De incident of de pond de pot and de boss

Hi efuryone it’s me Harry

Well as yoo all know by now I has a pond. A wuvly pond a big pond. A pond dat I can swim in to me hearts content. I wuv my pond. I call it my pond cos well it is my pond. I not care if de hoomins fink it ders cos I know dat dey know deep down in side dat it is weally Harry’s pond.

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@spanielharry has reached #harrys100ktweets so @bellisimobella1 has dun a lickle intervoo

imageMornin hawwy has you got time fur da intervoo now or you still celebrating tweetin 100,000 tweets and boss aka Heather birfday yesterday, I gonna (twy) do dis pawfessunally and no messin about cos dis impawtant I nevfur known anyone do dat many tweets how on earf Dus you find da time and wot on earf Dus you tweet about and haf you seen my woofstockuk banana has you got yours on today Jerry looks vewy Hansum in hisimage



Harry: bells shut up you might fink I tweet a lot but you dus talk a lot you wud make dis a 100k word interview if I not stop you now & again.
Bella; sowwy hawwy I just so excited shall we haf bacon sticks to celebrate or we gonna play wif your balls


Harry: Bella you might wanna rewrite dat bit wen you editin dis
Bella; oh I not editin dis I gotta see gwanma so it’s jus bein printed as it is can I play wif your balls while you reads da qweshuns
Harry; errrrr I think we better just get on with the questions

Bella sits down and tries be pawfessunal

When did you join Twitter ?
I joined Twitter I fink may 2012 boss had come out hospital and was home bored so we suggested I joined.

Dus you remember your first tweet?

I fink it was Sumfin like hi I is harry

You haf written a book about bein on Twitter is it still available?

Yap me book available on Amazon or through me or me shop. I finishing my second one at de momentSpaniel Harry's book




Bellas as ears prick up *dus I need to get a photy dun am I in da book ? Is da book pink? Are you wearing pink hat in da book? Is there bacon in da book?


Who da most life changing persun you tweeted apart from me?

Well part FWOM YOO my bestest FWEND it has to be de amazing Jill Robinson @moonbearjill she has been such an inspiration to me and de boss we is proud to call her our friend now. She has helped boss enormously WIV her journey on helpin animals and she has steered me in my quest too. She NEFUR stops amazing us EFURY day

Dus you get wifdrawl symptoms when you not tweetin or is it hard to tweet and play wif your balls?

Oh I hate wen I can’t tweet. I miss Efuryone and to be honest feel dat I is not DOIN wot I is destined to do like MAKIN peeps laff and supportin ANIPALS in need.

Name10 fings you learnt fru tweetin

1) yoo can meet de most AMAZIN people who become family and lifelong FWENDS like yoo n YOOR family bells

2) yoo can makes a difurence in de WURLD and in peeps lives like raisin money and finding Furefur homes fûr anipals in need.

3) not EFURYONE is wot dey say dey are and Sumtimes yoo has to be careful

4) yoo can have a great laff Wiv peeps

5) Twitter can at times be filled wiv great sadness wen pal go OTRB but de support yoo can offur helps and to watch peeps who Nefur met pull TOGEFUR is humbling

6) yoo can learn new ways to trick hoomins

7) I learned to sing through Twitter

8) Twitter can sumtimes GIV yoo a purpose like starting Woofstock Uk which supports charities

9) yoo don’t has to meet peeps to be DER fwends IT like pen pals

10) I met and found wuv, beauty and a fwendship to last an eternity……….wiv yoo bells

Who da famus peeps you haf intervooed so far?


Jill Robinson

Richard Bacon

Dave Spikey

Joe Inglis de vet

Mark de vet

Caroline Spencer

Sam fox

De barking blondes

De man Fwom born free (can’t WEMEMBER his name)n

The Queen

What 10 famus peeps wud you like to intervoo

You was on TV last year any TV appearances lined up fur dis year?


1) clare balding

2) Ricky Gervais

3) Matt Soran

4) Virginia McKenna

5) Paul ogrady

6) Matt Baker

7) Oprah

8) mark Walden

9) graham Norton

10) Stephen Fry

You was on TV last year any TV appearances lined up fur dis year?

yap dat was fur promotin WoofstokUK all I can say is watch dis space *wink wink*

You gots 2 woofstites now and two Twitter accounts any plans fur more  dis year?

