@Dog_Murray Happy Birfday Buddy

Just wanted to wish my amazing buddy Murray a vewy happy birfday, hes had such a rough time lately so please all wish him a vwey happy birfday .PicCollage1

if you don’t know my mate Murray, heres where I last intervooed him http://wp.me/p3cjL0-fO┬ásince then hes been vewy poorly and we did haf a pawcircle for him and today is his 2nd birfday. We has been buddys for a long time and I wuvs him vewy much .

Haf a gweat day buddy xx


Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now those of you who has read my book Help my Dog’s on Twitter will have read about my mate Murray @Dog_murray if yoo haven’t den why not? He is pawsome! Now lots of yoo know that Murray suffers fwom epilepsy which affects his life and dat of of hoomins on a daily basis. He is on all kinds of medication. I asked Murray and his mum Lucy if I cud intervoo Murray to raise awareness of this and they jumped at the chance. So here is what we chatted about last week……..

image 5

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