The Fox and the Hound


fox and hound

fox and hound

Hi Efuryone Hawwy here

Now as yoo will know I has intervood lots of peeps now fwom hoomins to dogs to cats to wabbits but I has nefur efur intervood a Fox befur and what a bootiful Fox she is!

I has had de vewy great pleasure and privilege to intervoo none other than Samantha Fox. Sam is just back fwom Thailand and despite recovering from jet lag we managed to catch up………

The Fox and the Hound

The Fox and the Hound


Herro Sam fank yoo fur takin time out of yoo busy schedule to meet wiv me. I see yoo got my pawtographed picfur super. Anyway me vewy excited about dis intervoo so if yoo sitting comfortable we get started.

So, efuryone knows yoo all awound de world fur yoo modelling and singing career. What is it like to be famous?

It’s Fantastic.  Who wouldn’t want to work in a profession they love.

Does yoo still do modelling and singing?

I gave up modelling at 21!!  I have been singing ever since then and I’m working on my 10th album now.

Can yoo give me any tips on how to cope wiv fame? *giggles*

I’m sure you will be fine with your ‘Fame’.  Enjoy the treats and cuddles.

Does yoo have any pets?

Yes, I have four cats.

Yoo did de voice over fur the video on Lennox Law. What inspired yoo to say yes when yoo was appwoached?

I used to have a ‘Staffy’ myself.  A wonderful, gentle dog.  I can’t believe that one day I could have walked down the street and maybe have had her taken away for being a ‘Pitbull’ type.  It’s the owners, not the breed, that need to be addressed.

Yoo has also signed the Lennox Law petition. Why do yoo fink it is impawtant to take part in such fings?

It’s important to support this petition to raise awareness and hopefully get this ridiculous law changed.

Yoo is described as an all-round anipal lover. Why does yoo fink it is so impawtant fur hoomins to fight fur the rights of anipals?

We, as humans, need to use our voices to support our furry friends as they have no voice.

What is yoo opinion on the Breed specific legislation and what changes would yoo like to see implemented?

I think this law is very difficult to implement.  I would like to see this law disappear forever.

Why does yoo fink bulldog type breeds get such bad pwess and poodles don’t? After all sum poodles has sum questionable hair styles!

The only difference is the size of their jaws and teeth.  An angry bull dog type can do more damage than a poodle!

Is der anyfing yoo woulds like to add?

Thanks Harry.  Keep up the good work and I’m here for you when you need me!  Woof Woof.

Fank yoo fur allowing me to intervoo yoo I has had a pawsome time wiv yoo and fink yoo is grrrrreat. Just one more question and den we can go play ball.

My fweind Bella @bellisimobella1 de famous agony aunt at was vewy annoyed she not get to meet yoo. She wanted to know if yoo likes pink cos she does and does yoo wear hats?

I do like pink and yes I wear certain hats (like Baseball Caps).

Wow so there yoo have it. What a truly nice lady Sam is. Yoo can follow her on Twitter @Samfoxcom and her website is

Don’t forget you can order my book from me and get a pawtographed copy from me or from Amazon for an unpawtographed one. oh and check out my woofsite

wuv yoo all (especially Sam)

Hawwy xx