@spanielharry has reached #harrys100ktweets so @bellisimobella1 has dun a lickle intervoo

imageMornin hawwy has you got time fur da intervoo now or you still celebrating tweetin 100,000 tweets and boss aka Heather birfday yesterday, I gonna (twy) do dis pawfessunally and no messin about cos dis impawtant I nevfur known anyone do dat many tweets how on earf Dus you find da time and wot on earf Dus you tweet about and haf you seen my woofstockuk banana has you got yours on today Jerry looks vewy Hansum in hisimage



Harry: bells shut up you might fink I tweet a lot but you dus talk a lot you wud make dis a 100k word interview if I not stop you now & again.
Bella; sowwy hawwy I just so excited shall we haf bacon sticks to celebrate or we gonna play wif your balls


Harry: Bella you might wanna rewrite dat bit wen you editin dis
Bella; oh I not editin dis I gotta see gwanma so it’s jus bein printed as it is can I play wif your balls while you reads da qweshuns
Harry; errrrr I think we better just get on with the questions

Bella sits down and tries be pawfessunal

When did you join Twitter ?
I joined Twitter I fink may 2012 boss had come out hospital and was home bored so we suggested I joined.

Dus you remember your first tweet?

I fink it was Sumfin like hi I is harry

You haf written a book about bein on Twitter is it still available?

Yap me book available on Amazon or through me or me shop. I finishing my second one at de momentSpaniel Harry's book




Bellas as ears prick up *dus I need to get a photy dun am I in da book ? Is da book pink? Are you wearing pink hat in da book? Is there bacon in da book?


Who da most life changing persun you tweeted apart from me?

Well part FWOM YOO my bestest FWEND it has to be de amazing Jill Robinson @moonbearjill she has been such an inspiration to me and de boss we is proud to call her our friend now. She has helped boss enormously WIV her journey on helpin animals and she has steered me in my quest too. She NEFUR stops amazing us EFURY day

Dus you get wifdrawl symptoms when you not tweetin or is it hard to tweet and play wif your balls?

Oh I hate wen I can’t tweet. I miss Efuryone and to be honest feel dat I is not DOIN wot I is destined to do like MAKIN peeps laff and supportin ANIPALS in need.

Name10 fings you learnt fru tweetin

1) yoo can meet de most AMAZIN people who become family and lifelong FWENDS like yoo n YOOR family bells

2) yoo can makes a difurence in de WURLD and in peeps lives like raisin money and finding Furefur homes fûr anipals in need.

3) not EFURYONE is wot dey say dey are and Sumtimes yoo has to be careful

4) yoo can have a great laff Wiv peeps

5) Twitter can at times be filled wiv great sadness wen pal go OTRB but de support yoo can offur helps and to watch peeps who Nefur met pull TOGEFUR is humbling

6) yoo can learn new ways to trick hoomins

7) I learned to sing through Twitter

8) Twitter can sumtimes GIV yoo a purpose like starting Woofstock Uk which supports charities

9) yoo don’t has to meet peeps to be DER fwends IT like pen pals

10) I met and found wuv, beauty and a fwendship to last an eternity……….wiv yoo bells

Who da famus peeps you haf intervooed so far?


Jill Robinson

Richard Bacon

Dave Spikey

Joe Inglis de vet

Mark de vet

Caroline Spencer

Sam fox

De barking blondes

De man Fwom born free (can’t WEMEMBER his name)n

The Queen

What 10 famus peeps wud you like to intervoo

You was on TV last year any TV appearances lined up fur dis year?


1) clare balding

2) Ricky Gervais

3) Matt Soran

4) Virginia McKenna

5) Paul ogrady

6) Matt Baker

7) Oprah

8) mark Walden

9) graham Norton

10) Stephen Fry

You was on TV last year any TV appearances lined up fur dis year?

yap dat was fur promotin WoofstokUK all I can say is watch dis space *wink wink*

You gots 2 woofstites now and two Twitter accounts any plans fur more  dis year?