No I fink dat plenty bol Bol Bol cos got two fb FINGS too so dat all four paws taken up

dats as far as I haf got wif da Hawwy intervoo cos he fell asleep I fink his paws worn oput still from da Boss birfday pawty but I has got a few mewssages from his fwends and im sure wen hawwy wakes up later he gonna do a closing bit of da blog.


@stewieandmilou said *bella giggles* ‘come on pal …… admit the hat was pink xxxxxxxxxxx Keep on tweeting Harry we love you


@MHumphryes ladymarian says Always a pleasure to hear from you Harry, you brighten up my day. Thankyou xxxxxx


@ChurchtownBooks Congratulations Harry on your 100,000 tweet, keep up the good work and many thanks for opening us last month xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


@GrantlyAWheeler  Well done Harry on your achievement, you must have very sore paws! Thanks for making our days brighter . much wuv xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

@Bella_de_Hond  Happy 100,000th Hay, Im so glad I met you on twitter and hope to see you again at #woostockUK xxxxxxxxxx

@FiggysWorld Congrats to Harry, very impressive

@MistyTheCollie woofed My pal. You was one of my first pals on Twitter and because of yoo mum and I made lots of friends.  You and our other pals was there for us when we went through our crappy times. Not bad for a spanner! Spose I luff you but only a bit!


auntie jojo @TheEejits  wroted dis


I know a pretty Pawsome pooch,
He’s got a lot to say
he’s barked for bears, pawed a book
and tweeted 100K

I’m proud to know this canine Knight
His spirit fair & true
He and his Boss take up the fight
Their friends read like Who’s Who!

I’m honoured to help with all you do
Just shout and I’ll be there
With love and hugs from me to you
You wonderful courageous pair.

“Congrats Harry! Keep on woofing!!!”





@kevinthewhippet who did hawwy as a #kevsdressup last year says Yap, can do. “Congratulashuns Hawwy, welcome to da 100,000 tweets high club!”


@alfiewoofwoof Congratulations on #Harrys100ktweets we love you Harry xxxxxxxxxx

@peterSelie Congratulations on the 100k Harry- putting the DOG in doggedness to help anipals & the fun in twitter

@Amadeusivan & @AmmysDelight Congratulations Hawwy with your 100,000 tweet, I hope to see the 200,000 very soon. Looking forward to seeing you in August . A big berenknuffel from Amadeus Ivan and mummy Marjo xxx

@floozy1968 u are a superstar xxxxx

@sedgewick100 lady sarah said , me & Boo are surprised you didn’t get to this milestone a lot earlier as you talk so much lololol ……………………………………..Must be because you have a tennis ball in your gob the other times xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Love you loads and looking forward to Harry cuddles at Woofstockuk in August

@Bracken_Nelson Bracken said congratulasuns Bruv lots of luv from me and da familee, we luv tweetin wif you xxx

auntie Julie @mrscarrj says Congratulations on reaching this major milestone in superstardom. Looking forward to many more words of wisdom from you xxxxxxxxxxx

@katinka52 Auntie Cheryl says Sending massive hugs to you Harry Darling from Dougal & I , very proud to have known you & loved you from your twitter early days, keep up the good work you are always in my heart xxxxxxxxxxxx

@thehamsterhouse Chip & Chloe squeaked Can it say well done Harry and here’s to the next 100k squeak squeak. Bella; then they pinched me poppycorn and ran off

bella runs in panting waving one last message hawwy dis from @knittynorasteph Hawwy was the 1st dog I met on twitter, he is so kind & funny & does so much 4 charity, I have also met lots of other pals through him wuvsu

Hot mamma

1001377_484103868338484_1123797435_nHi efuryone it us Harry and Bella

Now we know we are tweetin to da wrong people wif the dont leave your dogs in hot cars but if stops makes peeps fink we gonna keep doin it.

Really if you finks about it, if you is going out in da car and will be leaving dog in the car, you don’t need to take da doggy wif you.

Now we has read all sorts about it only takes 15 mins for us to due in da car but I fink it cud be less.

