Summer Loving

Hi Pals it’s me Harry

As you all know my bootiful gurl @summerhollett went ofur de rainbow bridge yesterday unexpectedly. It has been such a terrible shock fur her family as well as fur me and all her pals. Peese feel fwee to leave a message at de end of de blog. Me make sure her family see dem xx



So, I has decided to do sumfin dat I knows Summer wud like as I know she not want me be sobbing all de time but to wemember her fur de bootiful gurl I fell head ofur heels in wuv wiv. I has asked her mum Carol to help in sum fings dat people may not know bout summer so here goes…………….

1) Summer used to make a sound like the wookie from star wars wen she was havin her tummy rubbed.

2) Summer and me got caught at a pawty behind de sofa snogging by @humfthecocker he shouted GET A ROOM and efuryone heard!

3) Summer refused to go out wiv me wen me furst asked her. She said I was too young fur her! I asked her efury day until she woofed yes!

4) Summer became “Harrys’ gurl” courtesy of @bestestgundog a name dat stuck furefur. Anofur name Gunner created was “Winter Lady” which he called Summer all de time.


5) Summer became a “ball monster” she wuved dem so much. She was not fussy which kind as long as dey was pherical. Though come to fink of it she did prefer ones dat bounced so she cud jump up and get dem.

Dis ball no last vewy long!

Dis ball no last vewy long!

6) Summer used to sit by de cupboard where de Dentastix was kept as soon as her ma and pa had finished der dinner willing de door to open.

7) Summer could open de door to where her food was kept wiv one paw and her bum nefur leaving de floor.

photo (3)

8) Summers brofur @stanleyhollett was scared to walk passed Summer wen it was dark! BOL BOL

9) I once told Summer I wuved her more dan tennis balls! She fainted and I gave her de kiss of life! I liked kissing her.

10) Not so long ago Summer went fur a walk wivout her hoomins! She walked ofur a mile away fwom home. Wen I asked her why she said dat de gate was opened and she fancied a stroll!

11) Summer was de furst pawson in de world ofur dan de boss to see me book.

12) Summer was de wuv of my life.

get-attachment (4)

13) Summer hated swimming she thought me was mad jumpin in de garden pond all de time.

14) Summer favourite wurd was “agreed” unless she didn’t agree bol bol. It her mums favourite wurd too!

15) Summer was AMAZING and made me so Happy.


16) Summer was a daddys gurl.

17) Summer was a rescue dog who was wuved so much by her family.

18) Summer had a heart and soul the like dat is rare in dis wurld.

photo (8)

19) Summer will be wiv me furefur and efur.

20) Summer was wuved by efuryone who knew her.

So pals as I sit here crying and typing which is not vewy easy I tell yoo. I ask dat yoo bow yoo heads wemember my one twu wuv and fink of her family at dis sad time. I also ask dat yoo fink of de gud times de fun times we all had wiv Summer. She weally was my one twue wuv and adored by her family.

Fank yoo Summers family fur sharing yoo bootiful furbaby wiv de world and given me de hopportunity to wuv her.

Gud bye my wuv til we meet again yoo will always be in my heart and soul. I will nefur efur stop wuving yoo. Summer dis is how me will always wemember yoo………


Yoor Hawwy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



31 thoughts on “Summer Loving

  1. It is so sad that she has gone otrb, thinking of u Harry and all of summer’s family luv @ar5en4l

  2. It is so sad that she has gone otrb, thinking of u Harry and all of summer’s family luv @ar5en4l

  3. What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful girl Harry! Its lovely that you can tell us about your love…I feel like I know her now too! *hugs*

  4. Harry that’s a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Summer! We are so lucky to have known her & we will never forget her beautiful face! We send lots love & hugs to you, Boss & Summers family! We need to look after them now! Xxxx

  5. Ah Hawwy I so so sad for Summer you and her family, I know how much Summer was luved. Hope Summer playing ball on the bridge with Mollie and all our other Fwiends luv and hugs LouieWestie xox

  6. I’m so sorry Harry & Summer’s family. That was a beautiful tribute to your lovely Summer. Her love will always remain in your heart.

  7. Yoo have done yoor girl proud, is a luffly tribute.
    Summer going to be missed so much by so many furs & humins. But we needs to remember da fun and luff she brought wiv her. We finking of yoo all
    Luffs & snuzzles for yoo & Summers family xx

  8. I didn’t know you for long but you left a big paw print. My wife has been in bits reading the tweets. We have hugged our millie even tighter since the news and we send lots of love and hugs in this sad sad time. Lots of love to harry and all summers family xxxxx

  9. *soft paw* Precious memories of beloved Summer, kept safe forever in your hearts where she still lives and plays. May they bring you comfort as you come to grips with what has happened and learn to live around the hole in your heart. And remember that you will see her again – we are all but a heartbeat away from our pals at the Bridge, connected by love forever xxxx *hugs*

  10. What a lovely tribute to your girl, Hawwy. We think Summer’s belly will be rubbed lots and lots otrb and you’ll all see her again some day! xxx

  11. I didn’t know u well but I knows u wos vewy speshull an u wos kind to me when I wos new to twitter, u will be missed by all of us whose lifes u touched xxx

  12. Beautiful tribute Harry.
    I am so sorry for Summer’s humans and all who loved her.
    She sounded like such a special girl. Love
    Lucy & Ruby x

  13. Yep, typing and crying is not easy. True love is hard to find, you Summer were lucky to have found each other. Love to all those who loved her.

  14. Oh Harry we was so sowry to hear bout summer but she at rainbow bridge free wot happened to her xxxxxxxx

  15. Oh Harry, that be so beautiful, I could hardly read it through me leaky eyes. Summer was a special lady and loved so very much xx

  16. Summer name suited her perfectly as everyday she brought sunshine into our lives. Now Summer still be shining bright but as a star in the night sky.

  17. That was so lovely..Summer will be smiling down at you !! Lots and lots of love to you and everyone who loved and cared for her xx

  18. Me and mum @divapsych luv this tribute to your girlfriend. We r bofe in tears as u must be so lost. Would like to hug u but I would be very scared as me a moggy and you might fink I am nom nom. But bear up doggie pal and look after your sad mum and dad. T xx

  19. Aww , Harry , so sudden and such a shock for everyone. Thinking of everyone who loved her xx

  20. Oh Harry, this beautiful and Summer would be so proud of you for doing this for you both. The music fits the pictures so well and I love the one of her smiling at you.

    It must have been so hard for you to do this wonderful celebration of Summer’s life and your luff for each other.

    Luff you both and you will be together again one day to run and play and never be parted.

    Thank you for sharing your luff of Summer with us all, your furever friends xxxx

  21. What a beautiful tribute Harry. Summer was a special and much loved dog.
    She will always be in your heart.

  22. It’s not easy to put feelings into words when you are grieving, but you have done your girl proud. Remember she will always be Harry’s Girl xxx

  23. Wish you were here with us Summer. U haz left a hooge hole in ower harts. We will miss u! me ope u happy otrb and running wiv ower user chums. bye bye xx

  24. A beautiful lady gone far too soon. We will miss you and look after Harry for you. Sending all our love to your mum, dad and bro at this sad time. Rest in peace Harry’s Girl xxx xxx

  25. Oh Hawwy,
    I really feeling for you my fwend , what you n Summer had was sumfink so speshul .
    I send love to you and Summers family and you know where I am wen you need a hug and bacon stick.

  26. Summer also used to stick up for me when Harry called me old! She is the prettiest german shepherd ever

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