She not like to beg but can yoo help save her leg?


Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now and again I get drawn to a pawticular heart wrenching cause and normally I will tweet about it or do a video about it. Howefur, in dis case time is critical so I has gone straight fur an intervoo. Yoo may have seen today dat der is a dog on twitter call Shilton, @saveourshilton who is desperately in need of an operation to amputate her front leg. Now I saw Shilton fur de furst time yesterday and was finking shud I do intervoo or not. Den dis morning my gud pal @maxblacklab appwaoched meself and @bellisimobella1 to ask if we wud do an intervoo. Well we didn’t need asking twice. Dat confurmed it fur me an intervoo must be done. So earlier today I had de honour to intervoo Kristyn from aniaid in Conventry as Shilton was feeling a bit tired and in pain.

Hi Kristyn fank yoo so much fur doing dis intervoo so quickly. How did you find Shilton?

Hello Harry, many thanks for your help. I rescued little Shilton form the side of the road next to the M6 motorway on the 26th March. If you remember it was freezing weather and the snow had settled. We think Shilton had been tied up for nearly three days, she was a block of ice by the time I picked her up, a member of the public had called me as I run an animal ambulance as part of my pet care services also rescue side of ani-aid.

The man who called me said he hadn’t realised it was a dog that was at the side of the road, his daily journey to work and back took him past this road, on the third morning as the snow melted Shilton appeared and he finally stopped and called ani-aid. Shilton had been there for the three days, tied up with no food, water, shelter but she had/ has so much determination to survive.





What state was Shilton in?

At first examination she was freezing, very thin, in pain as she was screaming when touched also her left leg was bleeding and the right leg was limp, it would seem she had been involved in a hit and run but then the noose around her neck was attached to the fence, this was the harsh truth that was very hard to accept. Someone had dumped her and left her to die.


What did yoo do furst?

Once we arrived at the vets it was clear that Shilton was a real fighter, after the vet had given her a full examination and a diagnosis the full horror of what Shilton had been though became apparent. The vet thinks her leg had been crushed/ hit / pulled over a year ago, her left leg had an old injury that was still healing, it was a huge gash to the front of her leg also her nose has an old scar on it , all of these injuries the vets thinks came from a human hand due to the location and clean cut that they are. This little girl has been through so much  but still  she was so full of love she even managed to thank me personally with a lick of the face and a slow close of her eyes, she is a magical little girl .


So what was her outcome at dat point?

Her journey took her onto the Coventry City dog wardens holding kennels for the required 7 days to see if anyone claimed her, after talking with various people about Shilton and her leg the future looked very grim, in fact she would of been destroyed the very next week due to no re homing centre having the funds or the space to give her a chance. I just could not let this happen, I arranged with the dog wardens for Shilton to come to ani-aid and we would start a fundraiser to have her leg amputated also for her to be pain free after such a long time. Could you imagine the pain this girl has been in?

So what next?

So this brings us to now, Shilton is here with us at aniaid, trying to settle in and play with the other dogs, problem is she is in pain and gets tired very quickly, she tries her very best but the leg really does get in her way and causes her pain, we have put a pair of pants on her to hold the arm out the way this surprisingly does the job but can only be temporary.


How can people and anipals help?

We need to get her this surgery asap so any donations are truly gratefully received.

Cheques donations to be made to K.Adams Paypal donations : Cash to: 280 aldermans green road. Coventry. CV2  1PD


Fank yoo fur agreeing to speak wiv me at such short notice Kristyn. We all wish Shilton well and hope dat we can help raise awareness and sum much needed funds fur her hoperation.

All de best Shilton yoo has thousands of anipals rooting fur yoo. A speshul thank yoo to @bellisimobella1 @harveycusick @maxblacklab @humfthecocker @bartnbear and all the ofur anipals who worked so hard today to spread the news.

Dats all folks don’t furget even 20p can make all de difference to dis case and giv Shilton hope and a new much deserved life.


Wuv yoo all

Hawwy xxx







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