Poo bags and tennis balls!

Poo bagTennis balls

Hello efuryone Hawwy here,

so it has bin an interestin week so fur. It always is busy dis time of year. De hoomins get jumpy, dey start puttin up twees inside de house which is confoosin fur me! Yoo see I want to pee up against de twee but dey say no! It also equally confoosin cos I always gets into twouble when I bwing outside plants indoors so how comes dey can?

I also start noticing fings bein puts under de twee which I is not to touch. Also fings on de twee but so fur dis week I has had a couple of balls hanging on de twee, a santa and quite a bit of tinsel Bol Bol Bol.

hoomins also stop payin attenshun to what dey are doin at dis time of year and seem to spend a lot of time just goin through de moshuns. This happened this week to second in command wiv hilarious results!

we had bin out fur a walk and I had bin lucky enough to have some tennis balls wiv me. Now second in command doesn’t like puttin de wet slobbery tennis balls in her pocket so she came up wiv a plan to carry dem in a little bag. Incidentally dis little bag is one of me unused poo bags. ┬áMe and Maggie had been fur a poo when we were out and second in command was carrying dis bag back to de house to puts in de bin as a good wesponsbile hoomin should. We twained her well. By de time we gots to de house second in command clearly had all de Christmas stuff on her mind talkin about turkeys, beef potatoes mmmmmmm. She threw one of de poo bags in de bin and hung de ofur one on by de radiator so de balls coulds dry out. Dis is normal pwactise. Nuffin unusual der.

Boss mum was in her office fur a bit so we went fur a lie down and second in command busied herself in de kitchen. After a while boss mum came into de kitchen and into de boot room. All I heard her say is “yuk wot is dat smell?” second in command said “wot do yoo mean” she came to boot room and said “phew I see what yoo mean” dey den turned to me and Maggie as if we had done somefin wrong which we obviously hadn’t! How wude! Well after lots of checkin of shoes and boots second in command gasped! She picked up de poo bag dat was hangin fwom de hook by de wadiator and it became instantly appawent dat dis is where de smell was pongin fwom!

Boss mum burst into roars of laughter as she realised what second in command had done! She had thrown me tennis balls in de bin and hung up me poo to dry BOL BOL BOl. I is glad to weport dat the balls were rescued and de poo put in it’s pwoper place!

So hoomins, I knows it be a busy time of year but peese concentwate on wot yoo doin or yoo may find yoo self wiv a new fwagwance of poopuri in yoo house.

wuv yoo

Hawwy xxxxxxxxxxxx

4 thoughts on “Poo bags and tennis balls!

  1. Dat so funny, hawwy!!!! BOL BOL BOL!!!! Dat betta den me brofur bobby peeing against da chwismus twee onto da twee skirt!!! Hahahaha!!!!

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