Open Letter to The Louisiana State Senate- Free Tony the Tiger

Dear Louisiana Senate

My name is Harry. I am an English Springer Spaniel. Yes that’s right a dog. Yep right again a dog is writing you a letter. Most people both humans and animals alike know me as Spaniel Harry or Sir Harry. I live in the United Kingdom many miles away from your country. I live with my humans who are both well educated, hard working well rounded people. I have a great life. I get to walk in the fresh air, swim in my own pond and enjoy freedom that many dream of.

My reason for writing to you is this, I have supported my very good friend Tony the Tiger for two years now. Yes you know him he is that magnificent animal that your state, your law makers, your senate have allowed, permitted and supported being locked in a cage at a truck stop for years. Now whilst I get to walk in green fields my friend Tony gets to feel the concrete beneath his feet, while I swim in my pond Tony gets to look at a pitiful metal tub full of stagnant water that even I would struggle to get into as it is so small.

tony 2.1.13

While I get to breath in the fresh clean air around me Tony gets to choke on the fumes from exhausts and the dust from the road where he is forced to live. While I get to hear the birds, feel the wind in my fur and live my life full of quality and contentment, you yes you have allowed, permitted and supported Tony to feel dirt, hear traffic and have no contentment at all. Are you starting to get the picture yet?



So, why? Why do you think your life and comfort is any more important than Tony’s? Why do you allow the greed of one man dictate to you powerful elected people? Why have you condemned Tony to a life of misery and torture? WHY?

The wrongs that you have done can be righted. You can change this course of history and be loved the better for it. You have the power. You can find the strength and the courage to make this madness end. So what say you? Do not feel that it is a weakness to change your minds. For it is strong to admit that you have got it wrong. It is admirable to say enough is enough and allow this magnificent animal to go to a sanctuary and live out his days in peace knowing the sun and wind on his fur, swimming freely, feeling the grass under his paws, being at peace.

Please, from all the way in the UK do the right thing. Your country is known for liberation please liberate this animal, my friend Tony. Behind me are thousands of others shouting the same thing and we will not stop until Tony is free.

Thank you,

Harry @spanielharry

You can read about and support Tony here follow him on twitter here @FreeTonyTiger and @FreeTony2000


11 thoughts on “Open Letter to The Louisiana State Senate- Free Tony the Tiger

  1. Well said Harry. You are so right. Let’s hope common sense prevails and Tony gets to live out his days in an animal sanctuary where he can feel the grass beneath his feet and not have to breathe in any fumes or suffer anymore at the truck stop.

  2. I would just like to say that is apauling to me what is being done with Tony the tiger he should be free out of that cage and I’ve with is on it just breaks my heart about this and something has to be done right now thank you from someone who cares

  3. well said Sir Harry, we are with you all the way, as we too have our freedom in England . We can feel the grass beneath our feet and can lazy in the garden in the sunshine. We feel for Tony and we will support him until he is released from his concrete cage. We will spread the word as best we can.

    Casper and Coco
    2 very happy burmese from Kent England

  4. This madness of letting a man like Michael Sandlin call the shots has gone on long enough. Grosse Point, La. boasts about their gorgeous scenery. Tony the Tiger wouldn’t know about that. He has been imprisoned (going on 14 years now I believe) in a dismal cage at a noisy, dirty truck stop. He has no fresh water to swim in, no cool soft grass to walk on, no companionship and is subjected tot he noise and the fumes of the trucks constantly pulling into the truck stop. Mr. Sandlin “lost” in court and could not get another permit to continue to imprison Tony the Tiger. Yet Tony remains there, day after day, month after month, year after year. What is it going to take for people in power to right this wrong? Tony has lived most of his life in these wretched conditions. He paces continuously (a sign of severe stress and boredom). What few years he may have left shoud be lived (he doesn’t live now; he just exists) should be lived out in a Sanctuary. Carol Baskin at Big Cat Rescue has been having a wonderful place waiting just for Tony for several years now. Someone just has to do the right thing and release him. Tony deserves his freedom . And its about time that someone gave it to him? Are you listening out there????

  5. God bless you, Harry! You’re the best friend a tiger could ever have! We’ll do what we have to do to see that Tony feels the grass under his feet and gets to swim in a real pond and breathe the fresh air that he rightly deserves! Keep up the good work!

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  7. Harry, I be so proud to know you. Wot a magnificent letter!!!
    I fink dat dese politicians wif der sometimes selfish world views might be moved to refink der positions after reading your words. Most of dem, I believe, really do want to do da right fing, and clearly da right fing is to intervene in Tony’s case.
    I truly admire dat you took da time to write dis letter and try to move fings forward.
    My fambly and I pray dat Tony gets to feel da sunshine on his furs and romp round in a bootiful grassy plain bery soon.
    Wif luff and hope, Clyde

  8. Pawfectly put Harry!!!
    It is shameful that in a “civilised country” such cruelty still exists because …….. Why exactly? Greed I guess, it can’t be ignorance any school child knows that this isn’t right! Here’s hoping it isn’t too much longer before Tony can take up the offer of sanctuary.

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