The art of hiding bones

Mmm not sure!

Mmm not sure!

Hello efuryone Hawwy here,

Now I a don’t pwetend dat I am some kind of bone hiding guru. In fact I am quite wubbish at it! I spend hours, yes hours, searching fur de bestest place to hide me bones fwom Maggie and anyone else who might want dem.

as yoo will see fwom de picfur above I not vewy good at it! I gets confoosed. I has bin known to stand starin at dem fur ages finkin contemplatin der position. Some of de places I has chosen is

1) middle of de room.

2) by de side of a chair.

3) By de side of de bed upstairs.

4) On de stairs.

5) In me bed.

6) in Maggies bed (don’t ask!)

7) On de sofa.

8) Under de table.

9) In de bathroom.

10) in de washing basket.

So yoo will see fwom de above list I not an expert. Maggie much better dan me she buries hers! So my advice to yoo is choose well. Don’t let anyone see yoo hidin it. Don’t hide in your brofurs or sisfurs bed. And if in doubt just carry it awound wiv yoo.

wuv yoo,

Hawwy xxxx

One thought on “The art of hiding bones

  1. *chuckles* Totally agree about hiding your bones wisely, Harry – I got a mama, sisfur and brofur who steal my bones if they see where I leave ’em !

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