There’s Nails & then there is Janchristie nails!

Bella and Janchristie Nails

Bella and Janchristie Nails

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here,

Now all of yoo should know all about my good friend Bellisimo Bella @lfbbella and if not den where has yoo been? Now Bellas mum has a business that is all about nails and nail art and I saw some of dem and dey had dogs on dem!!! Yes dogs and dey are PAWSOME! so I thought I gotta find out mor about dis hoomin enterpwise so Bellas mum kindly agreed to let me intervoo her. Here is de result;

Fank yoo fur agreein to be intervood Bellas mum.

Hi  Harry , nice to meet you at last, my name is mandie. I’’ve heard a lot about you from Bella.

1) What kind of hoomin is yoo?

 I am a little fat blonde lady that is where the lfb on Bella’s name comes from!

2) who does yoo liv wiv and where?

 I live with my hubby, 4 dogs who I believe Bella moans about all the time on twitter and our 2 cats. We live on the Kent East Sussex border in a semi-rural area so it is nice and quiet and peaceful,  and we have lots of walks in the woods nearby.

3) yoo has an amazin business dat is inclusive of us animals. Can yoo tell me a bit about it?

Janchristie is a two part operation, the silent half does the creative work up until the stickers are printed and keeps the IT section working and I do all the talking to people and sending out the stickers and making the pretty envelopes – we like everything to be decorative or Bella grumbles.

We create and sell nail art stickers with cats, dogs, birds, horses, illustrations & flowers the photos and designs we use are all our own. My business partner is a professional photographer and some of the dogs we have on our stickers were rescued and rehomed by .

We also offer a personalised service where customers send us their photos and we can create them a set of their own stickers.

We also sell some bits of jewellery and some beads so that clients can make their own designs of bracelets and necklaces,  but we are not replacing those once they go as we want to concentrate on the stickers.

De Cats whiskers!

De Cats whiskers!

4) How did yoo come up wiv de idea?

 Well, I have always loved painting my nails and using stickers on them and one day my friend and I were saying how boring the stickers were and wouldn’’t it be great if we could wear some with our pets on.   After another cup or three of coffee we decided to try and make some , we got quite a few positive comments from people who saw them so put a couple of ebay which proved popular, then last May started our own webstore.

5) who is yoo business aimed at?

Everyone, all ages can wear them and as with all nail art it is ageless.  Last week we heard that one of our client’s husbands had pinched some of the personalised stickers of their own dog and worn them on his thumb so they are unisex as well.   We also make them smaller if for young children and we are experimenting with toenail sizes which will be great for the summer.



6) does @lfbbella  Bellisimo Bella help at all?

Well, she keeps my feet nice and warm when I am doing the orders as she sits under the desk when I am working and keeps grumbling that nearly all our dog designs at the moment are pure breeds, so we are hoping this spring to do a few cross-breeds to see if they would be popular and Bella and her brothers will probably be amongst them. Her cats are on our stickers.

I think I might change her twitter name to bellisimo bella it suits her, thanks for giving her that name Harry it suits her.

7) Where can hoomins get yoo pwoducts?

We can be found at , which is our online store with LOTS  of designs to suit all nearly everyone and we are working on adding more.   I have an idea Harry, why don’t we do an offer for your readers, if they buy any 3 sets of our nail art stickers and put “Harry” in the comment box when ordering I will pick an extra set to put in free for them.

We still do the “normal ” nail art stickers too!



8) is der anyfing else yoo would like to add?

Thank you very much to you and @squiggledog for showing  @lfbbella around  while she has been learning  twitter and helping her to meet new people. I know she thinks of you as her twitter brother and squiggle is her best friend and she is having a lovely time on twitter so thanks for taking care of her for me.

 It’s been an absolute pleasure to finally meet you Harry, I loved your book and cannot wait for the next one and many congratulations on your engagement.

Our twitter name is @janchristieDNA  but we don’t get on there so much now since Bella has got her twitter account and is making such lovely friends I’m letting her be on there more.

So der yoo have it! If yoo love animals and nails den dis is de pawfect way fur yoo to show it! Oh and don’t furget Janchrisie kind offer buy any 3 sets of our nail art stickers and put “Harry” in the comment box when ordering and Mandie will pick an extra set to put in free for yoo. Pawtastic!

Go fetch some nail stickers. WOOF.


Hawwy xxxxxxx