Last week Kanes @angelshair01 mammy Emma decided to try a lickle experiment to see what it would be like to be stuck in a hot car. Now we know she’s fur less but she still locked in da car in da hot hot hot dis is what she did.

“I did an experiment to try to put it out there from a humans perspective about leaving anipals in parked cars in this hot weather.
I’m sick of hearing about animals being killed in this awful way due to stupidity,selfishness and ignorance of people.
I wanted to know just how it must feel for those poor dogs. Of course I was able to remove myself from the situation when it became unbearable but unfortunately those poor dogs can not! My car was parked in sunlight for 4 hours I got in wearing a thick fleece to replicate dogs fur I kept the windows closed and sat in the front seat. I set my timer and waited after 30 seconds I started sweating profusely which as you know dogs cannot do. By 2 mins I was soaked choking for a drink and starting to panic all the time I had horrible images in my head of poor dogs suffering the same fate. By 5 mins I as starting to feel faint and could see my face turning red unable to take anymore at 6 mins n 7 secs i hot out. I felt shakey and had white spots in front of my eyes and my hair was soaking wet. I drank a litre of water and an hour later was still shaking. I was able to get out they aren’t my message is DO NOT LEAVE A DOG IN A PARKED CAR IN HOT WEATHER NO MATTER WHAT! EVER!”

So der you go Emma did dis to try and help us understand , although we know none of our fwends hoomins would leave them in cars there’s a few numpties out there who do and it’s them we need to get the message to.

It’s not just bein in da hot car its actually getting into a hot car that’s been left in da heat for hours tis like pre heating da oven,IMG_5818Fanks Emma for doin dis experiment for us doggies.

wuv Harry & Bella

P.S. fwom Harry

My fwends Bella and Squiggle did talk about bein hot and some of da products sell to help keep us cool on their blog last week


Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

This story is a little bit closer to home after our trips over the last few weeks that havetaken us to China, Africa and the USA! I introduce yoo to my gud pal @UK_Brownie



he lives in Spain but………..I won’t spoil anyfing read my intervoo wiv him………………..

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Humf & Harrys Pawsome polls results.

I take my job vewy seriously.

I take my job vewy seriously.

Hewwow pals,

It’s Humf here ( @humfthecocker ) weporting fur dooty! I as been given de task of blogging on de wesults of de polls, on Hawwy’s woofsite (not to be confoosed wiv poles who live in Poland… land of de poles)

Fank you all so much fur voting, we had some vewwy funny answers and de funniest I will be wevealing here. We was going to do a graph but we got our woofs cwossed and Hawwy ended up sending me dis!



BOL BOL so I has done one of me top five answers which yoo will see at bottom of de weport.

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The wanderer Returns

Home sweet Home

Home sweet Home

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

No as I has said befur I meet lots of anipals and hoomins on Twitter but I nefur met an anipal dat went missing and was found again. So, when I met Ned @wheresNeddy and found out a bit about him I knew der and den dat I needed to intervoo dis amazin dog oh and his hoomin too! Here is de result of our intervoo last night;

1) Fanks fur doin de intervoo and reliving what must have bin a vewy traumatic experience fur yoo. So, what is yoo  name and how old are yoo?

Thank you for taking an interest in my mad little escapade! My name is Ned (also Neddy and sometimes Nedrick if I’m in a “trouble”!) and I’m 6 years old – I’ll be 7 in March. I’m a Labrador crossed with a Border Collie-I love to round people and things up, and eat everything I see! Such a busy life!

2) Whos does yoo live with and where?

I live with my human, Dizzy Lizzy, in a cosy home on the London/Kent border. Near plenty of parks is the most important detail really! Kent is full of lovely places for long, muddy walks thankfully.

3) Yoo went missing fur 2 months. What happened?

