Not just any old Squiggle!

Bootiful girl wiv de Sooper Smile!

Bootiful girl wiv de Sooper Smile!

Hello efuryone Hawwy here

Now I has intervood a few wurkin dogs of late but I fink dat my bootiful pal @squiggledog has one of de best efur jobs efur! By de way I call my fwiend Dudette cos she sooper cool too! I was honoured to be able to intervoo her earlier on today inbetween her testing out new products…….

1) Hi Dudette Squiggle fanks fur takin time out to do dis. How old is yoo?

Uhh now I not pwecisely sure cos da records at da rescue were not too pwecise but about 7 years I finks. You see I comes from Ireland where I was a stweet puppy and da rescue tooks me in and den bit later dey twansferred me to nuver rescue in Southampton, dey my fweinds @scanimalrescue cos I lived der for 6 months and dats when I finally gots my furever home.

2) What kind of dog is yoo?

Des questions are twicky cos I lost touch wiv my birthmother in da rescue so I could not ask her about my father and  no one weally knows, but we finks I am terrier x collie but I am medium sized and scwuffy.

3) Where does yoo live and wiv who?

I lives in Hampshire, wiv a mummy hooman, but I got extended family dat I works wiv and dat includes uver hoomans and anipals.

4) yoo is a workin dog but yoo work in an Shop! What do yoo do?

I been workin now for da past 2.5 years, at it is an online shop so I don’t have to bover talkin to da hooman customers much, I leave dat to my hoomans but I started as da chief product tester, checking everything da hoomans fought was good,  making sure it was weally good, cos I wont lets dem stock any old wubbish. I den pwomoted myself to head of twitter marketing cos den I gets to talk to da all you loverley tweeps and da real customers like our mutual fweind Bella @lfbbella who been helping me wiv some testing recently. I am finking of making her head of testing pink fings, cos she like pink and pink clashes wiv my ginger bits! Oh and I also head of security cos dat gives me permission to barks at da delivery drivers!

Sooper product testing in action!

Sooper product testing in action!

5) Does yoo enjoy it?

I loves da fact I spends most da days wiv my hoomans, dey all mine! In fact everyfink is mine if I decides it is. I also loves da fact dat I gets to go on puter and to chat to all my fweinds on twitter and dey can’t tell me off for slacking cos I head of twitter marketing. I gets wegular bweaks cos der is a very comfy sofa in da office for when I needs to puts my paws up.

Impawtant dogs need er sleep!

Impawtant dogs need er sleep!

6) Does yoo gets to test or sample any of de pwoducts?

yeah sometimes dey gives me new stuff to test and sometimes I carry out stock quality contwol when dey leaves da stock room door open BOL. I checks all da pwoducts before we stocks em cos quality is very impawtant to us as a company and da homans say I am less twuble if given somefink to do, who wude! I never norty!

7) Are yoo de boss of anyone?

Of course, EVERYONE, cos you see da terrier in me finds it hard to share, I would have owned da company but da officials don’t lets me so I has to lets da hoomans do all dat.

I has a team of uver dogs dat helps wiv da testing if a product is too big or small for me or if it shampoo cos I delegate all dat, cos I don’t like baths.

8) Do yoo get a say in wot gets stocked?

Oh yes, cos a hooman might fink it a good pwoduct but for example wiv a toy how do dey know it feels nice in our mouths unless one of us has checked it. I wont let dem stock anyfink dats not in our best intewests cos I believe all dogs should be tweated kind and fair and der no need to be horrible just so hooman gets wat dey want!

9) Anyfing yoo likes to ad?

I would just likes to say fanks for da intervoo Hawwy, I wish you all da best wiv your career as an awfor.  I has met some lurvely fweinds on da twitter and dat been good cos you finds out dat it not us dat has da issues its da hoomans.

Oh yeah you did not ask me about my hobbies and I do likes to dig holes like dis!

Der be bones in dem der hills!

Der be bones in dem der hills!

So there yoo have it folks. Fancy a treat or toy that has been truly put through its paces by Squiggle then check out yoo will find lots of goodies der to show to yoo hooman dey look pawtastic!

wuv yoo

Hawwy xxxxx


5 thoughts on “Not just any old Squiggle!

  1. Hey Squiggs bwilliant interview. Well dun Hawwy like your style 2. An 2 fink my friend Squiggs is faymus. Luv & Licks Popski

  2. YAY !!! i so happy about my new job , fanks squiggs. I luv da intervoo nice for everyone to find out more about my bestest luvliest fwend miss squiggle. Hawwy you haz a spechul intervoos tekneek its gud da way you gets us all to open up. lookin forwad to your next book.

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