Producer Bella @bellisimobella1 in de sound room ……..


I’m da boss today, cos hawwy in de ofur room, I going to haf fun, cos I’m da only one in control, I got da sound room to myself, I need to find an elf, someone to do da borin bits, so I can play wif my pink bits ohhhhhhhh dat sounds norty *giggles* good job nobody awound.

Harry: “Is it on *tap tap tap* bet she eating bacon sticks and furgot to push de button! I fink we shud go get a hamburger after dis and a cup of tea. Wot yoo fink squiggs? *tap tap tap* it not on yet me sure……


Squiggs: ouch, when yoo taps it tis loud in me ear piece! I has sensitive furry ears hawwy shsssssssshhhhh. Are yoo sure we shud has put Bells in charge of da going ‘live’ button yoo know how easy she gets distracted. Yeah but can I has a hot dog I does like a frankfurter.

Bella: sitting in producers chair spinning round in circles singing Lalala da sun has got his at on hip hip hurray da sun as got his at on rains gone away, wonder wot dis knob dus, oh well only one way to find out.

Oh dear whoops a daisy wonder if dat can be fixed.

Ohhhh wots ds button do

Hawwwwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyyy don’t Fawget to bwing me back some bacon sticks

*mutters to herself* no need to worry him about da crash bang noises we see if he notices any fink wen he finishes.

Harry: oh dog are we live… ….sowwy efuryone technical issues here. So here I am at a radio station by Surrey Show in Guildford wiv de pawsome @squiggledog fwom de most amazing doggy shop efur @kind4k9

Hi Squiggs so how is it going?

It going weally well Hawwy, da hoomans is a bit tired dey been up since silly o’clock, I did say shhhh I sleepin!

How long did it take yoo to set up de stall?

Well we put up da marquees yesterday, well when I says we I mean dem. My arms not long enuf to help much so I had  a snooze in da office. Dey was gone hours but it ok as I has a speshal squiggle care team when my hooman busy!  I played, had a chew, went for walk, had a nap and den dey came back. I den checked da photos of da stand to check I was happy about da layout of da stock, dey put dat in on show morning but I has to see it all ok.

stand 2

What time did dey leave home at dis morning?

Urrrrr I fink it was 5.30am! to be honest hawwy I does fink dey could leave quieter.

What time dey gonna be home?

At bedtime I fink, da show finishes at 6pm and den they run awound like mad loons, tis funny to watch, trying to get everything fing back in da van, it don’t matter how much dey sell, dey can always gets more in on da way den da way back! Den dey takes it out reaarange it and put in back in and den hit da road!

Have yoo had many visitors yet to de stand?

Yep da country show visitors is up and shopping early! Da cows is mooing here before 8am so dey open up da stand has a coffee and dey off selling! Loads of dogs visiting, dey everywhere

stand 5

What offurs yoo gots on?

We gots so many and da hoomans has decided to have a good clear out of da stock woom so we has loads of end of lines stock at da most amazing pwices! Da bargain bin is full to da brim!

stand 1

Any noms thiefs yet?

Yeah dey gets der hairy noses in da chews and nick em! I talking about da dogs not da hoomans BOL BOL

stand 4

Did yoo set aside enuff bacon sticks fur Bella?

We nefur has enuf bacon sticks in stock for Bells, we would have had to hire 2 vans to keep her supplied! BOL BOL BOL

Squiggs: Hawwy hawwy my ear piece has started crackling, is dat crackilng no it crunching, I fink Bells has pwessed da wong button again I can hear her eating and now singing in da sound room.

Bella singing…………………I likes da pink toys, I loves da boys, I loves bacon sticks I loves da lalalala dada Da sun is shining and I’m in charge today ,cos hawwy n squiggle has is on de ofur side, sits up suddenly oh blinkin bonios which button was I meant to push and wen was I meant to push it, oh no fink bells fink what do you do wen you’re stuck, oh go fur da pink one gotta be pink.

Oh I don’t fink it meant to be doin them noises I fink I might of pushed da wrong one errmmm I fink I has to go home now *bella runs off*

Harry: urrrrrrr I fink we is having technical issue listeners I fink we might need to pop a record on for a minute

Squiggle: I has banged on da wall and and told her to press da blue button not da pink one, I knew we shud have changed dat before we let her in der!

Harry: does yoo fink she has wealised yet we on de ofur side of de glass! I don’t fink she has!


If anyone can still hear us go to Avenue B next to dog show and visit @kind4k9 stall.

I fink dat went quite well considering…………………………..


p.s big fanks to @JessieSisSammy fur doin de official pawtography xxxxx

wuv yoo

Harry @spanielharry


4 thoughts on “RADIO GAGA IS HERE!

  1. Ha ha ha. Wuved it Harry. Great intervoo and Bells does make me laff so much. You make a fantastic team. So funny, so brilliant. Xx

  2. Yet again you brilliant trio come up with something truly brilliant & entertaining!! Loved it & just cannot wait for next Roadshow!! Xx


    (Catching breathe) Tis da funniest and bestest interview I haf read in a long time! OMD! Bewwa is always so norty!! But Hawwy and Squiggles yoo bof pulled it off!!

    Fank yoo!!!!! BOL BOL BOL

  4. *waves* WooHoo ! Sounds like you is having a pawsome time *thumping tailwags* Keep up the good work, pals !

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