In July 2011, my Grandma left me at a friend’s house for what seemed like forever! I saw her go out of the front door, but she didn’t come in again immediately. My pal then re-opened the door and kindly left it open while he disappeared upstairs, so I assumed it was for me to round up Grandma. I ran out the door, and because I didn’t see Grandma, I carried on running. And I ran, and ran… I got to a very busy area with big roads and loads of smells and sounds and then, I don’t remember how, but I ended up under a bush in one of my favourite parks miles away. I was dead tired, confused, lost, lonely, sad and still hadn’t found Grandma or anyone I knew. It was terrible. So I lay in the bushes all day, until a very kind lady came and spoke to me and persuaded me to let her put me in her more comfy car. When we got to her house she had a lovely little dog, called Ted, who became a great pal. She fed me and gave me a lovely bed. I was so welcomed and cared for. I slept very well that night – I was sad that she wasn’t my family but after a couple of days sleeping on the lonely, chilly streets, I was so glad of a bed and tasty dinners! The nice lady worked long hours, so I stayed home with my new pal Ted, and sometimes some mini humans appeared and played with me (they called the nice lady “Mum” too) I was really safe and cared for.

4) Did yoo give up hope of bein found?

I think I was close to giving up hope when I was hiding in the bushes in the park-I was feeling poorly and achey and so lonely and sad. But I think maybe I just stopped worrying once the nice lady took care of me. I was so safe, and so well looked after. I thought I could settle and happily live with Ted and his kind family. They mentioned the V-E-T a few times, but think we were all too busy to get the appointment in those few weeks I was there – it stayed on the to-do list (I’m microchipped Mama says, but I couldn’t explain that to the lady!).

5) What effect did it have on yoo hoomins?

Think my humans were a lot sadder than I was in the end. My Mama was heartbroken and worked day and night to find me. She often reminds me that she slept on a motorway all night during one search for me (sadly it was closed following an accident just ahead of her). I think when they heard I had been safely tucked up for most of the 2 months, in the nice lady’s house, they got some comfort from that.

6) Did yoo find it difficult to settle back into home when yoo were found?

My Mama couldn’t stop hugging me! She even let me sleep on her bed when I got back! (didn’t last though….!) But, being an odd chap, the first night and day, I did get confused about not having my little pal Ted around! I did mope a little bit – he was so much fun! But apart from that, I was very happy to be home; lovely treats and my lovely bed and the lovely neighbours. And then I got taken back to my ‘work’ (Grandad’s old work place, where I sometimes go and I love it! I bark at the delivery men, fetch the post, play football with the boys, and then snooze under the desk of one of my dear human friends). My routine all came back very easily-I was happy and back to normal again straight away!

This is the life

This is the life

Anyone fur hockey

Anyone fur hockey

7) Has de experience had any long-term effect on yoo?

After I was checked over by the Vet, when Mama got me back, they saw I’d suffered no injuries or physical bad effects thankfully. And I can’t really tell if I’m more nervous now than before! I’ve always been a bit of a worrier!

 8) Anyfing yoo would like to add? 

Well, when I went missing in July 2011, another Black Labrador called Alfie (@AlfieBlack ) also disappeared in central London. He was spooked by youngsters letting off fireworks in Covent Garden. We’ve always been so sad about Alfie not being found still. His family really helped my Mama when they were searching for both of us. And they shared any info they received about Black Labs that were found and tried to support each other. Alfie’s family and friends worked so hard, and still do so much, to try and get their handsome boy home. My biggest hope and wish for 2013 is that Alfie is found and reunited with his wonderful family. Look out for him and spread the word anipals.

And thank you Harry; it’s been an honour to have been asked to be included on your blog. Thank you!

Bootiful boy needs to come home

Bootiful boy needs to come home

Can you help? Does yoo have any information?

Can you help? Does yoo have any information?

Dizzy Lizzy Neds Hooman

1) Tell me a bit of what happened?

As Nedrick (!) explained, he did a runner from a friend’s house – a house he was very familiar with and loved going to (normally because it involved BBQs and plenty of meaty treats!) But I’d say he was a bit upside down at the time; I was working abroad; my Dad had also died a few months before-someone Ned had spent most of his day time with. So lots of the people closest to him were not around, and my Mum (Ned’s ‘Grandma’) just leaving to move the car was too much for him that day! He saw his chance to track down his Grandma and he went for it! 

