Gor Blimey!

Hi Pals its me Harry

Well what a week it has been so far! But de most exciting part of it is I finally gets to announce my partnership wurking wiv Gor Pets! One reaction to dis amazin news was”Gor Blimey” fwom me pal @angelshairr01 kind of sums it all up weally!

Gor Pets Logo





So as yoo all know sooooo much about me I thought it only fair dat yoo shud also kknow about Gor Pets so me has intervood dem dis week and here is de result………

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Hi efuryone Hawwy here

Wot a week! It not slowing down fur @squiggledog and de pawsome hoomins fwom @kind4k9 dey getting demselves busy fur de show dey doin on Monday 27 May 2013 in Surrey. I caught up wiv Squiggs earlier as she was decidin which stock dey shud take………….

squiggle 1


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