Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now those of you who has read my book Help my Dog’s on Twitter will have read about my mate Murray @Dog_murray if yoo haven’t den why not? He is pawsome! Now lots of yoo know that Murray suffers fwom epilepsy which affects his life and dat of of hoomins on a daily basis. He is on all kinds of medication. I asked Murray and his mum Lucy if I cud intervoo Murray to raise awareness of this and they jumped at the chance. So here is what we chatted about last week……..

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Hi Murray my pal fanks fur agreeing to do dis so if yoo weady let’s get started……….

How old is yoo Murray?

Hi Harry pal, I iz 1 it be my barkday on 14th June 2013

Yoo suffer fwom epilepsy which means yoo has fits efury 2 weeks or so.

Yap dat right

How did yoo mum discofur dis?

Well it was last April 2012 when suddenly I had a fit on da sofa mum and granny were dere and they didn’t know wat it was, I don’t remember it but mum says it was very scary and thort I was going to die!!! Mum had to rush me to de hospital and I stayed in dere over night, it was scary at de hospitIal but dere is lots of nice vets and nurses dere dat look after me and now I know de place I don’t mind going there – in fact I LOVE de vets which is a good job cos I do dere a lot! bol

Has yoo had it fwom birth?

Nope I was 10 months old when it was discovered which is very young as usually epilepsy comes to older doggies.

What has de vets done to help yoo?

Well mum says thank dog I am insured cos at first I had lots of checks, MRI scan and spinal fluid removed to make sure not tumour or anyfing like dat and dat was clear so vets decided it was epilepsy. Dey then had to try me on sum medication and take blood tests, unfortunately I got very severe case so I am on 3 types of medication dat I have twice a day every 12 hours!

Has it worked?

Well wen I had my last intervoo we thought it worked cos me blood test results said that me meds were now working so we were hopefull but actually no change… me sad about dat cos I hate dis fits!

What else can dey do or will dey do?

Well da vets considering up my meds again but cos I iz on such high dose dat maybe if increase again I might get bad side effects with other health problems like on me kidney and liver, there is no guarantee that it would actually make any difference and as I iz so young and therefore more likely to get more problems. Mum decided at the mo dat she doesn’t want to risk anymore health problems.

How does it affect yoo?

Well when I iz fitting mum has to give me sum meds it be embarrassing cos she has to put it up my bum! It makes me very dozy and I go out of it for a day or 2, so I have to do lots of resting to recover.

How does it impact yoo family?

My mum gets very upset and worried about me, sometimes she has to go into work late or cancel plans cos she worried about me. My Granny and Grandpaw also worry about me cos they love me too. Nala is a sweet sister sometimes when I iz ill she kisses my nose.

Is there anyfing else yoo woulds like to add?

I wud just like to thank my vets for looking after me and helping me have a very happy life with my family. I also want to thanks all my twitter pals for all de support to me and mum luff you loads xxx


So Lucy yoo is Murrays fabulouso mum tell me……

Has yoo had Murray fwom a puppy?

Yes I got Murray when he was 8 weeks old, it was love at first sight. I already had a pet my lovely girl Nala Cat and they get on very well. I didn’t have a cat or a dog as a child and always wanted one. Both cats and dogs are lovely animals and if you look after them and love them you will get so much joy in your life.

What is he like?
I might be a little bit bias but Murray is adorable. He has such a sweet personality, he is very loving and loves a cuddle, he likes to follow me around and investigate any possibility of getting some food! He loves playing with his ball and runs so fast his ears flapping in the wind is one of my favorite sights. He has lots of energy and hardly ever sits still so when he is ill and gets very tired it isn’t normal. I can’t imagine life without him now and try and make sure he has happy, fun life.

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When did yoo furst discover Murrays condition?

He was 10 months old when he has his first fit and I can honestly say it was the scariest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Bet it was scary fur yoo and him?

Yes it is very stressful for me and even now it’s been a year it hasn’t got any easier. I find myself on tender hooks at times waiting for fits to happen – each time it is at least 30  mins of it until the anti-fit meds kick in.

How does he cope with his condition?

Murray is fantastic and copes very well. The vets say it is worse for me than for Murray. It does take time for him to recover and I make sure he rests well. Murray is crate trained which was one of the best things I ever did because as it turns out the crate means that when he is ill he rests and is in a safe place.

He tweets about his condition and yoo tweet when he has had a fit. Is dis impawtant to yoo to get de message out der about de condition?

Yes and also it is nice to know that there are people and doggies out there that care. Although my friends and family are very supportive twitter really helps clear me up and know that me and Murray aren’t alone.

Has yoo had his tweatment cofured by insurance?

Yes, thank god! And luckily I went for a gold cover so I got the most I possibly could, it does cost a lot each month but it very worth it and I would recommend pet insurance to all owners. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without it. His initial tests (MRI scan etc) cost over £2000. His medication each month cost £180, plus blood tests. Of course the insurance won’t last forever and when the cover for the condition finishes I will need to pay for it myself. But it will be worth the money even if it means I will go without something, Murray is worth every single penny.

Is dis sumfin Murray will suffer fwom his entire life?

We don’t know, I hope that it might be something that he will grow out of.

Is der anyfing else yoo woulds like to add?

As well as Murray’ s thanks to the vets and all our pals on twitter I would like to add a special thank you to my Mum and Dad for all their support xxx

Fank yoo Murray and Lucy fur taking de time to be intervood. Murray is certainly a little fighter and his family show him the most awe inspiring wuv and affection. He is twuly wuved. I wuv yoo buddy and yoo is an inspiration.

I is sad to weport at time of publishing Murray has had more fits. Murray we wish yoo all de best buddy.


Hawwy xxxx