Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

So I has spent de last week or so intervooin anipals but wen me heard dat de Pawsome Richard Bacon @Richardpbacon had a book coming out I was honoured to help pwomote it being an experienced published pawthor meself of Help my dog’s on Twitter!


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Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

So I has spent de last week or so intervooin anipals but wen me heard dat de Pawsome Richard Bacon @Richardpbacon had a book coming out I was honoured to help pwomote it being an experienced published pawthor meself of Help my dog’s on Twitter!


Now me was nervous bout intervooin Richard but me soon wealised dat he has de same sense of humour as me (though he won’t admit dat cos me a dog) I caught up wiv him earlier dis week just in time fur his book launch…………

Richard fanks fur setting time aside yoo busy schedule to woof wiv me. I see yoo has me book Pawsome. Look me has yours too!


107_0553Bacon 1

So if yoo sittin comfy den let’s get dis show on de road……..

Today (23 May 2013) is de day dat yoo brand new book gets published. It is called “A series of unrelated events” Cool title by de way. So, why has yoo decided to become a pawthor like me and is dis yoo furst book?

I sometimes write columns for magazines and newspapers. And so a publisher asked me if I wanted to write a book.

What is de book about?

It is anecdotal. Things that have happened to me. It is meant to be funny, there is also a chapter about my mum and the fact that her dog, like you, bloody tweets.

Errr no sure what anecdotal mean hang on *runs to get dictionary* ahhhhh make sense now. What yoo mean bloody tweets! Baaaaaahahahahahahahaha 

Wot inspired yoo to write de book?

I like writing. I’ll never do a book as personal as this again. But I thought I had some good stories to tell.

How long did it take and did yoo do all de typing yooself?

Yes. I wrote about a third in a week and then left it a while. Coming back to it three months later. and leaving for a while again. So, spread out.

Is der any dogs in de book? If not why not?

Yes, as a I say, my mum’s dog Bella tweets and there a chapter about an argument I have had with my mum about twitter and the fact that her dog tweets.

Me glad to hear yoo acknowledge dat  Bella @BellatheTibetan and us dogs do tweet. So many hoomins fink it our pet hoomins dat do de tweeting. Cwazy right!

Why shud peeps run out and buy yoo book?

Well, I think it is funny. And lots of people who have heard various radio shows I have presented, on for example XFM, will be familiar with the humour.

Is it suitable fur dogs to read? Does it have a hoomin to dog twanslater in de back? Mine has a dog to hoomin one!

If dogs like amusing books about the misadventures of minor celebrities (and they should), then yes.

Pawsome I always havin misadventures!  Is yoo going to write any more books and if yes will dey has me in dem or Bella?

No. If I write another it wont be for a while and it would be about something more journalistic, I think.

Pfffft *scrubs Richards name off the list of people to mention in new book*

Can I come woof down yoo microbone?


Me knew yoo say dat! (fink he worry about me being de top dog and taken ofur)

Is der anyfing at all in de world de whole wide world dat yoo wud like to say? Now is yoo hopportunity.

My 18 month old son wants me to get a dog (well, he appears to love dogs). I’m torn. What if that dog learns to use twitter? A baby and a dog that tweets? Far too much stress.

Ah but my fwend it be a gweat way to get yoo mum to babysit all de time and even look after de dog too! Use de fact yoo mum and Bella de Twitter queens to yoo advantage!

So der yoo have it what a nice guy he is. Having read his book I can highly recommend it.



Vewy funny so here is de title again “A series of unrelated events” by Richard Bacon out in good book shops (and pwobably not so gud ones too) now.

Oh by de way Rich fanks fur de inscription in me book. Respect to yoo too my fwend!

107_0549 (Medium)


Lots of wuv

Hawwy xxxx


De most famous Bella Bacon

Bootiful Bella Bacon

Bootiful Bella Bacon

Hi efuryone Hawwy here,

I has had de hopportunity of a life time to intervoo a weal life celebrity (just like me BOL) I met Bella Bacon @BellatheTibetan a while ago and she is engaged to my mate @Harvey the Tibetan when I got to know that Bella was a celeb and a model I jst had to intervoo her. Luckily she say yes. Here is de result f our intervoo yesterday;

(1) Hi Bella fanks fur allowing me to intervoo yoo. So, how old is yoo?