No I fink dat plenty bol Bol Bol cos got two fb FINGS too so dat all four paws taken up

dats as far as I haf got wif da Hawwy intervoo cos he fell asleep I fink his paws worn oput still from da Boss birfday pawty but I has got a few mewssages from his fwends and im sure wen hawwy wakes up later he gonna do a closing bit of da blog.


@stewieandmilou said *bella giggles* ‘come on pal …… admit the hat was pink xxxxxxxxxxx Keep on tweeting Harry we love you


@MHumphryes ladymarian says Always a pleasure to hear from you Harry, you brighten up my day. Thankyou xxxxxx


@ChurchtownBooks Congratulations Harry on your 100,000 tweet, keep up the good work and many thanks for opening us last month xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@GrantlyAWheeler  Well done Harry on your achievement, you must have very sore paws! Thanks for making our days brighter . much wuv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

@Bella_de_Hond  Happy 100,000th Hay, Im so glad I met you on twitter and hope to see you again at #woostockUK xxxxxxxxxx

@FiggysWorld Congrats to Harry, very impressive

@MistyTheCollie woofed My pal. You was one of my first pals on Twitter and because of yoo mum and I made lots of friends.  You and our other pals was there for us when we went through our crappy times. Not bad for a spanner! Spose I luff you but only a bit!


auntie jojo @TheEejits  wroted dis


I know a pretty Pawsome pooch,
He’s got a lot to say
he’s barked for bears, pawed a book
and tweeted 100K

I’m proud to know this canine Knight
His spirit fair & true
He and his Boss take up the fight
Their friends read like Who’s Who!

I’m honoured to help with all you do
Just shout and I’ll be there
With love and hugs from me to you
You wonderful courageous pair.

“Congrats Harry! Keep on woofing!!!”





@kevinthewhippet who did hawwy as a #kevsdressup last year says Yap, can do. “Congratulashuns Hawwy, welcome to da 100,000 tweets high club!”


@alfiewoofwoof Congratulations on #Harrys100ktweets we love you Harry xxxxxxxxxx

@peterSelie Congratulations on the 100k Harry- putting the DOG in doggedness to help anipals & the fun in twitter

@Amadeusivan & @AmmysDelight Congratulations Hawwy with your 100,000 tweet, I hope to see the 200,000 very soon. Looking forward to seeing you in August . A big berenknuffel from Amadeus Ivan and mummy Marjo xxx

@floozy1968 u are a superstar xxxxx

@sedgewick100 lady sarah said , me & Boo are surprised you didn’t get to this milestone a lot earlier as you talk so much lololol ……………………………………..Must be because you have a tennis ball in your gob the other times xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you loads and looking forward to Harry cuddles at Woofstockuk in August

@Bracken_Nelson Bracken said congratulasuns Bruv lots of luv from me and da familee, we luv tweetin wif you xxx

auntie Julie @mrscarrj says Congratulations on reaching this major milestone in superstardom. Looking forward to many more words of wisdom from you xxxxxxxxxxx

@katinka52 Auntie Cheryl says Sending massive hugs to you Harry Darling from Dougal & I , very proud to have known you & loved you from your twitter early days, keep up the good work you are always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxx

@thehamsterhouse Chip & Chloe squeaked Can it say well done Harry and here’s to the next 100k squeak squeak. Bella; then they pinched me poppycorn and ran off

bella runs in panting waving one last message hawwy dis from @knittynorasteph Hawwy was the 1st dog I met on twitter, he is so kind & funny & does so much 4 charity, I have also met lots of other pals through him wuvsu

Hot mamma

1001377_484103868338484_1123797435_nHi efuryone it us Harry and Bella

Now we know we are tweetin to da wrong people wif the dont leave your dogs in hot cars but if stops makes peeps fink we gonna keep doin it.

Really if you finks about it, if you is going out in da car and will be leaving dog in the car, you don’t need to take da doggy wif you.

Now we has read all sorts about it only takes 15 mins for us to due in da car but I fink it cud be less.

Last week Kanes @angelshair01 mammy Emma decided to try a lickle experiment to see what it would be like to be stuck in a hot car. Now we know she’s fur less but she still locked in da car in da hot hot hot dis is what she did.

