has an effect to improve recall too. It’s great for all dogs as I’m not a believer in having a lead attached to the neck collar or head collar due to the fact that untold damage can be done to the soft tissue of the throat, face and skeleton…whiplash being just one…every time you pull back on the lead, you damage your dogs vertebrae, windpipe, blood vessels, nerves etc.

You can see all my clips on puredoglisteners YouTube and on my website  

Also ……………………………….What are the dates for the next Woofstock UK….I’m in!!

Lastly but by no means least I’d like to let people know about my awesome friend Rodney Habib who is set to revolutionise the dog food world. He is a pet nutrition blogger and please do take the time to read his website and follow him on twitter and facebook.

Always your friend…lots of love Caroline x

Hawwyyyyyyy tis Bells here I found dis intervoo on your desk n I gots a couple of queshuns fur da lady

Hello Caroline, we not been properly intwiduced I’m Bella hawwy’s pawsunal assistant (I nags him lots) I hears you was wearing pink top at woofstockuk im so glad cos I luvs pink n lots of peeps wore pink on da day fur me cos I couldn’t be there, dus you like pink?

Serious intervoo face

Serious intervoo face

Hello Bella, Yes do love pink but I don’t like to overdo it. A splash here and there is all it takes to add a little girlie look to a sometimes dull look. Too much pink though and I feel I look like a stick of candy floss!

Has you got any dogs, if so wots you got & wot they called haf they got swishy tails?

I have five dogs Bella. Piper was at Woofstock UK 2014 with me and he helps me with a lot of dog on dog work as does Dee who is also a Labrador. They are both 10 yrs old now but still going well. Poppy is a Springer Spaniel and is 15yrs old and spends most of her time sleeping and loves nothing better than a potter in the fields and eating J Then I have Dounie who is a cocker Spaniel, he is 8 yrs old and still is crashing through brambles like a puppy. Then we have  dear little Truffle who is a Paterdale x something, she came to live with us when she was 2 yrs old and was frightened almost everything and everyone, she’s so much better now but I still have to work on her fascination for birds.( I think she was an ornithologist in her last life!)

The only ones I had as Puppies were Piper and Dounie and as someone who works with many dog behavior problems it has been a great learning curve to both bring up puppies and help re rehabilitate rescue dogs.

I has got a fing about swishy tails I fink at da next woofstockuk there should be a swishytail contest, I send me mummymandie to be a judge on my behalf.

Truffle has the waggiest tail of them all. She wags it so hard that it bashes her sides and her whole body joins in, especially when there is food in the offing!

Oh while I remember, I fink Hawwy shud haf secshun in his new book called “why doesn’t my humun do dat?” Wot yoo fink?

Now that would be a good book. Humans so often think dogs should understand what a human is talking about. They need to stop taking so much and understand what you are trying to convey with what you do.

Caroline is yoo a veggyhairyun or dus yoo like bacon? *wipes bacon smudges off tutu*

I do eat meat, but also like my salad and veg and vegetarian food. My dogs are all carnivores and live on a natural raw food diet. I do not give them dry food as it contains carbohydrates, these are not good for dogs and if you read Rodney Habib website and blogs you’ll find out more. When ever I go to see troubled dogs I always discuss diet as taking the rubbish out of their food helps them function inside and out far better. I don’t feed my children junk food so don’t feed my dogs junk either.

My babybruv is a norty pickle but we know tis cos dad spoils him dus you train men too?

I think we should write another book…why do blokes do that?

On da subject of whispers humping as you n hawwy raised it , I dus do it wif my big teddies, mum says I shouldn’t do it in da front garden cos might distract drivers n cause accident but I fink I jus showin Evfurryone  m in charge so who’s right me or mum?

Well Bella, there it’s not about  being in charge, it’s all about controlling and manipulating your humans…you learn what gets reactions whether good or bad. I’d say you do it when you are in a pickle, and it gets a reaction from your human and Teddy just puts up with it poor boy! All your human has to do is simply without a work or eye contact, take you away from your teddy and hold you calmly. By doing this you will be calm, so you learn to just snuggle up to Teddy and look to your human as the one who guides you and understands your problems and fears. Girls and boys both do this and the problem isn’t they are over sexed or trying to be dominant (I don’t believe in the dominance theory) so de-sexing them very rarely works. The problem is in the head not the *whispering* Balls.

I hope to meet you in the New Year when I come and visit. Lots of love Caroline x

So der yoo has it. Isn’t she pawsome? I will be intervooin Caroline again in a couple of months but in de meantime go check her out buy her book watch her videos yoo will be amazed at what dis lady can do AND she gets us dogs too!

Woof soon

Lots of wuv

Hawwy and Bella xxxxx

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