Ruth Langford and celebrity dog Maggie talk ticks!

Hi efuryone it is me Harry

Now as you all knows it is ipawtant fur us pets to be safe and clear fwom fleas and ticks. Now it’s summer we has even more reason to make sure our hoomins is looking after us. Wot wiv de sun den de rain it make it pawsome fur mud baths but also is a wonderful time fur those horrid little critters to attach demselves to us and cause some nasty diseases. Like efury year I has had de opportunity to promote sum good practice and tips. FRONTLINE® Spot On has teamed up wiv de pawsome Ruth Langford and her celebrity rescue dog Maggie *swoons*

Ruth and Maggie has teamed up wiv FRONTLINE® Spot On which is listed as de UK’s no. 1 flea and tick protection to help de nations dogs and cats (me not use de wurd pets cos we is de real bosses) happy and healthy dis summer.


Ruth and Maggie has done a couple of pawsome videos wiv de gawgus vet Simone Pomerantz, to talk our hoomins through what dey should do. Dis ranges fwom nasty parasites to thorns and grass seeds.

On top of de pawsome advice above, Ruth Maggie *swoons* and Simone has put togefur sum pawsome tips

Give us dogs a once over after we has taken yoo hoomins fur a walk. Yoo shud check us ofur fur thorns or grass seeds, as well as nasty parasites like ticks, which can transmit Lyme Disease to both us dogs and hoomins too. But don’t miss out on those hard to reach areas like in between the toes!

Wemember to exercise yoor hoomins at the coolest point of the day, to ensure dey don’t overheat and we don’t overheat too. Befur  9am or after 7pm is best, which may mean some early mornings woohooooooo!

Invest in a water bottle specifically designed for us dogs that can be easily carried on walks, so yoo doesn’t become dehydrated. Hoomins shud carry a bottle of water too as dey can become ofur heated which is dangerous.

And finally…help protect all us dogs and cats at home against fleas and ticks by treating monthly, throughout the year, with FRONTLINE® Spot On – prevention’s better than cure!


Dey has also done anofur video to help our hoomins to keep de house clean. Now me not mean ironing and cleaning windows and de dishes….. oh take a look at de video it will explain better dan I is!

treat all us cats and dogs at home with FRONTLINE® Spot On monthly all year round for continuous flea and tick protection.

Regular vacuuming, particularly in dark places, will help to reduce the number of flea eggs, larvae and pupae in your home . Don’t forget under rugs and behind cushions as well in between floorboards! Remember that pets pick up fleas from contaminated environments– not from each other

Now I not always agree wiv dis tip cos me likes me smelly bed but den again me not want nasty fings biting me so me will share it. Always wash pet’s bedding above 60°C every couple of weeks to get rid of any parasites who may have made a home there.

Use an environmental spray that contains an  Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), to kill eggs and larvae – it’s worth remembering there are no products that will kill the pupae stage. Remember to use it everywhere your pet goes – not just throughout the house, but in your car for example

Make sure you allow your pets to roam freely around your house once they’ve been treated with FRONTLINE® Spot On – this ensures that, if newly hatched fleas jump on, they will be killed. Your pet is now acting as a walking flea killing machine! WOOHOOOOOOOOO

Ruth Langsford said: “Maggie is a huge part of our family and, like all pet owners out there, her welfare is a real priority. And of course, keeping homes clean, and in particular preventing flea infestations, is something all pet owners will welcome advice on. By following these simple tips, and remembering to keep pets protected against fleas and ticks with monthly FRONTLINE® Spot On applications, owners can look forward to enjoying the good times with their furry friends this summer’.

Frontline Spot On

Frontline Spot On

Well woofed Ruth and well done Maggie fur helping out too.

To watch the series of Ruth’s videos, visit:



Twitter: @FrontlineSpotOn

Dats it fur now pals. Stay safe out der and has a bug free summer.

Lots of wuv




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