“I did an experiment to try to put it out there from a humans perspective about leaving anipals in parked cars in this hot weather.
I’m sick of hearing about animals being killed in this awful way due to stupidity,selfishness and ignorance of people.
I wanted to know just how it must feel for those poor dogs. Of course I was able to remove myself from the situation when it became unbearable but unfortunately those poor dogs can not! My car was parked in sunlight for 4 hours I got in wearing a thick fleece to replicate dogs fur I kept the windows closed and sat in the front seat. I set my timer and waited after 30 seconds I started sweating profusely which as you know dogs cannot do. By 2 mins I was soaked choking for a drink and starting to panic all the time I had horrible images in my head of poor dogs suffering the same fate. By 5 mins I as starting to feel faint and could see my face turning red unable to take anymore at 6 mins n 7 secs i hot out. I felt shakey and had white spots in front of my eyes and my hair was soaking wet. I drank a litre of water and an hour later was still shaking. I was able to get out they aren’t my message is DO NOT LEAVE A DOG IN A PARKED CAR IN HOT WEATHER NO MATTER WHAT! EVER!”

So der you go Emma did dis to try and help us understand , although we know none of our fwends hoomins would leave them in cars there’s a few numpties out there who do and it’s them we need to get the message to.

It’s not just bein in da hot car its actually getting into a hot car that’s been left in da heat for hours tis like pre heating da oven,IMG_5818Fanks Emma for doin dis experiment for us doggies.

wuv Harry & Bella

P.S. fwom Harry

My fwends Bella and Squiggle did talk about bein hot and some of da products www.kind4k9.co.uk sell to help keep us cool on their blog last week http://bellaandsquiggle.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/bellisimobella1-and-squiggledog-discuss-being-hot-hot-hot/

Happy furefur home day @summerhollet


Today is my wuv @summerhollett 2 year anniversary as a Hollett and to celebwate me vewy bestest fwend @bellisimobella1 has cweated dis post as a lickle twibute to her and fur me to show her how much I do wuv my gawgus Summer.

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Humf & Harrys Pawsome polls results.

I take my job vewy seriously.

I take my job vewy seriously.

Hewwow pals,

It’s Humf here ( @humfthecocker ) weporting fur dooty! I as been given de task of blogging on de wesults of de polls, on Hawwy’s woofsite (not to be confoosed wiv poles who live in Poland…..de land of de poles)

Fank you all so much fur voting, we had some vewwy funny answers and de funniest I will be wevealing here. We was going to do a graph but we got our woofs cwossed and Hawwy ended up sending me dis!



BOL BOL so I has done one of me top five answers which yoo will see at bottom of de weport.

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Yoo gotta have fwends

Herro Efuryone Hawwy here

Now as yoo all know I has me vewy own woof site www.spanielharry.co.uk and on dat woofsite we has an agony aunt page called Ask Bella which is run by no ofur dan my vewy good fwend @bellisimobella1 dis is Bella here



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My blog been hijacked! I been intervood.

Hawwy here

Hawwy here

Bella;  Arrrrooooowww dis is Bella n Squiggle, we is hijacking Hawwys blog

Squiggle;   We not hijackin we makin speshul guest appearance, hallo Hawwy how is you today ?

Hi Bellisimo Bella Hi Squiggle I doin grrrrreat fanks. I so honoured dat two of me bestest fwiends has decided to intervoo me. Makes a change bein in de intervoooeee seat quite comfy actually. Coulds get used to dis!

Bella:  Oi I fort I waz doin opener, wot happen to respectin your elders .

Squiggle:  YEAH you right grey chops you waz doin first queshun, but you can do second cos I iz your life coach so best I lead

Bella:  What made yoo write your first book Hawwy ?

Squiggle :  Dats boring Bells, What your favourite toy?

