The best cross dressing whippet in town!

Hi Efuryone its me Harry

Now I has intervood loads of different kinds of hoomins and animals over de years but dis is twuely a furst fur me. A lot of yoo will knows me pal Kevin the Whippet @kevinthewhippet and that he dresses up. Yap dat right he dresses up and raises loads of money fur charity. He has even dressed up as me! I caught up wiv Kev today to ask him a few probing questions about dis phenomenon………………………

kev 2

Kev dressed as Harry

Hi Kevin, fanks fur takin time out of yoo busy schedule to allow me to intervoo yoo. So tell me how did you realise you had an eye fur fashion?

Kev and Harry

Kev and Harry

I is not weally sure I has an eye for fashun Hawwy, I just wears wot ppl asks me to wear. Sometimes I fink I looks a bit daft but as long as ppl likes it den I is happy to wear it – in da house! I fink me pals mite have a lickle chuckle if I turned up for me walk in da woods dwessed like Cleopatra BOL.

Cleo Kevs_0056

Cleo Kev

Is fashion and dwessing up always been part of yoo life?

Well, I comed rather late to da modellin business. When I furst started on twitter, I wos invited to a pawty an Bella @BellisimoBella1 telled me dat I shud get dwessed up. I fort she wos a bit odd at da time but mum putted a feavver boa round me neck an to get me to sit still she gived me a biccie. At dat point I wealised dat dwessin up wosn’t quite as daft as I finked it wos so I maked a vewy cute face an she gived me anovfur biccie. Since den there’s bin no stoppin me.  Me pals seemed to like da pic so I started wearin hats an fings to entertain dem.  As soon as mum gets me dwessin up box out (well, I got 3 dwessin up boxes now!) I is there waitin to put me stuff on. Before dat, da only fing I weared wos me coat in da winter, we lives in da fwozen norf u knows, u needs a coat here.


Kevs furst dress up

Kevs furst dress up

How does yoo choose what to wear and who is yoo stylist?

Ushally da person wot donates tells me wot dey wud like me to dwess up as. It’s best when dey  gives us a film or a theme den we can interpwet it in our own way. Me stylist is me mum an she takes da theme an finks of ways dat it wud fit comfortably onto a whippet. I dusn’t like to wear too many layers cos I gets hot an I dusn’t ushally wear trousers cos I can’t sit down cos me tail is shoved down da leg hole. Da lighter da outfit da better but I is quite happy wiv wigs an hats an glasses. It takes mum about a week to make each costume an we dusn’t know till we see da pics whether or not it has worked.  So far only one of da costumes has ended up on da cuttin room floor so we isn’t doin bad. We has a ruff idea of wot will wurk an wot won’t so we discusses dis wiv da person donatin before we starts. Often I wears mum’s clothes if dey is stwetchy enuff,  I is a size 10. Sometimes mum dusn’t wealise till she’s getting weady for wurk dat I wos wearin her stuff last, she can tell when she puts it on cos I has da sleeves rolled up ovfurwise dey dangles ovfur me paws BOL. If dey isn’t stwetchy I has to wear dad’s stuff an den mum pins it up at da back once I has it on. Dat’s cos whippets has bwoad chests an long legs an it not easy to get da legs into sleeves unless dey is stwetchy sleeves. If there’s nuffin suitable in da wardrobe mum gets me stuff fwom Pwimark (is I allowed to say dat?). If she needs to cut it up to make a outfit she buys da biggest size she can cos there’s plenty of matewial in it an we can get more dan one outfit fwom it. We only buys stuff if we has to tho, wigs mostly, ovfurwise mum makes da outfits.

Kev as Dogvader

Kev as Dogvader

Yoo has been cross dwessin fur a while and me always says yoo is de best cwoss dwessing whippet I knows. Does yoo efur gets teased fur dis?

Only by a few of me twitter pals like Harv @haveycusick  an I fink he is only jokin . I is secure in me sexuality (I hasn’t got one since da vet cutted me bits off when I was a puppy!), so I isn’t bovfured if ppl has a laff. I likes to entertain me pals an I likes wearin pink an bling an long wigs, dunno why, I just feels comfy gettin in touch wiv me feminine side. I has a pwetty inner gurl so why not get it out BOL

Kev dressed up as a bunny girl

Kev dressed up as a bunny girl

Yoo raises lots money fur charity fwom yoo dressin up so it is doing pawsome fings. Tell me a bit more about dis.

