My blog been hijacked! I been intervood.

Hawwy here

Hawwy here

Bella;  Arrrrooooowww dis is Bella n Squiggle, we is hijacking Hawwys blog

Squiggle;   We not hijackin we makin speshul guest appearance, hallo Hawwy how is you today ?

Hi Bellisimo Bella Hi Squiggle I doin grrrrreat fanks. I so honoured dat two of me bestest fwiends has decided to intervoo me. Makes a change bein in de intervoooeee seat quite comfy actually. Coulds get used to dis!

Bella:  Oi I fort I waz doin opener, wot happen to respectin your elders .

Squiggle:  YEAH you right grey chops you waz doin first queshun, but you can do second cos I iz your life coach so best I lead

Bella:  What made yoo write your first book Hawwy ?

Squiggle :  Dats boring Bells, What your favourite toy?

Bella:  Like that’s a queshun , you jus wants him to say sumfink he gots fwom your Kind4k9 shop, oh by the way I just twigged its KIND 4 K9 as in kind for canines, dats gud dat

Squiggle:  Yes Bells, well dun not many peeps gets dat and we iz kind to dogs that’s why I’m your fwend, we likes to be kind to dogs n I fort you shud have at least 1 fwend

Bella:  Oh fanks Squiggle dats luverly shall we go play wiv a boomer ball, I luvs boomer balls,

 Eerrr ehhem ladies you were meant to be here intervooin me

Bella:  Okay Squiggle I will concentrate now and let yoo start

Squiggle:  Now , them of us who haz wead yur book duz know a bit about you Hawwy and if dey havent dey shud buy a copy, so dey find out. So we not gonna ask yoo bout all dat.

Bella:  Yeah but Don’t fawgets to tell em if they gets a pawtographed copy fwom Hawwy they gets a voucher for 10% off any order over £10 at your shop

Squiggle:  Afta finishin yoo book yoo gots engaged to da wuv of yur life  @summerhollett, as she cants wear a wing haz you gots her a diamons collar?

Bella:  An how can we gets to be bwidesmaids wots can we bwibe bride wiv?

Squiggle:  Errr bella haz yoo fawgotten  insident wen @summerhollett cort yoo flirtin wiv Hawwy BOL

Uh oh……… blushes I not got her nuffin so fur! I nefur thought of doin dat! I does send her noms and did make a video about her it here as fur as bein bwidesmaids go I don’t fink yoo needs to bwibe her at all but if yoo do want too she does wuv chilli sossiges sooooo vewy vewy much dat might be a good way to influence de pwoceedings.

 Squiggle:  Now yoo haz written yous furst book, its quite gud btw, wud of been betta if youd put us in it, so wen yoo doin da next one (wiv us in )?

Quite good Quite good pffffft anyway, de next one not come out fur a while yet. I has to make de furst one a best seller furst so dat I can fund de next one. It not easy bein a pawthor and it only wurks if people buys yoo books. I has howefur started writin de next one! As fur yoo two bein in next one….. yoo will just have to wait and see!

Squiggle:  In yur furst book you says bout how yoo luvs da tennis balls, wot iz yur uver favrite fings to do fur fun?

Mmmmmm let me fink, I does like lots of fings I likes to chew sticks, do indoor gardening I like bwingin de plants and soil in, I likes swimming and paddling and playin wiv my sisfur @madmaggiemoo oh and eating and I likes to spin on de spot wen de hoomins give me my dinner. I likes writing and sleeping and tweeting and burping and woofing and chasing balls and chasing Maggie and chasing leaves oh I does wuv leaves and takin fings out de bin in mums office and chewing dem oh and taking fings out de washing basket. I wuvs knickers and socks and my bed and yoo and my ofur pals and I wuv @summerhollett …………..

Bella:  Wot wuld yoo like fur to happen wiv your book, wot is da long term plan?

I would like to sell more of my book but weally I would like to see it in de shops cos I no make vewy much money on de Amazon and it take dem 3 months to pay me! It is a good vehicle fur self publishers but it not good at keeping de cash flow going if dat make sense. I would like to get and agent too so dat I can get more pwess coverage and pwomote me book more. People can buy pawtographed one from me just email My long term plan is to continue writing books as long as dey sell and carry on just bein me.

Bella: Yoo is doin fings for rescue dogs n as rescues uselves we appweciate dat but wot / who inspired yoo to do it ?

Well firstly my sisfur Maggie is a rescue pup and she is so inspiring to me given what she been through she still has de capacity to give me and my hoomins uncondishunal wuv. Dat seem to be de same wiv all rescue pups. Also I has lots of pals who are rescue pups like yoo two and Summer is a rescue pup too. I fink dey are all amazin and deserve to be given a chance. I just wanted to show people who nefur considered a rescue pup befur how wonderful de whole experience can be.

Squiggle: Wot iz a perfik Hawwy day ?

A perfick Hawwy day is when I gets lots of tweets and people saying dey bought or want to buy my book. It is also one where I get noms and gweat walks and also wen my pals make me laff too.

Squiggle: N speshully fur da Hawwy  fans we fought we az to ask, Hawwy if yoo coud be any famus dog who wuld it be & why?

Bella: Oh an if yoo cud intevoo any famous dog who would dat be ?

Wow difficult question. If I could be any famous dog I would be nope I can’t find an answer fur dat one….. twuth is I so happy bein me cos if I was someone else I not have all yoo wonderful pals awound me. As fur who I would likes to intervoo well I would love to intervoo Bo who is President Obamas dog. I would like to know what it like bein de furst dog and if he get any speshul tweatment or security guards. I would also like to know how he trains his hoomins too.

Bella: an az a famus intervooer always asks iz there anyfink else you wud like to add

I would like to say dat yoo two is amazin intervooers and hope yoo not after my job! BOL. I would also like to say fank yoo to all my fans and people who bought my book wivout yoo my dweam would not have come twue. I would also like to say a masstif I mean massive fank yoo to @summerhollet fur loving me and being in my book and to the ofur stars of me book @stanleyhollett @humfthecocker @angelfurball @bestestgundog @ Dog_murray      @glillian09 @sandybridgend and also to @Tibetanpaddy and his mum fur der support in pwomoting me book in de backgwound @harveycusick and his fiancé @Bellathetibetan fur making me laff till my belly hurts and to yoo two bootiful girlies fur always bein der. Last but not least to all me intervooees fur answering de questions so pwecisiely

Bella: Well I fink dat went well don’t you Squiggle, wunder if we can get a paid job doin dis I like em fwee biscuits hiz hooman laid on for us to nibble, wuld of pwefered tea to water tho, haz you got a date yet for wen yoo getting them big squirrels in yor shop.

Squiggle: Bells you is so easily distracted, BOL BOL  

BELLA @Bellisimobella1

BELLA @Bellisimobella1

Squiggle @squiggledog

Squiggle @squiggledog

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  1. Don’t worry Harry, Bella and squiggle are very good at interviewing, but not as good as you! Or me for that matter BOL did you know I did ave some interview experience??!

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