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It me Harry! Some of you will know that we have been taking part in the #dogapprentice wiv some great pals fwom Twitter. My team mates are @mistythecollie @kevinthewhippet @Thewaffledog and @archieSpanner though we has lost two teammates on the way booooooooo. Anyway our furst task was to get as many treats fur anipals and charities fur fwee dat we could. We was not allowed to pay! Well our team won woohoo. Read all about our biggest donor………

Our biggest donashun came fwom Heights Farm Premium Dog Food @heightsfarm I had de pleasure to intervoo Stephen Ward de owner………….

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Hi Stephen. Wot made yoo want to donate to de #dogapprentice?

I received a call from Emma whilst out walking Milo the Mastiff. It seemed like a great way to help out animal charities and a bit of fun, so we gave it a go.

Wot made you start up a dog food company?

Milo our Dogue de Bordeaux was very poorly as a puppy. He would itch and scratch constantly. We had him to the vets who prescribed strong steroids, and whilst this offered a short period of relief it always came back. The tablets where very expensive and had potential long term consequences to his liver.

We had been buying the food from the vets as well as the medication, and after researching the ingredients, it was ourselves that discovered Milo had a severe Wheat intolerance which was the main ingredient in the vets food, and the symptoms apparently very common in pedigree breeds.

To say we felt cheated was an understatement! It seemed Milo had been held in a medical state of disrepair, whereby if he kept up with the tablets it would ease the burning of the constant food intake but never cure it.

After experimenting, we discovered that if Milo had a Hypoallergenic dog food diet he was a completely different dog. The first three ingredients on any pack of food is an indication of its overall quality.

Wheat and cheap filler type ingredients feature highly in most supermarket and budget brands of complete dry dog food, as well as Animal derivatives (Animal meat waste)

This is then treated with a range of chemicals and colourants and finally the most alarming bit is that the whole lot is laced with an addictive substance known as stimulant.

The poor animal craves the sweet coating. The chemicals and E numbers slowly drive them crazy. Other health issues are the growth of fatty cysts on the animals extremities, Tooth decay, Hypoactivity, fits and Diabetes.

We found the whole thing upsetting, and decided to commission our own Heights Farm range of healthy natural food. Firstly, a high defined Meat content with a complimentary range of natural ingredients vitamins and minerals. We believed that people who truly loved their dogs would want to feed a quality natural diet, enjoying our personal service, whilst saving a significant amount of cash.

Wot dogs do yoo have?

Our family dog is Milo an 11.5 stone French Mastiff or Douge De Bordeaux as they are known, but at the farm we have a Noah’s Ark of dogs, cats, horses etc…

Milo and Stephen

Why is it impawtant to yoo to make yoo food as gud as possible?

As a nation we are becoming more conscious as to what we eat. So why should it be any different for mans best friend? The saying ” You are what you eat” is as true in animals as humans. If you get the food right, you won’t need the doctor as much, and in the case of animals save money on expensive vet bills.

Milo lay down

How does yoo research yoo food? Has yoo efur tried it yooself?

Heights Farm have some of UK’ s leading Animal nutritionists involved in development of high quality balanced kibble. Naturally flavoursome and providing unrivalled nourishment for your pet.

All ingredients are Grade A sourced human food chain. And yes I’m partial to our Snack Bones lol

Heights Farm food close up

 Was yoo nervous de first time yoo sold yoo food?

I was never nervous, more excited at the prospect that we could bring a high quality premium food to the market place, at a time when Premium brand meant Premium price!

We can save people a fortune, but the genius is we bring it straight to your door so you can spend more time having fun with Fido!

Wot ofur products does yoo sell?

Check out our site www.heightsfarmpetfoods.co.uk  On here you will find lots of wholesome natural food and special complimentary natural treats. We have a brand new Dog Shampoo Soap bar, hand made in Bolton with lots of lovely essential oils and natural ingredients to leave your animal clean, conditioned and smelling amazing.

We have a brand new Organic Pet Candle about to be launched, long burning, eliminating any odours and replacing with a stunning fragrance.

Look out for our great range of Heights Farm naturals Wild Bird Seeds as well as our Luxury Bunny Mix.

Why would yoo recommend yoo food to dog owners?

This family firm started from the love of a dog, not a cold business venture. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction, nothing is too much trouble but don’t take my word for it, visit the impartial review centre –


Does yoo plan to expand?

We are constantly expanding via agents and franchises nationwide, and our latest edition is the launch of Heights Farm-Essex.

Franchise owner James Sawyer is working hard introducing owners and pets to the unique benefits of being part of the Heights Farm Community.

Is der anyfing yoo would like to add?

Download our Fantastic new App off the website home page, Follow us on Twitter @heightsfarm

Like us on Facebook- Heights Farm Premium Pet Foods.

Thanks Harry

So there yoo has it Heights Farm Premium Pet food. Fanks fur yoo donation Stephen which went to Bolton Destitue Animal Shelter www.animalshelter.org.uk 



Watch out fur de next task on the #dogapprentice and paws cwossed dat we no get fired by Lord Sossige @harveycusick


Harry xx

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  1. Hey, concats on your win on #DogApprentice ! *high paws* Great interview with Stephen Ward from Heights Farm, too. And their donation was very generous, pawsome. Good luck with Lord Sossige, Harry *paws crossed*

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