Mum is doin da Gweat Norf Run an she is raisin munny for da Stwoke Associashun in memorwy of me gwandad wot died of a stwoke about 5 years ago. I helped her a bit last year by doin da odd dwess up so dis year she said I could have me pics on her Just Givin page if I helped her again. We did a few calendars for her wurk pals an den I started doin dwess ups. We has been amazed at da amount of munny we has raised fwom da dwess ups an we can’t fank ppl enuff for supportin us. Me gwandad wud have bin so proud of wot we has done in his memorwy an it’s all in a vewy gud cause. Stwokes is awful fings and da more wesearch dey can do into how to help ppl da better. I has a lot of fun doin da dwess ups cos I gets loads of biccies an attenshun an extwa cuddles so I is not only helpin a worthy cause I is havin fun an I hope me pals is enjoyin demselfs too when dey sees da pics!

Midwife Kev

Midwife Kev

Now yoo has been nominated fur an award which I is so pwoud of yoo fur. Tell me about dis and how peeps can help to make yoo a winner. (yoo is always a winner in my eyes bruv)

We raises our munny froo da Just Givin website an each year dey holds da Nashunal Just Givin Awards. I wos nominated in da cweative fundwaisin categorwy. When we got da email sayin I had bin shortlisted out of ovfur 2,000 hoomins we cudn’t believe it! Da winners is decided by public vote froo Facebook, or by a form wot ppl can download, fill in, an email back to Just Givin. There is 2 ovfur finalists in da category, one is a hoomin wot makes orwigami (stuff out of paper) an da ovfur is a marchin band wiv 33 members! Dat means dat da marchin band is at a bit of a advantage cos me an da orwigami bloke is two individuals an dey is 33 hoomins, wiv 33 times da fwends an family to vote for dem so dat is why I needs all da votes I can get.  I wud so like to win to show da hoomins dat anipals can do gud stuff too an wot’s more we has fun doin it. Da votin finishes on 22nd Aug so not long to go now, den da awards ceremony is at da end of September in Souf Bank, London. I can’t go to da ceremony cos I frows up if I twavels for more dan half an hour in da car but mum an dad is goin to wepresent me an dey is goin to tweet updates an pics so we all knows wot is happenin.

Vampire Hunter Kev

Vampire Hunter Kev

Is der anyfing yoo wuds likes to add buddy?

I wud like to say a vewy big fank u to all da ppl wot has donated to me dwess up chawity appeal. I hopes u all luved da pics as much as I luved doin dem. If anyone else wud like a dwess up, da addwess of me chawity page is:

I wud also like to give da link to da votin form for da Just Givin Awards. I needs all da votes I can get if I is goin to beat da marchin hoomins.

If u hasn’t got facebook den u can dm me ur email addwess an I can send u da email votin form.

An finally, fank u to all me twitter an facebook fwends wot is wearin me banner, includin u Hawwy. It wos Bella’s bwilliant idea to make da banner an she bin wurkin vewy hard addin it to da pics of me supporters an makin posters to advertise me appeal. So fank u Bella an fanks to all of me supporters, I luvs u all xxxx

Lots of luv, Kevs xxxxx



So pals get voting lets show de wurld our Kev and dat dogs is twuly pawsome. Well done Kev we is all vewy vewy pwoud of yoo my fwend.

Wuv Hawwy

4 thoughts on “The best cross dressing whippet in town!

  1. This is a great interview. You are a brilliant interviewer Harry. We have been a fan of Kevin since we first met him on Twitter. His mom makes all his clothes. I’m sure you know that. My mom actually met him & his mom & dad in Northumberland when she visited last year. It’s was great. (He was naked at the time tho … Just saying)

  2. Brilliant interview Hawwy. Kev and his mum are just fab and give us lots of smiles for a great cause. When I have bad days with my illness seeing Kev makes me feel better. (And you of course Hawwy) xx

  3. Bwilliant intervoo, I vewy proud to be able to help Kevin and hope evfurryone takes da time to vote fur him cos he’s just one whippet up against a whole marching band . We needs to show anipal power he could be makin history bein da first dog to win if evfurryone votes fur him in da creative fundraiser category. *blows kisses to Kevin & hawwy* *whispers* still got da pic of Kevin in his Gween fevfur boa on me wall☺️

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