Pet of all Pets winner intervoo

Hi Pals

It me Harry. Remember a little while ago Frontline Spot on launched a Nationwide “Pets will be pets” @petswillbepets Campaign to help raise awareness of fleas …..



Dey did it to raise awareness of fleas but also to crown someone the “Pet of all Pets” and this coveted title was accompanied by de most sooper pwizes too. Yoo could have won £1000, a luxury pet hamper and a whole years supply of Frontline spot On! Five runners up also could have received a years supply of Frontline Spot On too!

Well……… the competition has now closed and de winners were announced dis week and the top prize winner is none other dan Willow who is on twitter using @lottiesalisbury handle.


No dis not Willow dis is Willow here….



I has had de pleasure to intervoo Willow and here is de result….

Hi der willow congrats on de win it pawsome! So how excited is yoo right now?

I am very excited to have won. To see that so many people like me is great, and I beat some really nice pets. I really love all the attention and I don’t get big headed about it. (I don’t – honest – I really don’t!!).


Where was de winning pic fur takin?

The picture was taken in my garden when I was chasing the other dogs around. I love jumping over the little path down the middle and flying round after my friends. It was quite a hot day when the picture was taken and not long after I had to cool down with a dip in the paddling pool. I made sure I helped my owners cool down too after I got out of the pool. I shook myself dry next to them. 🙂



Why did yoo enter?

I entered to let everyone know what I do for my owners and to show them that I am a great little dog. (and modest too!!). I have heard my owners say that I am a vulnerable breed, being a Cardigan Corgi, so now hopefully more people know of my breed and may even like to own one too.

Wot will yoo do wiv yoo winnings?

Well, all the best treats will be mine of course, but I will share some with my mummy, daddy, Rusty and Frayer who live here too. I am soo excited to see what will be in the hamper. I hope there will be some toys in there too, especially ones that make a noise. My owners seem to think I am quite good at making a noise!!



Has yoo used de product Frontline Spot on befur yoo has won?

Yes, my owner fleas and worms me regularly. I don’t mind the flea stuff coz it sits on my fur behind my neck, but the worm stuff, yuk!, it tastes horrible. I do get treats though after so it is not all bad.

How often does yoo hoomins hug yoo?

Loads and loads of times. In a morning we curl up on the settee and I have a nap. (I like to top up my beauty sleep). I get loads of fuss and hugs when I do good things too. And then in the evening I curl up with my owner for mega fuss while we watch TV.


Who wud yoo like to fank (award winning speech)

First of all I would like to thank my owners for entering me. Then all of my fans and friends for voting for me and spreading my link all over the internet. I would also like to thank my pack mates for keeping my feet on the ground and not letting me get too big headed. (It hasn’t worked though :))



Is der any fing else yoo wud likes to add?

Just thank you to all the great folks who took the time to vote for me. I will be getting my owners to take some pictures of my winnings and I will put them up on my blog for all to see, and for the other doggies to get jealous about. (he he he)



So I would like to say a big fank yoo to fur running dis pawsome competition and raising awareness on de impawtance of gud flea pwotection fur us anipals.Don’t furget to check out @petswillbepets

Lots of wuv

Harry xxx

3 thoughts on “Pet of all Pets winner intervoo

  1. Pawsome! Concatulations, Willow (I is now following you on twitter too) *tailwags* Love your pics – you is a gawgus girl for sure.

  2. WE LOVE WILLOW you are one very special girl who deserves all the attention
    mega congrats on your win and what a super interview

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