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Wot a week! It not slowing down fur @squiggledog and de pawsome hoomins fwom @kind4k9 dey getting demselves busy fur de show dey doin on Monday 27 May 2013 in Surrey. I caught up wiv Squiggs earlier as she was decidin which stock dey shud take………….

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Squiggs Squiggs wake up……………

Hi Squiggs fanks fur taken de time to do dis pre-show intervoo. I knows how busy yoo and de hoomins is (pwobably more yoo) wiv de build up to de Surrey Show on 27 May 2013 so let’s crack on wiv it yoo weady………

So wot happening Monday in Guildford?

Its Surrey County Show, its at Stoke Park in Gulidford from 8am on till 6pm and its action packed fun for all the family! I am sending me trade stand full of fab doggy goodies and tis gonna be gweat!

Is dis de furst time yoo done de show?

No I sent da hoomans to dis one last year too, it was dat really wet Jubilee weekend but it was still a great day so we hoping for a bit better weather dis year! BOL

Where is yoo stand gonna be?

Oh hang on I go find da plan, urrrr hooman where da plan? *rummages fro piles of paper on da desk* got it Hawwy! It in Avenue B which is just by da dogs show and countryside arena.

kind4k9 stand

Is yoo gonna have any speshul pwomotions on de day?

We has loads of speshul prices on stuff from coats, to beds to tweats and more toys den you can squeak a toy at!

How much hard work is it to pwepare and set up fur such a show?

Its massive, it takes a day to set up on site and 2 hours to pack down, we is very motivated at da end! BOL But we spend time getting extra stock on site here and pricing it up and fings and packing it. Oh and getting the marquees cleaned and packed so we weady and looking pawfeshional.

Don't Fink Squiggs wants dat one to go!

Don’t Fink Squiggs wants dat one to go!

Why shud people come to de show apart fwom to see yoo of course?

It’s a great dog friendly day out and loads to do der and dey can come buy stuff form my hoomonas on da stand

Now on de day we will be doing our furst radio bwoadcast is yoo excited bout dat?

Oh yes very cited! Is I still meeting yoo at da radio station cos we got might get enough time to chat on da stand as everyone will wants to talk to us.

Yap at radio station just in case I get swamped by me fans BOL BOL BOL.

What is de magic wurds peeps need to say to get a fwee biscuit?

Dey needs to find my hooman and say you a fweind of squiggles on twitter and yoo will get a biccy or two or three if you looks in need.

What prizes are in de fwee draw dat people can enter, apart fwom a pawtographed copy of me book and pawtographed picfur?

Well of course dey all gonna want to win da book and dey will also win a voucher fur our shop @kind4k9 for £15 to spend on whatefur dey want! All people has to do is to visit our stand and enter de pwize draw der.

kind4k9 stand 2

Is der anyfing else yoo want to woof about?

I would like to thank all those that have been tweeting about my shop and for all their support, we only ickle and we needs peeps to shout about us. As we gets busy in da show season it menas we don’t always gets to tweet to everyone as much but we still very grateful foir support and we try to keep up wiv what yoo all up to as best we can.

Fanks Squiggs yoo can go back to sleep I mean wurk now. So visit the Surrey Show in Guildford. Find @kind4k9 stand say yoo is on twitter and get a nom and also enter de fwee pwize draw to! Pawsome. In de meantime yoo can hunt fur goodies here www.kind4k9.co.uk

Wuv yoo

Hawwy xxx




4 thoughts on “SQUIGGLE DAT

  1. *waves* Hope the day goes well, guys .. wish I could come but I live in Australia.

  2. Hi Hawwy, hi Squiggle !
    Loving the interview, hope the show goes well ! Would love to come, but sadly I live up north 🙁 xx
    Billy (The lhasa Apso ) x

  3. Once again…another gweat intervoo Hawwy! Squigg is so lucky to haf a store full of toy and treats and nice doggie stuff! If I leave now I can pwobably make da show to get ma free biscuits! Oh and mum can shop on da site! Mum said it was good intervoo too! Xxx

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