Bella:  Like that’s a queshun , you jus wants him to say sumfink he gots fwom your Kind4k9 shop, oh by the way I just twigged its KIND 4 K9 as in kind for canines, dats gud dat

Squiggle:  Yes Bells, well dun not many peeps gets dat and we iz kind to dogs that’s why I’m your fwend, we likes to be kind to dogs n I fort you shud have at least 1 fwend

Bella:  Oh fanks Squiggle dats luverly shall we go play wiv a boomer ball, I luvs boomer balls,

 Eerrr ehhem ladies you were meant to be here intervooin me

Bella:  Okay Squiggle I will concentrate now and let yoo start

Squiggle:  Now , them of us who haz wead yur book duz know a bit about you Hawwy and if dey havent dey shud buy a copy, so dey find out. So we not gonna ask yoo bout all dat.

Bella:  Yeah but Don’t fawgets to tell em if they gets a pawtographed copy fwom Hawwy they gets a voucher for 10% off any order over £10 at your shop www.Kind4k9.co.uk

Squiggle:  Afta finishin yoo book yoo gots engaged to da wuv of yur life  @summerhollett, as she cants wear a wing haz you gots her a diamons collar?

Bella:  An how can we gets to be bwidesmaids wots can we bwibe bride wiv?

Squiggle:  Errr bella haz yoo fawgotten  insident wen @summerhollett cort yoo flirtin wiv Hawwy BOL

Uh oh……… blushes I not got her nuffin so fur! I nefur thought of doin dat! I does send her noms and did make a video about her it here https://vimeo.com/57852503 as fur as bein bwidesmaids go I don’t fink yoo needs to bwibe her at all but if yoo do want too she does wuv chilli sossiges sooooo vewy vewy much dat might be a good way to influence de pwoceedings.

 Squiggle:  Now yoo haz written yous furst book, its quite gud btw, wud of been betta if youd put us in it, so wen yoo doin da next one (wiv us in )?

Quite good Quite good pffffft anyway, de next one not come out fur a while yet. I has to make de furst one a best seller furst so dat I can fund de next one. It not easy bein a pawthor and it only wurks if people buys yoo books. I has howefur started writin de next one! As fur yoo two bein in next one….. yoo will just have to wait and see!

Squiggle:  In yur furst book you says bout how yoo luvs da tennis balls, wot iz yur uver favrite fings to do fur fun?

Mmmmmm let me fink, I does like lots of fings I likes to chew sticks, do indoor gardening I like bwingin de plants and soil in, I likes swimming and paddling and playin wiv my sisfur @madmaggiemoo oh and eating and I likes to spin on de spot wen de hoomins give me my dinner. I likes writing and sleeping and tweeting and burping and woofing and chasing balls and chasing Maggie and chasing leaves oh I does wuv leaves and takin fings out de bin in mums office and chewing dem oh and taking fings out de washing basket. I wuvs knickers and socks and my bed and yoo and my ofur pals and I wuv @summerhollett …………..

Bella:  Wot wuld yoo like fur to happen wiv your book, wot is da long term plan?

I would like to sell more of my book but weally I would like to see it in de shops cos I no make vewy much money on de Amazon and it take dem 3 months to pay me! It is a good vehicle fur self publishers but it not good at keeping de cash flow going if dat make sense. I would like to get and agent too so dat I can get more pwess coverage and pwomote me book more. People can buy pawtographed one from me just email spanielharry@aol.com My long term plan is to continue writing books as long as dey sell and carry on just bein me.

Bella: Yoo is doin fings for rescue dogs n as rescues uselves we appweciate dat but wot / who inspired yoo to do it ?

Well firstly my sisfur Maggie is a rescue pup and she is so inspiring to me given what she been through she still has de capacity to give me and my hoomins uncondishunal wuv. Dat seem to be de same wiv all rescue pups. Also I has lots of pals who are rescue pups like yoo two and Summer is a rescue pup too. I fink dey are all amazin and deserve to be given a chance. I just wanted to show people who nefur considered a rescue pup befur how wonderful de whole experience can be.

Squiggle: Wot iz a perfik Hawwy day ?

A perfick Hawwy day is when I gets lots of tweets and people saying dey bought or want to buy my book. It is also one where I get noms and gweat walks and also wen my pals make me laff too.