 I waz 3 on 25th October 2012, and da gweat fing iz – dat be same date as my mum’s birfday. So az u can imagines, 25th October be a spwecial date in da Bacon calendar. Mum usually inwites some fwiends wound for a glass (or 3) of wine – and dey all bwing me pwessies

snuggle up

snuggle up

(2) What kind of dog is yoo?

I iz a Tibetan Terrier. The origins of the TT is shrouded in mystewy – our bweed is sed to have exwisted for over 2000 years!

(3) Where does yoo live and wiv who?

I dus liv in Mansfield, in Nottinghamshire – in Wobin (sowwy)  Robin…Hood country

(4) Who else is in yoo family?

I liv wiv me adulatin mum, and adulatin dad (vo he can’t bear to admit dat)!

(5) I hear dat yoo has famous two leg brother. Is dis twue and is he as famous as yoo or me? 

Like has he wrote a book  or won a modelling competishun? Don’t fink so Bol Bol.

I dus hav a minor celeb 2leg bruv – Richard Bacon. He a Radio and TV pwesenter and can be found on twitter @richardpbacon – don’t get too exwited BOL. He dus follow me on Twitter but I don’t fink he likes da fact dat I am more famous than him!

I also haz two 2leg sis’s. So, if ya get me dwift, I iz saddled wiv a 2leg bruv,, and two 2leg sis’s. Dey all livin in London now – not in  Mansfield (fank furry goodness) – and get dis – all 3 of’m haz got a baby – born wivin 6 munfs of each uver. Da babies all fink I a weal live teddy bear. Dey giggle wen I walk past’m. Dey pull my fur sumetimes but I don’t mind weally. Az far az 2leg babies go, dey be nice ones. Dey called, Arthur, Eliza and Lucas.

vewy cute two legs can yoo spot Bella?

vewy cute two legs can yoo spot Bella?

(6) Now yoo has bin on de square box fing wiv teeny people in it. fink it called TV…… anyway what was dat like?

I az been on TV. Yeh! I waz on ITV’s This Morning prog. Well, been on twice acshually. Once tastin gross dog food…and then modellin dog clothes. I had to swim in a dog life jacket! Hate swimmin! Then, dus last Sunday I did star bwiefly in the Bacon All Star Family Fortunes on ITV. Wot happened was, I went wiv mum to 2leg bruv’s house to do some filming for da prog and I was in it, but den, wen I watched da prog my part had been edited down to about a second! Outwageous.


(7) Yoo has won a competishun fur yoo booty and mean beauty which is understandable. Was it fun? Tell me all about it.

When I waz dus 1 year old, I did win a dog model competition. Dis waz a competition launched by dat international petfood company – Armitage Pet Products. When I waz announced as da winner, Mum’s chest nearly burst open wiv pride.


Not dat kind of modelling!

Not dat kind of modelling!

(8) Yoo met de wuv of yoo life Harv who I wecently intervood.  How did yoo meet?

My Harvs? Wot can I say. My furry heart is full of luv for him. He is very handsome. He iz everyfin I ever dweamed of. He be a pwoper furgentleman. He tweats me wiv da utmost wespect. And, also…and vewy importantly in any good welationship, we az lots of laffs. You can see him on Twitter @HarveytheTibetan

Bella 1

Dreaming of Harv

Where is my Harv?

Where is my Harv?

(9) What is he like as a fiancé is he womantic? How did he pwopose?

Harvs pwoposed to me on furtwitter. I would wecommend furtwitter to anyfur lookin for a twueluv partner.

(10) Is der anyfing yoo would like to add?

I dus luv to chase squizzers and cats. There is one cat I wud in particular like to chase. It be @cabincutey. He’s a ginger tom and he sez I am norty, which is wubbish. I only furspweak to him on Fwidays now. Dat way we dusn’t fall out. I fink he luvs me weally!


Finally, Hawwy, can I say I feel furpwivileged to have been asked to do dis interview, after meeting you on furtwitter. I have foroughly enjoyed talkin to you. I dus luv all my furfollowers – find me on Twitter @BellatheTibetan

Model pose

Model pose

Bella 8

Watching Toy Story

Bella 6


Bella 3

Anofur great pose

Bella 7

Save some for me!

So der yoo have it one celebrity intervooing anofur. Pawsome. Bella fank yoo fur allowing me to intervoo yoo it was amazing. Fanks to de two leg babies  too fur staying still in dat shot!

Der yoo have it. Hope yoo enjoyed


Hawwy @spanielharry xxxxxx