Gwavy Mmmmmmmmm

Herro Efuryone Hawwy here

Now yoo may or may not know I is part of Daltons Official Taster pack. Oh yes I am!

Me Got Official Badge!

Me Got Official Badge!

Who is Dalton I hear yoo cry. Well Dalton is de Chief Executive dog in charge of all de hoomins who work at de dog food company. In fact Dalton is so famous dey named the town Dalton after him even befur he was born!

So I gets secwet missions to complete fur Dalton and dis one was a corker. Now yoo all has seen de hoomins on a Sunday stuffin der faces wiv der roast dinner and gwavy. We lucky we gets some of it on a Sunday but not always de gwavy cos de hoomins say it too high in salt and stuff fur us. So imagine my delight wen I received me next mission to discover it was gwavy from Dalton!

Yummy Yummy!

Yummy Yummy!

Now as you can see above the gwavy comes in a bright red container wiv a dog on de front and not a hoomin. It say dat the gravy is specially formulated for dogs, is low in salt and sugar and can help de transition from wet to dry food. It also say it make de fook more yummy. Oh an it say it is suitable fur hoomin consumption but no spread dat around!

De furst time I had de gwavy my sisfur Maggie had sum too. We has dry food wiv a bit of meat sumtimes so de gwavy was unusual fur us. However, we wolfed it down it was yummy der was no sniffing or anyfing. Now it twue dat we eats almost efuryfing so dis was not unusual behaviour. Hoomins say we not have all de time so we waited a while fur our next attempt an I can report de same result happened on de 5th time as on de furst. It defo gets four paws up fwom us, which is 8 come to fink about it.

So der yoo has it a gwavy specially formulated fur dogs. Hoomin say we only have as a treat once or twice a month.

If you would like to learn more about Dalton and his company den visit it definately gets a paws up fwom me.

Bye fur now