Squiggle: N speshully fur da Hawwy  fans we fought we az to ask, Hawwy if yoo coud be any famus dog who wuld it be & why?

Bella: Oh an if yoo cud intevoo any famous dog who would dat be ?

Wow difficult question. If I could be any famous dog I would be nope I can’t find an answer fur dat one….. twuth is I so happy bein me cos if I was someone else I not have all yoo wonderful pals awound me. As fur who I would likes to intervoo well I would love to intervoo Bo who is President Obamas dog. I would like to know what it like bein de furst dog and if he get any speshul tweatment or security guards. I would also like to know how he trains his hoomins too.

Bella: an az a famus intervooer always asks iz there anyfink else you wud like to add

I would like to say dat yoo two is amazin intervooers and hope yoo not after my job! BOL. I would also like to say fank yoo to all my fans and people who bought my book wivout yoo my dweam would not have come twue. I would also like to say a masstif I mean massive fank yoo to @summerhollet fur loving me and being in my book and to the ofur stars of me book @stanleyhollett @humfthecocker @angelfurball @bestestgundog @ Dog_murray      @glillian09 @sandybridgend and also to @Tibetanpaddy and his mum fur der support in pwomoting me book in de backgwound @harveycusick and his fiancé @Bellathetibetan fur making me laff till my belly hurts and to yoo two bootiful girlies fur always bein der. Last but not least to all me intervooees fur answering de questions so pwecisiely

Bella: Well I fink dat went well don’t you Squiggle, wunder if we can get a paid job doin dis I like em fwee biscuits hiz hooman laid on for us to nibble, wuld of pwefered tea to water tho, haz you got a date yet for wen yoo getting them big squirrels in yor shop.

Squiggle: Bells you is so easily distracted, BOL BOL  

BELLA @Bellisimobella1

BELLA @Bellisimobella1

Squiggle @squiggledog

Squiggle @squiggledog

De most famous Bella Bacon

Bootiful Bella Bacon

Bootiful Bella Bacon

Hi efuryone Hawwy here,

I has had de hopportunity of a life time to intervoo a weal life celebrity (just like me BOL) I met Bella Bacon @BellatheTibetan a while ago and she is engaged to my mate @Harvey the Tibetan when I got to know that Bella was a celeb and a model I jst had to intervoo her. Luckily she say yes. Here is de result f our intervoo yesterday;

(1) Hi Bella fanks fur allowing me to intervoo yoo. So, how old is yoo?

 I waz 3 on 25th October 2012, and da gweat fing iz – dat be same date as my mum’s birfday. So az u can imagines, 25th October be a spwecial date in da Bacon calendar. Mum usually inwites some fwiends wound for a glass (or 3) of wine – and dey all bwing me pwessies

snuggle up

snuggle up

(2) What kind of dog is yoo?

I iz a Tibetan Terrier. The origins of the TT is shrouded in mystewy – our bweed is sed to have exwisted for over 2000 years!

(3) Where does yoo live and wiv who?

I dus liv in Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire – in Wobin (sowwy)  Robin…Hood country

(4) Who else is in yoo family?

I liv wiv me adulatin mum, and adulatin dad (vo he can’t bear to admit dat)!

(5) I hear dat yoo has famous two leg brother. Is dis twue and is he as famous as yoo or me? 

Like has he wrote a book  or won a modelling competishun? Don’t fink so Bol Bol.

I dus hav a minor celeb 2leg bruv – Richard Bacon. He a Radio and TV pwesenter and can be found on twitter @richardpbacon – don’t get too exwited BOL. He dus follow me on Twitter but I don’t fink he likes da fact dat I am more famous than him!

I also haz two 2leg sis’s. So, if ya get me dwift, I iz saddled wiv a 2leg bruv,, and two 2leg sis’s. Dey all livin in London now – not in  Mansfield (fank furry goodness) – and get dis – all 3 of’m haz got a baby – born wivin 6 munfs of each uver. Da babies all fink I a weal live teddy bear. Dey giggle wen I walk past’m. Dey pull my fur sumetimes but I don’t mind weally. Az far az 2leg babies go, dey be nice ones. Dey called, Arthur, Eliza and Lucas.

vewy cute two legs can yoo spot Bella?

vewy cute two legs can yoo spot Bella?