We searched day and night for him; cycling, walking, driving around London at all hours! By August, the riots were happening in some parts of town too – we were frantic! As the days rolled into weeks, the leads and tip-offs were not leading us to Ned at all. It was awful. Some rotten types made hoax calls. Some were pretty much attempts at extortion!
Finally one of our posters came to the attention of the lady who was caring for Ned. She phoned us that evening – well, she phoned our friend because his number was on the posters and he was in America on business! He phoned us and we went to collect Ned straight away!  Ned barked and jumped around like crazy when he finally spotted his Grandma after his 2 month “search” for her! The nice lady said she almost didn’t want to call us because she had grown to love Ned so much as well – she had even named him ‘Ed’!!  
She told us he’d ended up in the bushes in the park that backed onto an elderly residential home, and the residents had spotted him and when Ned didn’t move for about 12 hours, the lady was very worried and decided she had to rescue him. And we’re grateful she did! She reported Ned to the Dog Warden and the Police, and neither were particularly interested; we’d called that local authority dog warden several times – no wonder they had no information on Ned, because they hadn’t shown any interest when he was reported to them! Interesting way to approach their job…! 
2) Did yoo ever give up hope of finding Ned again?
In some small ways I was getting to that point. I realised the the chances of finding Ned could get trickier by the day.

I felt like I was letting my dog down so badly, because I had to do the thinking and the ‘working out’ of a solution for him. He couldn’t explain he was lost or where he was from… There was the anxiety of wondering if he was somewhere injured, hurt, abused by some of those rioters who had really turned into savages, lost on the railway line… Think our minds make us fear the worst of the worst at times like that.There was lovely support from Twitterites, and from our family and friends – all over the world! (his cousins in USA, pals in Aus/NZ, pals in Egypt and all different parts of Europe!)Alfie’s family and friends were really supportive as we searched for our hairy, four-legged boys too, and we tried to keep each other thinking positively all along.

3) Why did the council keep taking down the posters yoo put up?

It seems the posters are an ‘eye-sore’/unauthorised signage! (Possibly even an offence under some funny laws that many councils chose not to enforce, but others do!) Whilst I do understand to a certain extent (some people wouldn’t bother to remove their old posters, could damage trees, littering etc), it seems mean when obviously up-to-date, well presented posters about a beloved missing pet are put up, and the council simply remove them without giving them enough time to be noticed. It’s in the council’s interests too for pet owners to advertise lost pets, because council dog wardens can’t and don’t track all owners on their own every time. 7 days is not enough time to trace your pet dog to the warden – they can wander anywhere, miles away from home, and chasing up all the potential dog wardens of the local authority areas your pet may have ended up in, alongside other checks and searches, plus your day job, is pretty tricky! Then of course there are the people who don’t tell the wardens/or warden doesn’t do his job, so the poster could be vital instead, as it was for us.

4) What effect did the whole experience have on yoo all?

It was stressful and very sad time. It seemed to come at time of “1 thing after another…”. Think my main feeling was guilt that my poor, vulnerable 4 legged bestest friend and furry baby (!) was out there lost and alone. Little did we know he was actually safely tucked up on a cosy bed with his new little pal, Ted!

5) How did yoo feel when yoo saw Ned again after all dat time?

There was such a powerful wave of relief and joy and gratitude! He was safe, and back home, and healthy, and the lady who had cared for him had clearly treated him like the precious little porker that he is to us too! Everyday there is a fresh and enormous appreciation that he’s back safely, because we know, very sadly, that not every lost pet story always has such a happy ending. 

6) Anyfing yoo would like to add?

Anyone who finds a dog should get the dog checked for a Microchip asap. Then if there’s no chip, join Twitter (!), notify the main missing dog websites and dog rescue charities! Anyone who loses a dog, should poster far and wide if possible. Also want to say a huge thank you to the kindest people at Dog Lost (@DogLostUK), Battersea Cats & Dogs Home, all the vets and various animal charities and dog wardens who offered help and advice. And, of course, like Ned, we’d love to see Alfie found and brought home to his real family who love and miss him so much. Thank you very much Harry, for giving us this opportunity to share our story!

Wow. What an amazing tail wiv such a happy ending thanks @wheresneddy however, there are so many anipals that are not as lucky. If yoo can help de hoomin parents of @alfieblack peese get in touch. Fur now be safe my furry fwiends be safe out der.

Wuv yoo all
Hawwy xxxxxx