(6) Now yoo has bin on de square box fing wiv teeny people in it. fink it called TV…… anyway what was dat like?

I az been on TV. Yeh! I waz on ITV’s This Morning prog. Well, been on twice acshually. Once tastin gross dog food…and then modellin dog clothes. I had to swim in a dog life jacket! Hate swimmin! Then, dus last Sunday I did star bwiefly in the Bacon All Star Family Fortunes on ITV. Wot happened was, I went wiv mum to 2leg bruv’s house to do some filming for da prog and I was in it, but den, wen I watched da prog my part had been edited down to about a second! Outwageous.


(7) Yoo has won a competishun fur yoo booty and mean beauty which is understandable. Was it fun? Tell me all about it.

When I waz dus 1 year old, I did win a dog model competition. Dis waz a competition launched by dat international petfood company – Armitage Pet Products. When I waz announced as da winner, Mum’s chest nearly burst open wiv pride.


Not dat kind of modelling!

Not dat kind of modelling!

(8) Yoo met de wuv of yoo life Harv who I wecently intervood.  How did yoo meet?

My Harvs? Wot can I say. My furry heart is full of luv for him. He is very handsome. He iz everyfin I ever dweamed of. He be a pwoper furgentleman. He tweats me wiv da utmost wespect. And, also…and vewy importantly in any good welationship, we az lots of laffs. You can see him on Twitter @HarveytheTibetan

Bella 1

Dreaming of Harv

Where is my Harv?

Where is my Harv?

(9) What is he like as a fiancé is he womantic? How did he pwopose?

Harvs pwoposed to me on furtwitter. I would wecommend furtwitter to anyfur lookin for a twueluv partner.

(10) Is der anyfing yoo would like to add?

I dus luv to chase squizzers and cats. There is one cat I wud in particular like to chase. It be @cabincutey. He’s a ginger tom and he sez I am norty, which is wubbish. I only furspweak to him on Fwidays now. Dat way we dusn’t fall out. I fink he luvs me weally!


Finally, Hawwy, can I say I feel furpwivileged to have been asked to do dis interview, after meeting you on furtwitter. I have foroughly enjoyed talkin to you. I dus luv all my furfollowers – find me on Twitter @BellatheTibetan

Model pose

Model pose

Bella 8

Watching Toy Story

Bella 6


Bella 3

Anofur great pose

Bella 7

Save some for me!

So der yoo have it one celebrity intervooing anofur. Pawsome. Bella fank yoo fur allowing me to intervoo yoo it was amazing. Fanks to de two leg babies  too fur staying still in dat shot!

Der yoo have it. Hope yoo enjoyed


Hawwy @spanielharry xxxxxx


I is officially engaged!

My wuv

My wuv

Hello efuryone Hawwy here,

I is officially de happiest dog in de wurld today cos I asked de wuv of my life, @summerhollett, to mawwy me and she said yes! We has had a wurlwind womance and have bin datin since Spwing dis year. We met through Summers brofur Stan @stanleyhollett and I has not looked back since!

I have courted Summer de best way I knows. I has wead her poetry, sung her songs and told her I wuv her efury day. Dis is my pwoposal to her;

I ask yoo to pass froo life at my side be my second self, best furry companion  a dog coulds ask fur. Will yoo mawwy me? @summerhollett xx

I has been walkin on air all day wiv an extra spwing in me step. I even furgot to tuck me ears in me collar wen I went out earlier which is not like me. All der wemains fur me to say is thank yoo Summer fur making my day and sayin yes. I wuv yoo baby girl.

Hawwy xxxx

Sleepin booty

Sleepin booty

She soooo gawgus

She soooo gawgus

Bootiful smile

Bootiful smile

Summer dweamin of me!

Summer dweamin of me!